Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Review

Once again, it's been a very long time since i last wrote. I dont know what it is, I just have no motivation to write anything. And once i get too far behind it almost feels like I am overwhelmed with the pressure to pick one thing to say. I hope next year to get back in the swing of posting a little more regularly. Or at least once a week. So that at this time next year, i can look back at all my posts and reflect on everything.

Another year well lived.

And another holiday season well spent. It really was, i was SO busy!! Which directly attributes to the fact that i didnt finish my shopping until December 23rd. It's felt like EVERY weekend was booked solid. Every weekend in December. We did manage throw one heck of a holiday bash the first weekend in the month, and we went all out with the food, decorations, drinks, you name it. Maybe a little too much. But it was a lot of fun to decorate, get together with friends, and kinda show off the fully decorated house. I wish i had pictures (my computer crashed that weekend), but our Christmas tree this year is STUNNING. It's unbelievably FAT and super tall. We strung up the old style big lights, some were blinking to give it just enough twinkle, and even added the bubblers. It looks fantastic. We have lights around the fireplace, the stairs, outside, and even hung them in the basement for when we had the party. It really felt homey at Christmas time, hanging out with my hubby with just the light of the tree and garland over the fireplace lighting the room.

We did a lot of Holiday things this month, too. We went to Cleveland twice-- once for the SI holiday party and then again a few short days later for Christmas. We had a wedding one weekend, Matt's family came over for dinner another weekend night, Matt and I baked cookies, went to 2-3 other holiday parties with friends, and even managed to christmas shop together a few times too!!

Our plans over the actual days of Christmas were rather usual. We spent christmas eve just hanging out with my immediate family. We went out to Peppermint for dinner (and the service was impeccable!) and came home, built a fire, made some drinks, opened a few present and played games. It was really nice. Christmas morning is when we opened all the rest of the presents, make a breakfast and head to grams!! It's always a great day. And i find i still get giddy with excitement to find out what i am getting. The following day, my mom had her whole side of the family over for dinner. It was the first year we didnt exchange gifts, but it was still nice to catch up with my cousins. And my mom always does a lot of work to make sure people have a good holiday. I got to spend time with C christmas eve morning and relaxed and ate a whole bunch. It was just a really great christmas.

Sunday night is when Matt and I decided to celebrate our FIRST christmas together. We thought we'd do it after christmas to kind of extend the gift giving and anticipation. It was great, and it even snowed that night for us. After we exchanged gifts we went out to to this little thai restuarant that you can bring your own bottle of wine, and just sat and talked and filled up on delicious sushi. It was super cozy in there, we sat at a table on the floor and I watched it snow outside. It was a great first wonderful.

This weekend my parents are making the trip to visit US for the weekend, and then we are having christmas with Matt's family on sunday. It's going to be another great weekend. And spending New Year with some friends in Dayton. Hopefully matt doesnt have to work too late.

It's been a great year, and a very very memorable one. I can only hope 2010 is even better. I have only one new years resolution-- to get back into shape. Not that i have gained a lot or anything, i just haven't been in routine since September. And actually haven't seen the gym since then too. Maybe I can convince matt too. Hopefully we can both stick to it.

Hopefully I will get some pictures up here soon, and an even bigger hope to get my computer fixed. Looking forward to lots of good posts next year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry SITSmas!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!
It was a very special year for us because it was the year we got married! From our household on this first Christmas to yours, we wish you a very merry holiday season.
Warm wishes, Matt and Donna
Go to SITS and enter your website, you might win something today as SITS wants to start speading the holiday cheer today through SITMAS cards. Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Emotional Week full of thanks giving

This week was going to an ordinary week with one day off for the fun and wonderful holiday of feasting. Until Saturday night the news broke that my husband's aunt had died. She had been in the nursing home for almost 5 years now, and been in and out of hospice twice i believe, it was far from unexpected. However, she was a woman who never married and devoted her life to giving. And giving for her mom, her family, and her extended family. I was saddened to hear the news, but matt's moms spoke of it rather with relief that she is free from suffering now. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday came and went and we arrived at the funeral home for the wake on Tuesday night. It was beautiful and everyone in Matt's family was there. And of course we saw her laying thier so peacefully and I couldn't stopped the tears from coming and coming and coming. I honestly didnt expect to cry, It was strange to me, i knew this women for just a couple years and everyone else hear has had 50+ years with this woman. But it made my heart sick because I knew how much they loved her, and how much she cared for her and all the great memories they shared with her. I found the whole experience just heart wrenching.

Matt family is a very unique family. Unique in the way that they are HUGE and UNBELIEVABLY close. And how is it possible that EVERYONE, just EVERYONE is just incredibly nice, and willing to help, and full of nice things to say all-the-time. It's really surreal. The things they do for each other, the love is bursting. When i sat at the funeral it made me sad that i never was around to see her well. The eulogy was amazing, all the nieces and nephews prepared memories of her and j pulled them together beautifully. It was the best eulogy ive ever heart. I laughed, i cried, i laughed, and cried cried cried. It's amazing that you dont have to know a person a life-time to be touched so deeply.

Thanksgiving came, and it ended up being the third thanksgiving for the week. Tuesday night Aunt Mary had everyone over for sandwiches. Wednesday after the funeral there was another feast for the repass. And finally thursday came around and it was just another day of over-indulgence. And although it was the first thanksgiving that the family didn't take turns bringing food over to Aunt Saucy/Sylvia/Sills/ Sauce, we were in away celebrating her life for 3 whole days. The day really gave me a chance to reflect on how thankful i am for all the blessing i have in my life. And my own family. In no particulate order, here is my list for thanksgiving 2009:
- My husband that loves me and stands by me even when i am an emotional basket case
-my friends, who never forget about me
-my Family that really, really loves me. And loves my new husband
-My in-laws who are so welcoming and inviting, loving, caring and amazing
-my dog odie, who is the cutest, sweetest, most patient and loving dog.
-My grandma, who is a rock. And I love her.
-My house, my beautiful, cozy, old house
- A wonderful start to the holiday season, my favorite time of time of the year.

Monday, November 9, 2009


An incredibly fulfilling weekend, jam packed with lots of guests, lots of friends, and LOTS of eating. Friday night we had dinner guests and played games with some of matt's old friends. Saturday was my friend's birthday so we went out to Andy's Mediterranean to have some Lebanese food and head out to Mt. Adams for continued festivities. I was drinking, and i think it was the first time in a while that i was definitely acting like i had been drinking ;-0.. It was great because lots of good friends were there. Sunday was absolutely PERFECT day, the weather was warm, my house was spic and span, and matt whole family came over for dinner. Lovely, just a lovely weekend.
And the nice part is i have veteran's day off so this is kind of a short week for me!

Next week wont be so enjoyable since i will be on a review team working at the Mound. I hate going on reviews. I feel so insecure and not competent yet. I hope i eventually like doing this project/baseline reviews... or at least "not mind" going on them. But we shall see.

And the best news of all? Matt parents are taking us on another FANTASTIC vacation next year!!! We have to wait a whole year in anticipation, but it will be remarkable!! We are going on a Rhine river cruise for 8 days starting in Amsterdam (Netherlands) making 7 stops in Germany, France and Eventually ending in Basle, Switzerland. I have only been to Amsterdam with matt's family last year and absolutely LOVED it, now we get to go back and have a relaxing cruise to see all these old European towns that i've never seen. We get to tour castles, cathedrals, and enjoy quaint taverns and cafe's along the river Rhine. It's going to be AWESOME!! I CANNOT WAIT!! Im sooo lucky!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Where has the motivation gone to blog? I know i never was an everyday blogger by any means, but it was always something i wanted to do and tried to do at least a few times a week. Now i am lucky to post once a week, then it's once a month, then it's? The blogs i follow have fewer and fewer updates, i dont think it helps to the motivation over here. But alas, here I am searching for something to write about.

This week had been long but good in the fact that i have kept myself very busy. Every day after work i had something going on. Monday matt and I went on the hunt to find curtains (drapes?) for our windows downstairs. Our awesome previous owner took the window treatments that we are now finding out may have been custom made for the windows. The window in the front of the house is extra wide and the length to the floor is 90''. Standard length curtains are 84" and 95". UGH! AND the best part, the window is extra wide so nothing fits both across AND down. I reeeally want to make the house seem homey and do things to do it. Matt doesn't do ANYTHING unless it's motivated by me. Hanging pictures was like pulling teeth. And making the house homey is reeeallly something i need help with. I have no knack for decorating and setting things up or doing cute little things, i really have to be lead or inpired by something in a very structured way. I wish it was cheap to hire someone to do things for the house, but that aint gonna happen.

The rest of the week night were also fun. Tuesday night i went to half priced sushi with seabass, who also gave me a Xavier Basketball ticket to go with her and her grandpa and a few of his friends. It was a blast!! Plus, it was great bonding time with seabass who is one of my best friends. Last night I went to dinner and open mike night with J andA and a few others. Also a great time and I love hanging out with them. Tonight i might try to grab dinner and coffee with my sister-in-law, who knows. We are having our first dinner guests tomorrow night so i am going to cook something. I have NO idea! Plus i need to get some appetizers to eat too. Any good suggestions? Something that is tasty but not too complicated! this whole growing up thing is hard.....

Before I close, here a couple pictures from Halloween. Back to being a kid:

I was Flo from the Progressive Commercials and Matt was Balloon Boy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My fantastic family

Two posts in one day, yes, ITS unheard of!! bUT not impossible!! Just like my dad and sister finishing a 26.2! Yes-, they finished the New York City Marathon together on Saturday in 7 hours and 15 minutes! yES, IT'S AMAZING!! My sister has done it before, she has a few marathons under her belt.. and that's pretty impressive. But my dad-- he is no spring chicken. And he has arthritis. And he works ungodly hours. And well, this is just an incredible victory. There are certain times in your life when you switch roles with your parents. And that time is now, when i realize how unbelievably proud i am of him. And this accomplishment and how hard i KNOW this was for him. And a great feeling so be his daughter, and I have a remarkable family!

Congratulations DAD and Dena!! I love you!

My Wedding (finally!)

It's been over a month since the wedding day and i am JUST now posting a full recap, i am terrible. I have so much to write about the day, but i dont have a days worth of time to write. So here is a briefing with a few pictures I have on my work computer. And yes, they are few because we have approx 1100 pictures professionally taken that day. yes, you looked at that number correctly.

Before I begin, i will probably try to preface this post by saying-- a LOT more has been going on in my life besides the wedding. It seems pitiful that the only posts over the last few months have been about this. Actually, lots of fun things like halloween parties, house decorating, friend get togethers, family fun times, lots of good stuff. BUT first, ill get this wedding stuff up.


Honestly the day was complete blur and it went very very quickly. I remember constantly thinking about how things were planned and what was going on around me, and processing, processing, processing. YOu know what it feels like to be over-stimulated? It's that multiplied times 20. It was amazing. I remember a few minor things going wrong, but definitely nothing worth even noting. My bridesmaids were perfect, my family was amazing, matt looked as handsom as ever, everything was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Here goes... pictures pictures pictures!!

(In a somewhat mixed up order since I dont know how to upload pictures)

Walking from Hilton to get our hair done

Our Band

Our Cake

WE ARE UD!!!!!

Our theme was "we are lucky!" so we had casino's for our guest tables, and our favors were lottery tickets (with a lucky 2009 penny inside)

Table settings

our favors

The Head Table

OUr huge limo bus

Toasting after we got MARRIED

Bouquet Toss

Matt dove for the garter... literally. He had skinned his hands

the first kiss

walking out as husband and wife

Im laughing because matt messed up his vows ;-)

Walking down the isle

Our flower girl and ring bearer

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's been a while

So i tried to get to this web page this morning to write a few things but it was blocked. If my work IT folks but a block on this page I have a sad feelings that my updates will be much fewer and farther between (than they already are). I really hope that doesnt happen, I want to write more. It's been a while since i have posted, it mostly because I wanted to write about wedding stuff but it almost feels like I didnt know where to start. Plus, i didnt have a lot of pictures to share. And probably most of all, it felt like the wedding happened and then quickly after we whisked away to Hawaii and had so much to do and see it was like the wedding was a distant event, didnt it really even happen? On top of this, the whole day was so blurry really. I know i remember so many moments, and i piece it all together, it's almost hard to figure out how it all went. What do i say and where do i start?

It sounds so selfish but i got the most out of hearing what people had to tell me about it. Really, because it was a chance for me to step back and see how it really went. And it sounds like all the guest loved it. I suppose they wouldn't tell me they didn't like anything, but i have been hearing a lot of great things from my friends and family. About the food, the big band, the church, my dress, everything really. Apparently it all went off without a hitch. Of course, as the bride, i could tell you a couple things that didnt go as planned, but overall apparently it was great!! And looking at my friend's and family's pictures it really brought a whole bunch a memories about how it really was!! And it was one of the best days! I was so happy and in the pictures I seem to have been just beaming. And my bridesmaids. O my bridesmaids-- they all looked UNBELIEVABLE!!! I think they all looked one of the prettiest ever. I couldn't have been standing next to better people. And they were all rocks for me that morning, and the weeks leading up to it. And always willing to help with anything. And matt was adorable, and loving, and perfect as always. I will get some of my professional pictures in the next few weeks. When i got those I will post and write a full recap.

Life has remained busy now that is it post-wedding. But enjoyable because now there are no deadlines, no stress, we can just enjoy each other. We have slowed our lives, ive wanted to hang some pictures and organize the office some, but we havent really gotten to that stuff since before the wedding. There has, of course, been some administrative stuff surrounding marriage that has occupied us. Changing my name, and the name on all my accounts, insurance, beneficiaries, etc. It's been bearable though. We've been spending lots of time together every evening, especially now that we started watching Lost now too. We went camping with some friends this weekend that was a breath of fresh air. Literally and figuratively. We are catching back up and married life it so good.

There have been a couple interesting occurrences. One specifically last night. When we called Duke Energy to come out to see if we had a gas leak in one of our lines downstairs. Turns out nothing significant downstairs, except our gas stove had a major leak. They turned the gas off to it and it's not usable until the regulator is replaced. Hopefully it's only the regulator. We are going ot get that fixed very soon hopefully. Having the Gas and Electric company come out at 8pm on a Sunday night to sniff around with a detector always makes for an eventful evening. Life is perfect right now though. Ill write more soon hopefully.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

IM BACKK!!!!! Quick wedding update but not much else

Today is my first day back at work from the BEST honeymoon in hawaii and the most beutifully perfect wedding i could have ever asked for!!! Wow, it seems like it happened in a blink of an eye, i barely remember the details and the little things and all the magical moments that seems to pass so quickly. It was truely the best day.

I dont have much time, i already have a huge and pressing deadline today at work, i cant believe it. I just wanted a quiet day to catch up. But here are a few candid snapshots i pulled from facebook this morning of the wedding. Ill post some professional pictures once i get them, i CANNOT wait to see those.

Ill post more details about the wedding and honeymoon soon... until then:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Final Count Down

dun duh dun dun.... dun dun dun dun duh dun.....

Matt would appreciate that, he loves that song. I've been wanting to post about the absolute chaos thas is my life right now. WOw. who knew i could be this utterly busy? Thank god for great friends, and awwwesome family, i think i would be crying in a corner right now. The last minute wedding to-do list is the least fun, and MOVING is the LEEEASt LEAST fun! Packing, trying to organize, packing... car load after car load of everything i have accumulated in my apartment to make it 'mine.' Without my stuff there is it no longer my home, and it is the only home I have known while living in in Cincinnati.

It will be a little sad for me to leave-- although I am beyond excited to have a house with my little family in two weeks. However, I would be remise if i didnt mention all the good memories that apartment has given me. All the Christmas trees I have bought and decorated with Matt. The parties I had, movies i watched with my friends, boyfriend-- now fiancee, all the meals ive cooked in that cramped little kitchen... and all the meals i've TRIED to cook. Ill miss running by the river, i wont have the luxury of convenience to take that nice stroll down the RiverWalk anymore, or have tons of restaurants in Newport right across the way. I wont be able to sip free coffee and cookies when i head out the door in the morning, or peruse OLP's movie collection on tiresome Friday nights. And this morning, what I think i might miss more than anything, is the small group of regular shuttle riders in the morning. And Michael, the shuttle driver. Riding that shuttle is something i did every morning for a looong time, a little part of my routine, and I love those 10 minutes every day. Really, i did. Saying goodbye this morning as i said this was my last shuttle was sad for everyone I think. And they all said they would miss me, and it has been a pleasure over the last few years. Michael invited me as his personal guest next year for the fireworks if i decide to come back. What an incredible person he is.

I do feel a little melancholy when i realize this period in my life is ending, but I must say that thought of having a little family in that adorable house on Marburg Avenue beyond fills up my heart with excitement, in fact i am smiling as i write about it. I cant wait to decorate and make that little house my home. And I think about decorating for fall and halloween, and the Christmas Tree and DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS!! O that thought of that makes me SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED!!! I am going to have a lot, LOT of good memories in that house. And I cant wait to start!!

As i pack up the trailor on Saturday, the end of single, downtown living ends and the official transition begins....16 more days until i am MARRIED!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PMP I am!

I PASSED!!!! The test that has consumed my spare time for a VERY long time, I am SO sick that i was thinking about studying when i have a HUGE plate of other and very pressing things going on. including that little thing that is, uhem, MY WEDDING! Which is 23 days away!!!!! I CANNOT believe it! But,

Last night i went out to dinner and drinks with K, K and J and it was WONDERFUL!! I couldnt have had a better night celebrating, they are great friends:) yummy wine, food, o ya, a free round of wine from the waiter:)

This weekend is certainly going to be busy with my parents in town, meetings with the caterer, seamstress, and a party for the RiverFest. I cant believe I am going to moving out. It hasnt hit me yet. I seriously need to start packing. And the wedding to-do list.... aaaaah!

Lots going on, BUT I AM SO RELIEVED AND HAPPY that test is O-V-E-R!! I love fall, I love September. I AM GETTING MARRIED THIS MONTH!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy life as a Bachelorette

I have been struggling to find time to write about whats going on in my life. Mostly because I have been so busy with what's going on in my life I cant really sort out and prioritize what I should be doing first no less think about how I can write about it. Aside from my head being crazy full, today is the first day I woke up for work and not felt like i got run over by a bus. And i mean that in probably as literal as possible since I have been a COMPLETE WASTE both at work and out of work. UNBELIEVABLY TIRED and lacking motivation, and also lacking the ability to formulate complete sentences. Honestly, i thought i should go to the doctor to get tested for mono because I dont ever remember feeling so lethargic and exhausted-- and for such a prolonged period. Yes, prolonged.... a whopping 3 days. Big whoop, right?

I have to thank my loving friends for throwing me an AWESOME bachelorette party this weekend in which i stayed up later than i ever have in the past 2-3 years. UP late and I dont sleep in much anymore... leaving me one tired and off balanced girl. Friday night I didnt go to bed until after 3am since my sister's flight was cancelled and she was routed to Louiville at midnight. I work up around 9:30 on Saturday morning and on Saturday night i went to bed after 4am. Yes, 4am!

Get out of denial, Donna, You-are-not-in-college-anymore.

But gosh was it neat to have ALL my best girlfriends in ONE room. We rented a SAWEET hotel room at the hyatt and E, C and D all got stuff ready to have chocolate, wine and cheese. E, C, and D were like little angels, they helped SO much. In fact, they blew me away by how much time and $$ they spent on this night. I am almost feeling bad about it since they just went ABOVE and BEYOND what I could have ever asked them to do. It was extra special to be able to spend extra time with them this weekend, we rarely all get to see each other. We are all sisters who have an unbelievably strong bond. I just love them.

The night in general was just awesome, it was awesome to have so many great people with me. In fact, i kept thinking that night that this will probably be the last time that this exact group of girls will all be together in one room like this. We went out to a really fun dinner, J brought a yummy cake to eat after dinner back at the hotel, and then we all hit the bars. We stayed up really late. And after we got back and all went to bed, P and I chatted together for another hour at least. It was one of the chats that dont get to happen very often because rarely do we have uninterrupted time together just the two of us. It was a great night. A night i will remember for a long looong time.

All of Sunday i felt totally out of it and a complete waste, and my work week has been odd since i cant seem to get my head in the game. Plus, i need to be studying some more this week for the PMP certification test i take a week from today. SO much going on. And i feel like i have stuff going on after work so many nights. O ya, and i have to start packing up my apartment soon. O my so much to do.

But life is hella good right now.

Here a some highlights from the rockin night on Saturday.

A picture i love my sister snapped-- all of the girls walking to dinner

Everyone in the hotel room

Dinner at Blackfinn