Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Nicholas- Month 10

Dear Little baby bear-

Boy oh boy are you changing-- every single day! I cant believe how much you have grown up this past month.  It's like one day you fell asleep a little baby and woke up a little boy. The most important milestone you reached this month is you started crawling. One day after work on a Friday instead of scooting and rolling to get around, you actually pulled up onto all fours and moved forward.  And you did it was as much ease and grace like you have been moving for the last 9 months.  You can even pull up on things now, too.  But that;'s not all  the major milestones you can do, you can clap your hands, play peek-a-boo, and even feed yourself and drink from a sippy! You are getting more and more autonomous by the day and i couldn't be prouder.

At your nine month doctor's appointment, the doctor said most babies excel in one area at a time. That is, if they start moving they probably aren't going to be as verbal. And visa versa. Well, you are still one talkative little kid. You say mama and dada all the time, and continue to come up with all kinda of variations from those sounds. You can verbalize your emotions and your personality is becoming ever more present through what you say and do.  You still love to kick those little feet, and even though you can move  your body still cant keep up with your legs and feet.

The official tooth count is up to 5; two on top and three on the bottom. And we expect more any day now. You are drooling and spitting up a storm. Sometimes when you are bored in the backseat we will look back at your covered in spit. And it will be all over the mirror and seat around you, too.  You could fill a small baby pool with all the saliva.  But you don't seem to mind.... pretty consistent with your entire personality. You are easily content, very distractable, and full or smiles and giggles. Anyone can get a smile out of you with a small gesture, usually just a smile and you pass one right back.

It's quite a chance coming to get you in your crib to see you sitting up. It's all together beautiful, adorable, and pathetic and sad all at the same time. Like how in the world would such a sweet and loving creature be left all alone in this wooden jail? But slowly you are coming around to this sleeping thing. You go to bed pretty good most nights,. and for the last few days you have had some good naps, too.,  I still keep hoping you will sleep through the night on a regular basis one one of these days.

Lots of things happened this month; you had some great visits with grandma and grampa G, you went to the Little Gym one morning, you had a birthday dinner for Andrea and other friends at PF Changs, went to see jackson at Patrick and Ellen's baby shower ( one of your future new friends who may have the same birthday as you),  you got dotted on by Jax, Vollet, Chris and Annabelle for brunch and didn't even get scared by Chris's crazy hair and huge mustache.  Your cousin Kate got baptised this month, you watched mommy do the mudstash dash with Jessie and Andi, you celebrated mommy and daddy's 3rd wedding anniversary. And last but not least, you were there when we order our iphone 5s. Just kidding, that is not the last or the least-- Daddy got his pacemaker replaced this month. The next time he gets a new one you will be almost 10 years old, it's crazy to think about.

Your next month is sure to be fun and exciting as well, already lots of fun things planned including halloween activities, more fun visits, and your very first CRUISE!!! I cannot wait.  I especially cannot wait to get to spend an entire week off work with you. I cant wait to watch you in the sand, experience the ocean, and dote on you all week long.

Thank you for being the cutest little baby in the entire world. You light up every room you walk into, and mommy and daddy cannot get enough of you. Keep getting strong and bigger and another wonderful month ahead of you.

WIth all my love in the entire world... and then some,