Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Nicholas- Month 17

Dear my sweet little Nick,

It's been a few months since since your birthday, and suffice it to say you are flourishing into a beautiful and adorable toddler. The things you can do now I cant even begin to list.  You are so inquisitive and active, you are almost constantly on the move.   You still love to throw balls, and of course yell " Baaaaw" when you are doing it.  Your aim and strength still amazes us, you are so accurate! We just need to teach you how to catch next.  You are just starting to jump., you have been trying to do this for a while but havent quite got yourself off the ground. That is until recently.  You run and scamper all over the house, and you love to be outside playing at the park or with your cousins are grandma's house.  Slides thrill you to no end, and you could spend hours on a swing if someone will push you.  You dont need much to keep you entertained, but you are always active and exploring something no matter where you are.

You understanding of the world around you and the english language is beyond my expectations, you continiously surprise me by what you understand. Your sign language for the first to take off- and you really used it well but now your language development is ever growing. You say new words daily now, i am surprise at how well you try to repeat words I say.   You can say well over a dozen words now, but understand way more than that.  I love to hear your voice, and even though you say words now your babble still continues to be music to our ears. We always hear your teachers say how talkative you are, and we see it too!! You always have lots to say, and we will gladly listen!
Some of my favorite words you recently learned in the last month:
Shooo (shoe)
Pleee (Please)
Baa ( Bath)
Mo (More)
Dee (Odie)
Na na (Banana)
Hiii (Hi)

I know there are lots of others, but those that come to mind the fastest.  You are always imitating us, and it's surprising to see what you pick up from us that we dont even realize you were paying attention. You are SO smart! And most of all, SO loving. My favorite thing you learned recently was kiss- now when I ask for a kiss you actually lean in and give me one and it's probably the best thing even. Maybe second to your grizzly hugs that you give out freely that make my heart sing.

You make every day better and I am so glad you are in my life. I cant wait for a great summer ahead!

Love you always,