Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day weekend Recap

My weekend was fantastic. All sunshine and fun. AND HEAT lots of it. Just a quick summation of it all; Friday I worked from home but got off early *thanks Steve Chu* and headed to check out our swim classes this summer and pick up his swim diaper. Then I met up with Matt and his brother Bobby to go to KINGS ISLAND.  It was hot and busy but not busy enough were wait times were terrible. The first ride we went on was diamond back and it really was all that it lived up to be. We spent about 2 hours there before our baby got cranky and we headed home.
Saturday we had Sam and Judy's 50 anniversary celebration. Sunday I helped my friend A get her centerpieces put together in the morning and then hung out at the pool all day, and Monday was a family party for memorial day and we hung out at the pool all day. It was filled with lots of eating, lots of lounging, and lots of good family.  It was a great weekend. Cant believe it's almost June. Lots more in store for June.
Until next time.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking forward to a long weekend

This weekend is memorial day weekend and I am so pumped about having a long weekend. And the weather is supposed to be HOT hot HOOT and all sunshine.  I am looking forward to all sorts of family activities and showing of my perfectly adorable baby boy.  One thing matt and I say to each other is how the heck is it possible for this little person to get cutter every day? How can he be cuter than he was yesterday? I have no idea, but it is somehow possible. He is SO full of love and laughs and SMILES. Oh the the smiles. Even when he is crying and wants something you can still get a smile out of him.  I am pretty sure little boys dont come any sweeter.

I think we are going to put Nick in the pool for th first time this weekend. I think we will all want to dip after being in the 90+ heat.  I cant wait to see how he likes it. And i cant wait to wear my new 'mom swimsuit.' I bought it this week and I am very excited to wear it. It will be great for the summer and swimming lessons next month.

I am happy, especially since there is a lot to look forward to this weekend. Cant wait to leave work- i work from home tomorrow and i wont be back int he office until TUESDAY. Still havent done much progress on the house, but we'll get there. Until next time.

A pic of by babe in my bed i snapped on my phone this morning before leaving for work. Too cute. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Labor Story

One thing i realized i never did in the blur following the birth of my son is write down my labor story. Too often I have heard 'i wish i wrote it down' because it quickly gets mushed around with all the other memories you have and can be forgotten. After all, it's one of the most important days of your life. It worthy of cataloging. And heck, maybe my baby will one day want to know how he came into this world.

So I was 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant on a Friday going to my routine weekly visit to get checked and actually have an ultrasound in the Evendale office. The doctor's office we dont regularly go to, but because the week before when I met with Dr. Clark i told her that people tell me all the time how small my belly looks for the gestational age. So she felt around on top of my belly and decided we might as well have an ultrasound and to make my next week's visit at that office where they can do them.

So it's Friday morning-- My husband decided to work from home and I was off that day and had the appointment around 10am. We had to leave relatively early, and we were sort of rushing around that morning and i barely had breakfast to make it up north on time.  We waited a while in the waiting room, first to see the ultrasound tech- who only spent maybe 15 minutes with us, and then to see the doctor. The tech was a young women-- maybe my age-- who just shifted around without saying much. She showed us the head and the the foot, and commented on his lips. And gave us printed picture of his face and another picture we would late realize was just his lips. Finally when i went back to see the doctor, they weighed me (yep, gained a whopping 31lbs tipping the scales at 164). And at the time i was thinking i have more time left how much will i gain???

But as we waited in the exam room discussing what the doctor will tell us and reviewing our list of questions for what seemed like an eternity, Dr. LeMasters walks in and immediately tells us the results of the ultrasound. She said the baby was very small and the u/s told her he was 5lbs 11 oz.  She seemed worried and told us we need to get the baby out in case he isn't gaining enough in the womb. We didn't expect to hear that, we sort of chuckled and said  'well, you mean next weekend on my due date,' and she said 'No, like today, this weekend.' I am pretty sure i turned beat red. In disbelief. Like this is the end, we are meeting this baby... the date is no longer a future, nebulous time. But it's soon.

It's crazy, that was a moment i will never forget. And that a feeling i will never forget. She checked me before she signed her orders and I was 2cm and 50% effaced, so my body was getting ready. Little did we know that she seriously meant busy, we were ordered to go straight to the hospital. We couldn't go home and gather our things, we had to go straight there. She didn't trust us to not wait around but called the Dr. on call and said we were on our way.  So there i was, doctors orders in hand, a slight shake in my step, and were out of there. And my cell phone was no where to be found because of the rush I was in earlier in the morning-- and having to run to Wendy's to get matt breakfast that morning.

We arrive at the hospital and took the elevators with the stork to go straight to L&D.  We had to wait to get checked in as matt called his mom to make sure she was ok to swing by our house and grab the half packed hospital bag we had in our dishevelled bedroom. She was on her way. We got check in to the L&D but all the rooms were full so they sent us to the special unit where I was kind of in a holding pattern.  A few nurses came in and asked questions and finally after about 30 minutes i was hooked up to a fetal monitor and in a hospital bed. Dr. Clark came by about an hour later to check in on me and explain the game plan. I was having this baby! She was waiting on a room to open up on the other side because then they  started the pitossin (sp?) to get labor going.   As I waited i got an IV (which took 2 nurses and 4 stabs to finally get it in me), and waiting game began.

I remember having matt make some phone calls to make sure our plans for the weekend were notified. We didnt want to leave anyone in the lurch. We even had plans to help my friend L move that next day.  I also remember calling my parents and getting them on the way. My dad apparently hesitated before he left work to finish up some stuff. um, HELLO, your daughter in labor and that 4 hour drive? But they made it by the evening.

The day was beautiful, it was maybe 50 degrees but the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky as we drove to the hospital. It was a great day for my parents to drive.  Unfortunately i spent most of the day indoors. But our delivery room had a window and I remember watching the day slowly move by and it was evening before i knew it.  They started me on the pitossin around 5pm. Matt and i did lots of loops around hte L&D ward for what seemed like hours waiting for something to happen. aounr 8:30 or so Dr. Clark check me and broke my water. I was still not in much pain, but was full on the drip- almost full strength but still no major contractions that were painful. I was pretty content just waiting. Even got to have a berry flavored Popsicle. My parents arrived around 9pm and stayed for an hour or so before i kicked them out. Who knew what the night would have in store for us.

 Around 11 or so i was told to try to get some sleep-- even though it was near impossible because I have no idea what was happening to my body. By midnight it became apparent, THIS BABY WAS COMING. With all the fluids and drugs i was getting pumped up with my body was feeling it. I was shaking uncontrollable, shivering, and in some serious pain. I couldn't feel each contraction, i just totally out of control of my body.  They told me the baby's heart rate was starting to drop and nurses rushed in and they gave me oxygen.  I didn't know how long i could continue to hold out like this, i was checked and still at 2cm. Around midnight i asked for an epidural.

The night slowly ticked by, my body feeling odd and emotionally a little worried the whole time.  At one point in the night they had to put the oxygen back on, they insert and internal monitor which felt so heavy, i couldn't get comfortable....I was in uncharted territory, i had no idea what I was in for.  I think that was the longest night ever.

By the time the sun came up around 6:30-7am, i had a new nurse her name Tammy. She was bright eyed and full of life. When she came in the first time i knew it was time.  She looked at my charts and said Dr. Clark was on her way  but she was delivering another baby down the hall. She'll be here shortly.  At 7:50 she arrived (knowing that 8am she was off the night shift), but she checked me and I was ready to push. And boy was i ready.  Other nurses came in and started setting up stuff.   At one point right when i was getting ready I was asked if the young student could watch and she is studying to become a nurse. This would be her first delivery. I guess i had no choice in my head so i said yes. And 40 minutes later, my sweet baby boy was here.

 There was a little but of confusion with Viacord getting the cord blood and tissue in the right containers, but it all worked out.  My baby was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. Within an hour my parents, matt's mom and his brother came to see him.  It was the happiest day of my life. And at 8:40am, my 6lbs 9.5 oz love of my life entered the world and I was never the same again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And May is just the beginning

Things are ever so busy here in the N household, and as May is just the beginning of summer there is no end in sight. Lots of big changes happening but some little one's too. Good things I suppose, just lots of stuff to wade through.

This weekend we are having a cookout with some close friends at our house. We just invited select few to keep things simple (and cook fillets instead of burgers- yummy). I hope everyone has a good time.  I hope Nick goes down ok at the end of the night, that could make things a little hard.  But it will probably be the last time we host in our house. Because we are MOVING. Yes, we just started the process. We met with our realtor once already and are again tonight to discuss our list price. It will be a tough and uncomfortable transition as we prepare to move, but i think once we find a house and are settled-in it will be totally worth it. And it's something that must be done, we are out growing our house and it's busting at the seams. The change will be good too-- even though the commute to work with be tougher than ever, it will be nice to have space and also be closer to family.

I have other thoughts on moving but i wont elaborate here, in other interesting news I just signed us up to summer swim lessons starting in June.  On Saturday mornings we are going to Starfish swim classes and I am really excited about it. But in the true nature of summer, i just checked my schedule and the VERY first class I am in a wedding. Go figure.  I already feel bad about that, but it is what it is.  I cant wait to get out and do something fun with my little boy-- he is just such a joy and so much fun to be around.

We had a second play date yesterday with my good friend, S and her son who was born just three weeks before Nick. My sweet little boy definitely tried his hardest to make Jackson feel comfortable and happy considering Jackson is a little shy and scared around new people. We have more plans as the summer goes on, it will be neat to watch them grow up together. They will always be playmates at out friends gatherings. And I love it.

Memorial day weekend we have lots of family stuff on the docket-- a 50th anniversary party, a bachelorette party, and probably a cookout or two are in the works. I hope the weather is beautiful. I love this time of the year. The weather lately has been phenomenal, upper 70s and sunny. Hope that doesn't mean we are in for the hottest summer yet.  But we have the in-laws pool we can play in this summer and I am excited about that!

So yes, lots of things happening. And that's only May!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear my sweet baby Nicholas,

You are 5 months and 1 week today. I meant to write to you one week ago today but things got a little hectic in our lives.  Mommy was very busy at work trying to wrap things up to head up to your grandma and grandpa's house so we could pay out final respects to your only great grandmother who loved you very much.  You were the sunshine of the weekend (along with your two other cousins just a couple months younger than you). But you were smiling at everyone you met, loved it when you were being held, and had lots of cute and interesting things to say all weekend. YOu kept us all smiling and we just love that about you.

I cant believe how much you have changed since last month. You have quite a voice. You will talk to just about anyone who will listen. And we all love to listen!  You laugh and smile SO much now, way more than you used to. And you are just so friendly, you will greet anyone who you meet. YOu are so welcoming and loving, it's easy to fall in love with you. You are starting to become ticklish and we are constantly learning new ways that make that smile appear because it is the cutest smile in the entire universe.

However, when you are bored you have learned a new sound earlier in the month. An ear piercing, high pitched screech that you only let you when you are content but completely tired of doing whatever you are doing. In fact, it's so high pitched that I am pretty sure if it were one decibel higher the windows would start cracking.  We are trying to teach you the word 'No' whenever you do that, but i think we are both unsure if we understand each other in those instances.  Good thing you are easy to distract and love to just be walked around or held. You are just so interested in the world around you, I guess i cant blame you for that. And every once in a while a new toy or something colorful or noisy can quiet you right away.  Thank gosh for that. And our ears thank you for that, too.

Physically you continue to get strong and tall. I can tell you are really working at trying to sit up. When we change your diaper you do little baby crunches trying to sit up-- but you still have a little ways to go. You can sit and stand like the champ with some assistance, so once you get the balance down you will have no trouble in the months to come. You LOVE to grab your toes now, it's the first thing you go for when you are laying on your back.  You play with your fingers too-- and we see you chewing on those a lot.  We see a lot of white just below the gums in your mouth, you probably are starting to teeth, but so far you haven't really seemed too bothered by any of it. Your coordination continues to improve as you can grab at things and bring them to your mouth. We laugh when you grab at big things-- too big for that little mouth- but whack yourself in the face with them instead.  But again, you never seem bothered.

We recently started giving you rice cereal and you are learning to eat so well. The first couple of times you had it you didn't show much interest, but we tricked you with some banana and now you love to eat cereal. Every time you eat you get better. But gosh you are cute when you push that little tongue in and out of your mouth trying to swallow.  Now you open you mouth for it and get excited about the next bite. We love eating with you and I am getting SO excited about letting you try even more new foods.

The entire month of April has been a little challenging for us because you have really taken a step backwards with your sleeping habits. You used to be a little sleeper, I could put you down and you would sleep all night until the morning and I would wake you before I went to work. Now, you dont like going to sleep in your crib and you wake up multiple times every night.  Most nights you will only go to sleep if you are right next to me and I have to get you to sleep.  Some nights after a lot of cuddling and kissing you fall asleep in your crib, but only stay there a few hours until you wake up and daddy has to bring you to me. I hope you grow out of this phase, it's very tiring for me. Although some nights i think i don't get to spend much time with you in the day i like that i can cuddle with you at night.  You are very sweet to cuddle with. And so gosh darn cute. Everything you do is so darn cute.  I read and hear about babies your age sleeping 7pm to 7am-- that is 12 hours of sleep.  I cant help but feel a little jealous, that's more than most teenagers.  But i keep hoping and praying that this, too, will pass.  But with everything that passes you are only getting older and I want to cherish it all because it all just goes by so quick.

You just continue to get cuter and sweeter every day. YOur personality is more apparent in the things you do and I fall in love with you more and more every day.  I wake up wondering what will you do today that I cant wait to see. This month we have taken you to Kings Island already and rode the trains in the kids area. We have a whole summer ahead of us with your cousins doing fun things like that. And your grandma and grandpa just opened their pool-- i think you will really like that on those hot days.  You might even be living in a new house by summer's end. Who knows. We will just make the most of it all, because you make every day just a little bit sweeter.

I love you so much my sweet little baby. I cant wait to see you when i get home from work.

All my love in the whole world,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Not a good way to start.

I am hoping if i write this i will feel better. And not explode on any unsuspecting passerby.... I am wretched. My baby was up from 8:45 until 11:30 screaming his lungs out last night instead of going to bed.  No, not crying because he's hungry. Top of his lungs- hate the world around him- scream.  He was fed, had a clean diaper, new clothes, was not hot, was not cold, was cuddled, was rocked, was comforted, was distracted. NOTHING helped this child. We were going around in crazy circles for hours last night.   I barely slept last night, the only thing that got him to sleep was cuddled up right next to me. So i didn't sleep.. My house is a mess,  my husband appears to me no help me, i have gobs of stuff on my to-do list for a friend's wedding shower this weekend. Then i need to go to my hometown for my grandma's funeral this weekend. And I am SO busy at work. NO ONE HELPS ME AT WORK EITHER. It's like my new boss is clueless, and works at a much slower pace than i do. BUT YET she is my supervisor. I am taking so much of my old job with me and she understands about 10% of what  I did.  I am just SO pissed off at the world, not being able to get anything done, my house is a mess, having a stressful job, a baby that doesn't sleep, I dont get any sleep, I couldn't even shower last night, having to be up and moving at the 6 am hour and being completely overwhelmed. OVERWHELMED. I cannot sustain this. When my baby hasn't given us a good night sleep since before Easter.  It's one thing not to work and be a SAHM, but i don't know if i can do this and keep my sanity. I am so angry and pissed off this morning. I cant shake it. I was witch to my husband this morning, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is venom.

I am hoping the next post is better.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye April, Hello May

April came and went, it was one heck of a month. There is no time to re-cap, but it was filled with lots of ups and downs. Easter weekend was delightful, got to see relatives and meet new babies in the family.  We got to babysit our friend's new baby, Ethan, for an ENTIRE day-- that was interesting. But good to do something nice for friends. I got to see my girls for a Friday night out-- planned by S. It was great, and a very well needed night.  Even spent the day at C's 2nd annual Clam Bake-- a day filled with food, drinks, and camaraderie. And a a little rowdiness.

Baby Kate- our newest additional to the N family and my first niece was born this past sunday (4/29).  It was neat to meet her just over an hour or two old. It will be neat to watch her grow, and see how far Nick has come just being a few months older.

Those are just some of the highlights. Work continues to be busy- ergo i have hardly much time to update. April was challenging since baby N developed a little pattern of not sleeping through the night. Not sure what was going on, it made waking and functioning during the week a bit challenging. But we plowed through it, simply because happy and delightful Nick during the day makes it worth a thousands nights of not sleeping.  His 4-month well visit we were told to hold  off on solids until 6 months, but my gut was telling me that he wasn't getting enough during the day and milk alone wasn't satisfying enough for him.  Lo and behold, last night i spoke with the 1st doctor who has cared for Nick since he was born and said some babies are ready earlier.  Especially when he slept well before and we this is a regression, every baby is different. We gave him little bit of rice cereal a week ago but last night Nick tried it like a champ. I put one slice of banana ( doctor approved) to get him to like it a little more. He was SO cute. I cant wait to give him more tonight. I think the new month we are turning a corner and those long nights are behind us.

I will write more this week, cant believe my little bear is going to be 5 months this week! It goes so fast! But he only gets more enjoyable and MORE adorable as every day passes. Until next time!