Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear Nicholas- Month Eleven

Dear Nicholas Bear,

Over the weekend your turned eleven month old, on the same day we were flying back from a week long cruise in the Caribbean. You were an angel on your birthday and did wonderfully on the plane-- probably better than i did. You sat next to your cousin Jake, like you did most of the week and played together so perfectly it was a joy to watch. You are so social and carefree, watching you cruise through life is beautiful to watch.  You are changing and growing so much, i cant believe you will be one just around the corner.

You are getting closer and closer to walking as every day passes. You are quick on all fours, but you are cruising around like nobodies business. YOu will climb and stand on anything to get you to a higher vantage point. Mommy included. You can move with the assistance of walkers, and you can make your way around grandma and grandpa's living room with ease. You can turn yourself around in complete circles when you are sitting, and the control you have of your entire body continues to get better and better.

Aside from your gross motor skills improving in leaps and bounds (pun intended), your fine motor skills continue to impress. You are great at picking up little things with your pincers, and you feed yourself with no problems at all. You absolutely love to point, that pointer finger of your goes everywhere these days. You still love textures and feeling everything. You touch and bring things to your cheek to feel them even better,  your haptic nature makes you, you.  And it's completely and utterly adorable.  Makes us wonder what you will with be when you grow up since you are so dexterous already.

The tooth count is holding steady at five, but two other bottom teeth will pop up any day now. You are a little babbler and you have a voice that is like music to my ears.  I love  listening to you, and your laugh still brings butterflies to my stomach. I love kissing you all over, and your giggle when we tickle you is too darn sweet. You vocabulary is ever-growing, this month you learned high five, and head-butt...and you you can clap for reason now.  O the ticks you will learn from your cousins and uncles will never fail to amaze.....

You are the most lovable little person I have ever met, it's hard for those who meet you to not fall for you, too. You are so laid back and calm, but still full of vibrancy and animation. You have an excitement for the world that sometimes it brings tears to my eyes watch you navigate through it. Spending an entire week with you on vacation was one of the best weeks of the entire year for me; it's been hard being back at work this week. I cant wait to get home today and give you lots of hugs and kisses.

Happy 11th month little man, enjoy your last 4 weeks of babyhood! We all love you so much!!

All the love to the moon and back,