Monday, June 30, 2014

I really love my boys

Being a Mommy of my two boys is the best job and privilege in the entire world.  I always tell myself to stop for a second to admire all the wonderful things about them at this age…. And I know there are just countless things, but I seriously just cannot believe how freakin awesome those two boys are. And how there isn’t a single day that goes by that they both don't out do themselves with their incredibleness, sweetness, adventurousness, intelligence and skill.  So since I can never capture it all, here is just a few of my favorite things about them from this weekend. (in no particular order)

-You always want to dance…. No matter where you are. You just want to get up and just move all those limbs and shake it and it cannot be any cuter.  Or hilarious.
- Like any happy person you wander around this world always carrying a tune. Sittin in the backseat, playing with the train, or just straight up wanting me to harmonize with you—you got a song in your back pocket all the time.
- Your endless hugs and kisses. And no hug is without a kiss to follow it up.
- You have the memory of elephant. Really you remember EVERYTHING. And we always underestimate what you know, and you can always put 2 and 2 together.
- You are adventurous and curious, yet cautious and mindful of your own body and others. Really, you amaze me for a two year old.
- Watching you play with your friends and cousins. Like this weekend as you ran back and forth with your friend Gus throwing rocks in the pond laughing and having the best time ever. You are quintessential

-The way you gaze into our eyes with this looks like “ WOW, you are really here, how can I possibly be this lucky.” I always think you have such an old soul, you are so full of love
-How squeezable you are, and huggable and kissable.
-Your haptic nature and your ability to explore the world around you. The way you reach and handle almost everything just seems so advanced, it amazed me watching you in action.
-How content you are in general… as long as someone is with you. Life is pretty darn good.
-Your love for your brother, you are enamored by him and  can.not.get.enough.
-You can practically feed yourself, you can pull the spoon into your mouth, grab and eat almost on your own. How it is possible and you are only 7 months

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Nick- Month 30

Dearest Nick--

I cant believe we just past your half birthday and you are two and a half years old! Wow! And what a beautiful boy you are blossoming into.  You have such a sweet demeanor and energy about you, it's a joy to be around you and watch you grow.

I don't know where to start except to say that you certainly are one smart cookie. People always comment to me about how clear your speech is. And your vocabulary is growing so quickly. You converse now and seem to really love to talk. And sing!! I catch you singing in the backseat almost everyday and it's incredibly beautiful!  You sing even when there isn't music on,  any old song really even if you don't know all the words. 

You love to be outside and help water the garden. You LOVE to go to kings island and ride the Kite Eating Tree. And the roller coaster. AND the beetle bugs. AND the bumpy cars. You love to be out and you love a thrill. I love to watch you, too. You always want to be a part of things, and want people to enjoy whatever is it we are doing with you. And you are so very social. You can pick up and play with the neighbor girls, your friends at school, and any of your cousins at the drop of a hat.  My biggest hope is you continue to grow into your self confidence and your own person, because the person you are is amazing.

We still have a ways to go with potty training, but I am hopefully we will get there in due time.  We must try to focus on postives and enjoy this summer I have with you both because I love this time of a year. You LOVE to be around your brother and you are always helping him. Bringing him toys, helping to feed him, and even comforting him when he cries by stroking his hair and telling him 'its ok.' I cant wait to see the friendship that blossoms between you two.

I cant wait to see what he next six months will bring, I am sure you will continue to surprise me and amaze me with the new things you can do and say.,  Thank you for being on sweet and loving little boy- you light up my day every day. And I cant get enough of your hugs and kisses.  I love you so incredibly much--

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dear Chris- Month 6.5

Dear Christopher (Robin—as I sometimes can't help myself),

Happy Half Birthday little buddy!! I cannot believe you are almost half way through babyhood, time just flies by! You are really growing into your own personality—and your size!! Still tipping the charts in the 90th percentile for height and 95% for weight. You impress me with your 22 lbs of adorable cuteness and incredible smiles. Speaking of smiles, on May 15th you broke your first tooth. So long toothless smiles, now here we are a six and half months and you have two adorable little bottom teeth. And I know more are shortly behind it since you chew your hands and drool like crazy.

The last month has not been the most healthy as we have been in and out of the doctor’s office quite a few times.  Lots of colds, lots of coughing and sneezing, fevers, ear infections, pink eye, allergies, the works.  You were sent home from daycare for a double ear infection and pink eye too just a week before we realized you were insanely allergic to so  wool mattress pad we moved over to another bed that you lost hours of sleeping from coughing and sneezing. You poor little guy! And the amoxicillin gave you diarrhea too!  Luckily you worked through all of that and here we stand, infection free ears and daddy was able to figure out what has causes you sneeze and cough so much.   Summer is only just beginning so I am hoping we are through some of the worst of it.

We started solid foods with you in the  last few weeks and I must say you want NOTHING to do with actual food. I have tried rice cereal, rice cereal with bananas, plain bananas, apples, carrots and rutabaga and nothing has given you slighted bit of interest. You turn your head, back away and yell at me to get it away. I hope the next month is more successful than the last.  You will get it eventually I know.

Your grandpa bob always says six months is a turning point for babies when they really get interactive and he has been right with all of his grandchildren. You have always been a cuddler, but I must say  you have eyes into your soul.  Mimi always says you melt her heart when she sees how happy you get when she walks into a room.  But really you are the one lighting it.  You have this gaze that can fill any heart with joy and love.  You have such a calm and laid back personality about you, and you love to be an observer. The happiest place for you is in someone’s arms surrounded by your brother and cousins so you can watch them dance and play.  You, too, love music and the sound of your brothers voice makes of all us smile.  You even talk and sing right back, you are much more vocal at a young age than Nick ever was and your babbles feel like they come from the heavens.

Dexterity must run in our family because you love to grab and touch things just like your brother. But of you have a very strong haptic nature and want to feel everything. You explore with your hands (and so far- not your mouth – thank gosh!) You are actually very accurate too with how well you can reach for things, grab  them and maneuver them around.  It’s always fascinating to watch you,  I wonder what you will be when you grow up.

The last month has been another great joy for all of us as we have had so much fun at family weddings, grill outs at our house, trips to kings island,  swimming with your brother at the pool, and so much more. I can't wait to see what the summer has in store for all of us. Thank you for being so completely adorable and lovable. We are the luckiest parents in the world.  We love you more than you  know! Happy half birthday!