Wednesday, December 31, 2008

great year and happy new year

Tonight is New Years Eve, although I cant believe it because I don't feel as nearly hyped up about it as years past. I am excited nonetheless. 2008 has been good to me, and I am eager with excitement to see what 2009 brings

I have been very blessed this year with more things that i can recount on one post, but of the many here is a short list of the wonderful things that happened in 2008.

  • Matt bought his first house (which will soon be OUR house)
  • Went on a great beach vacation/cruise with great friends in the summer
  • Travelled to Europe with Matt's family
  • All friends and family remained over all happy and healthy-- Including a new addition to a close friend's family
  • Went to lots of weddings, lots of friends and some family got married
  • Got in a little better shape, lost a little weight, continued rowing and improved
  • I have done well at work and received another promotion over the summer
  • Matt and I got engaged!!

All in all a very prosperous year filled with lots of happy memories, close friends, quality time with family and lots of love. I do consider myself very blessed for all the great people I have in my life, for their health, their support, and their love.

2009 is already looking to be a very memorable year as well.... It is the year I will get married to a wonderful man that I have no doubts in my heart about marrying. I look forward to ringing in the new year with some friends, I look forward to having another year well lived.

10-10!!!! 2009!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Engagement and Christmas Recap

WOW what a week and weekend! It was a week full if visiting friends to celebrate, driving to Cleveland to celebrate, celebrate some more, and then back to cinci to celebrate. And then sprinkle lots of Christmas cheer and TONS of presents in there. Things are wondeful!! We had Christmas eve together at my parents house, then Christmas day we went to my grandmas house, then the day after we had a Christmas party at my parents house with my mom's side, then Saturday morning we have brunch with family friends, then Saturday night we opened a bottle of Dom Perignon and celebrated at Flemings with my parents, and then Sunday we had dinner at the Matt's parents and parties and got more presents and celebrated some more! TONS OF PRESENTS, tons of congratulations, it was a absolutely superb!! I am still astounded by how wonderful and happy it all was.

Now that I am still settling down to reality, today I am worried about getting a church date and a reception date that are both available the same day. And how do we pick it? And what about a band? how do i pick that? OO so much to do!! I just cant wait to have a date!!
I wait until I have more time to post details.... but here are some pics until next time.

Playing the Wii Christmas Eve at my parents house

The engagement!

Monday, December 22, 2008


It happened last night, MATT PROPOSED!!!!!

By the Christmas tree, on one knee, the ring is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I am still in shock, it's almost like it never really happened.... but


Where do i even start the planning??!?! I think that will have to wait until after the holidays.... for now, i will enjoy being a fiance:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Push the negativity down

So I am feeling much more optimistic today, yesterday's post was a much needed vent session, but I didn't want the negativity to linger at the top for too long. Ergo, a new post is necessary. Although I havent worked everything out in my head, I did get the necessary support that really me put things in perspective.... major thanks to S and even Pottamus... I am moving forward and living in the holiday season before it passes.

I took the 'night off'' yesterday and stayed in the whole night. I think that is exactly what I needed. Although I wasnt as productive as I should have been, it was relaxing, moderately productive, and worry-free. I layed down for a little bit, unloaded the massive amount of clean dishes in the dishwasher, put some stuff away, and even wrapped about 50% of my gifts and put them under the tree. That made me feel a lot more organized, and all my Matt gifts that I DONT HAVE TO RETURN are all tucked under the tree so I dont have to worry about wrapping them in a sneaky way. I also ended the night with Biggest Loser Season Finale-- and it ended just the way I wanted it!! I LOVEd Michelle and I am so glad she won! I think she deserved it the most, and she was definitely the most likable!! I am happy my Tuesday nights are freed up a little, i was really hooked on that show this season. I waited all week for that, even though I watched it while pigging out on all my Christmas Candy and cookies... o the irony.

So one more day of work after today, I have friday off and it will be busy. I am getting my hair cut in the morning, hopefully returning Matt's present and finishing EVERYTHING before 12. It might even be nice to find something cute (and possibly on sale?) to wear to the SI holiday party saturday night in Cleveland. This weekend is packed with lots of driving. Then Sunday probably driving back and going to the Naylors. Monday dinner at J's with the old roommates-- but would reeeeeally like to see Seabass because shes in town hanging out that night Ice Skating with everyone, and Also P (from the cruise this summer) is having a birthday bash that night too. Three places i want to be! And then Tuesday night I think I am going to the UD basketball game, and Wednesday is CHRISTMAS EVE!!! WOoah, soooo much to do!! Not to mention i still dont have my car back, which will involve a trip to Fairfield one of these week nights hopefully. O ya, and good will write- offs? OY!

OOO the holidays..... I love thee....but gosh you keep me busy! I will be sad come January when this is all over and I will be sad taking down my tree. But I will not think ahead right now, just day by day... living in the moment.

Happy 7 days before Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Spirit is fading?

So I am trying my hardest to remain in the holiday spirit regardless of all the things on my mind and on my To Do list that are stressing me out. It just feels like I have to much to do, somethings never work out quite right, and I just want everything to be stress-free.

I will use this post to vent, although I digress from my positive theme I do try to maintain. First things first; my car is in the shop for who knows how long and for who knows how much. Last week on a very cold night my car wouldnt start for reasons that seemed electrical. I didnt drive it the next day, but had the battery and alternator tested. I had the battery charged up and both tested GOOD and now my car is in the shop for perhaps some wiring or electrical work. FUN! O wait, it doesn't stop there, my wonderful car is about to reach 100,000 mi so i will be having the routine maintenance and that could be close to $1000 dollars when they replace the timing belt. This makes me so happy, especially when I already have a limited cash flow this month, and i HATE being without a car!!!

I still have Christmas shopping to do; I need to buy for my Best Friend, and take back some stuff already! YEs,i need to return some stuff that I realized parts were missing from. O YAY! I cant wait to stand in more lines! Not to mention i havent even BEGUN wrapping presents!! How am i supposed to get through all of this, Christmas is so soon!!

I love Matt so much but i dont think he realized he still has shopping to do, and wrapping to do, and he also is asking me to spend a few hours writing off Goodwill not to mention come to house so help him with stuff there. It's just so much, and I love him and helping him... but it's just another thing I am thinking a bout.

And lastly, I wanted to have all my old college roomates over to my apartment for dinner since it was all nicely decorated and I love it, until one of them said she "preferred to have it at her apartmen.t" So that was kind of a disappointment because I was really looking forward to it, even though I didnt push very hard for it and really havent said anything. But I am let down, and she is making lasagna which i am sick of because I have been eating left over lasagna since saturday night when I made it for Matt's family. I may just be sensitive, i dont know, but one of my roommates doesnt seem to like me very much (for no apparent reason to me) and it stresses me out. I feel like i would have so much more fun if it was at place too, I would feel a lot more comfortable because sometimes i feel like an outsider when she is around. I still haven't figured out why she doesnt like me, but it gives me high blood pressure thinking about it. She doesn't even live in the same state, but she never calls me (or returns my calls), she doesn't really extend any kind of hand my way... in fact i wasn't even a loud to bring a date to her wedding when she got married two years (and I was dating Matt at the time). O the stress and uneasy feeling right now. I need some advice on how to manage everything going through my head right now.

I know, maybe i should close with a little Bah Humbug.... i promise my next post will be much brighter.

Happy 6 days until Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

14 days (two weeks) before Christmas

On my way to get my daily cup of coffee from the coffee lady in the skywalk, I overheard her say she is getting ready for next week, the 'week before Christmas.' This christmas season just went too fast!! I am thrilled and excited Christmas is so close, but also makes me want to slow down because this is a time of year to cherish. A lot of people are in a rush and stressed these days, but the spirit of the season is just the opposite. And we need to be reminded of that, even I forget a lot. The spirit of giving, and helping, and loving. It's the little things that matter; some little things that make a difference:
- leaving a little bigger tip next time you are out to eat
- dropping money in the Salvation Army tins every time you pass one
- Wish the people you meet a happy holiday season (cashiers, waiters, strangers who hold the door for you)
- Donate, donate, donate.
-Send heartfelt Christmas cards. Don't send cards with just a to: and from: labelled inside, be sure to personalize it and make the person receiving it feel good.
- Listen, be open, and take in the season.....

Although some people are adamantly against the decorating and the buying of trees, lights, garland, symbols of Christmas because they think it has nothing to do with the holiday. I see it has everything to do with it, these decorations are reminders of what the season is meant to be. It creates a feeling and a memory for this time of year.

Merry two weeks before Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Rowing?

Last week I decided to join the Rowers Winter Workout Studio. I am in way over my head!! For some ungodly reason I decided to spend way more than I bargained for on a rowing camp that I am totally not fit or prepared!! What was I thinking? Matt persuaded me to go join because he thought it would be motivational. Motivational? I could barely walk up stairs on Saturday!!

The sessions are 4 days a week for approximately 90 minutes. 90 minutes of pure torture!! The first session was Last Wednesday with introductions, stretching and personal lifting goals. I have never weight lifted. ever. So needless to say finding my max was not only challenging, painful, but terribly pitiful because I am by far the weakest in the class.

On Thursday, the first full session, I lifted the first half of the class and erged the second half. I have never felt my muscles feel like such jello in SO long!! It hurt right after, It hurt when i got home, it hurt even MORE on Friday, and Saturday i still couldn't get up and take stairs without wincing in pain. I felt like an old woman, i had to use the handicap hand rail to to the public bathrooms because my leg muscles were so soar! AND I AM PAYING FOR THIS!?!

Well, in the last couple months I have lost a little weight -- unbeknownst to me because I have neither changed my diet or started exercising since the warm weather rowing out on the water. It's actually quite amazing, I couldn't be happier, and Matt somehow convinced me that I am miraculously losing weight and yet now I am paying to be put through torture?

4 days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Tonight is my fourth session. I hope I can walk tomorrow.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So much going on!

Wow, so much going on right now!! I am feeing SO energized, what a great feeling!!

Firsts, SITSmas was SO awesome!! I have never had that many people visit my blog!! What a cool feeling it was to see the comments just keep coming and coming, SITS deserves mad props for bringing so many people together!

Second this time of year is making me so happy, in conjunction with a lot of positive and new things happening. The two at the top of the list:

1). I am officially getting Lasik eye surgery next year. Actually, in February! I found a great doctor (referred by half of Matt's family) and i am good candidate for the procedure. AND they could have scheduled me as early as this month. I just chickened out too much so i pushed it out to February-- so far I am the only appointment that far out. But what makes it even more official is i just created a Flex account at work so i will pay pre-tax.... I am feeling nervous but excited!! 2009 is already looking up.

2) I actually paid and signed up for the Rowing winter workout studio. Yes, the first class was last night and i am TERRIFIEd! I haven't been rowing since September before it got cold, I NEVER lift weights, and i am not 'hard core' like the rest of the people in the class. But as terrified as I am, i think it will be great. It really helps that Matt is so supportive and positive about me doing this (definitely a huge bonus!). This is a positive thing, and if i lose a few pounds? EVEN BETTER! O and one more thing, there are a few younger girls my age who seemed really nice. One of which lives downtown and worked in Environmental Restoration -- like I do! Who knows, maybe ill have another rower friend next summer to take out doubles. I may even have a new good friend all together!!! I hope so!

It's a good day... and the weekend is looking up. Shopping with matt, seeing friends, sleeping in. I love it. Now time to get some work done!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merry SITSmas

Merry Christmas. I wish everyone a happy holiday and wonderful new year, filled with lots of warm memories and holiday cheer.
This picture was taken a couple weeks ago when Matt and I were in Amsterdam. The streets were filled with tons of people on the go, they were all getting ready for St. Nick to come on night of December 5th. It fills you up to take in the city and all the giving that goes on at this time of year.
Go to SITS and enter your website, you might win something today as SITS wants to start speading the holiday cheer today through SITMAS cards. Happy Holidays!