Friday, June 27, 2008

Long time

Gosh, it has been a really long time since my last posting. I got really into this "blogging" thing for about a week... sure didnt last. And now I pretty much forgot about it. Its not because there has been nothing worth noting happening recently, things sure have been pretty good lately!

I got back from my week vacation to PARADISE just a couple weeks ago and it was incredible. Lots of sun, friends, good food, lots of frozen drinks, and my perfect boyfriend. Spent a TON of money, but nothing that a little damage control couldn't account for. And the best part- I didnt get burned at ALL! Lets see, this is my 2nd week back at work and it seems like I am still re-adjusting. Its like whenever you take a vacation-- a week or however long-- its effects on work last 5x the length of the excursion. As such, pretty much the week before you go on vacation you start checking out (mentally, that is) at work, after work getting ready for it, then you are gone for a week, the the following week you are still thinking about vacation, the the following week after that you are still playing catch up, and finally now I am back in the swing of things. Just in time for a short holiday week next week!

They gave me a blackberry at work... dont know if this means they are expecting more out of me or I can now get away with leaving early without missing an email sitting at my desk! haha, probably shouldn't have admitted that in writing:) Its definitely neat looking, and much easier to send messages since it has a full key board, and I love it for purely selfish reasons that I can now be looking anything up online wherever I am at anytime... FOR FREE!!! I don't pay a dime for this, maybe i should get rid of my other cell phone?

Matt is moving into his new house and all is looking quite nice. So far NOTHING in his house is new... well, except for my anxiety for him using crappy things. Pretty much everything he owns is a hand-me-down or something his dad picked up and never used at an auction. He acquired a lot of stuff so far, but he still needs a couch and stuff to making his family room homey. I don't understand how he can so picky and choosy about this kind of stuff, maybe its just a woman's nature to want to start nesting immediately. He still has a lot to do.... but its a process. Cant wait until he has a party and invite everyone over!!

Not much is happening otherwise, work is busy and will be until the 2nd week in july putting together all the footnotes for our EM financial statements. its a daunting task, but some how my team is the lead (and I am much more excel-minded than my boss which pretty much makes me in charge or all the real work). Its all a silly exercise putting tons of work into our 3rd quarter estimates when all the numbers are going to change again in September when we actually close our books.... but then again, its the government- everything is f*ed up. Work, after work, weekends, its all busy. But its all going well. I am rowing a lot more, but eating much worse since i have no vacations on close horizon. But this is a good time to break for the diet and enjoy skyline every once and a while.... or cookies, ice cream, chipotle, and the like. Everything is good, hopefully ill post some more soon. I am so happy its Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am in just a wretched mood this morning... I dont know why. I think its mostly due to the fact that I got a terrible nights sleep last night and I am bitter about it. I havent had a good nights rest at all this week, I am stressed about getting things done and I cant seem to find any free time. One of my friends wants me to go shopping, I went to play, my other friends want to row, i need to do laundry, matt wants me to help him with his new house to clean and move stuff in, i want to work out to feel good about myself, I need to buy some stuff for a bachelorette party this weekend, i need to pack since i wont have time the day befor i leave, and i forgot my phone in my apartment so i cant get anything done during my down time at work. Then after I have all this stuff do after work, I get stressed about going to bed late and being tired the next day... its a never ending cycle.

Perhaps listing a few highlights from my last post will cheer me up:

(in no particular order)

1. I am going on vacation with my friends in 3 days! (yes!!!! pray to god the weather is good)

2. Matt is moving closer to me in his new ADORABLE house!

3. I had such a good time with my all my friends in Solon last weekend for J &S's wedding

4. I have another European vacation to look forward to

5. I am saving way more money than i thought i would this year

6. I am looking forward to planning a cabrewing trip, a cabin trip, a trip to Indy to stay (FOR FREE) at Cesars

7. work hasnt been too stressful this week

So guess those are some positive things... i need to keep reminding myself of that.