Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dear Nick- Month 36 (Year 3)

Dear my BEAUTIFUL son Nicholas,

 Happy 3rd BIRTHDAY little buddy! I cannot believe how much you have gown and flourished, and you amaze me every day. Your personality, your joy, your incredible heart, you spirit and energy fills my heart up to the brim.  I don’t even know where to begin this letter because there is so much you say and do that I want to remember for always, and my mind cant choose where to start?

Lets start with you were selt motivated to potty train! I have been  encouraging you for a quite a few months now with little luck, until a couple weeks before thanksgiving you just got it. Like, you have been doing it your whole life. You havent gone pee in your diaper (even at night!) for a while, and you tell me all the time when you need go. You transitioned perfectly to big boy underwear, although you are still “scared” to poop in the potty. And you don’t want to go at daycare yet.  But I know it will just click in there, too. Just like everything does  for you. You move through life with cautious optimism. You always like to stick your toe in the water first before you jump, and that is your trademark. And quite frankly, that is JUST fine!  You are measured and aware of yourself and your surroundings, in all honesty this makes you wise and more mature than most your age.  Even last night when we went to see Santa with the neighborhood kids, you didn’t want to sit on his lap because he seemed a little too scary for you. Even if I told you he was nice, and Adrianna offered to hold your hand, you did NOT want to. I even sat on his lap with Mrs. Putnick and Mrs. Fierrer. But as we were walking out you didn’t get to say bye to santa so we rushed back in, you waited your turn (and told me “ he is not scary, and he is not a monster” and sat right down. Then proceeded to tell him you wanted candy and French toast for Christmas. God love you. Oh ya, and while we walked to the car you wanted a hug from him.

One thing about you that I LOVE is you want to please. You WANT to be a good boy, and you hate it when I tell you did something bad. You are quick to correct to tell me you are a good boy. You always want to help, you love to feel useful and I love it more than anything when we do things together. You help with the laundy, the dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning up toys, washing bottles, everything.  You are also getting quite independent too. Can brush your teeth on your own, get undressed by yourself, take off your shoes, open and shut the car and climb in, and I know there is more—and way too often you will get mad at us for trying to help you do things you can do on your own. You use of language if impeccable, too.  YOu still carry  a tune with you as you go around, and now that it is Christmas you have a whole slew of songs you sing now.  I admire your love for music, sometimes you will ask to wait in the car until a song is over, or turn up the volume so you can hear something, I will catch you sitting in the office next to the old CD player we have in there just listening  to one of your Baby Genius or Mickey  CDs. It’s rubbed off on your brother because he is a DANCER!

You still REALLY love Mickey (and BOB!) boy you would do almost anything for him.  You love to play ball, trains, and dance till the sun comes up. You have always loved reading books and I hope it never gets old. You recognize/know pretty much all of the letters of the alphabet and can even spells some words now too including all of our names.  Numbers and shapes are no problem, too. I think you are one smart cookie.

You are sweet and cuddly, and so darn beuaitufl I just stare at you sometimes in awe. I cannot believe you are mind, I so proud of you and all that you have become I could burst.  I love that you have grown into a relationship with your little brother, too. You love it when each other is around, and always ask where he is when you  don’t see him. I catch you guys running and chasing each other, too and laughing. The sound of your footsteps and laughter around the house is the best thing in the whole world. I know I will miss these days when you get older, I am trying to savor all that you are and everything that makes you, you.  I cant  for Christmas with you both, and then we get to go on a cruise right after and you are SO excited. You ask every day now if you can go on a cruise ship. And then you truck your mickey bag around with you ready to get it packed. I hope it’s a wonderful time, and I cant wait for some warm weather. I cant wait for all that is in store for us in 2015 We closed  our your two years with an awesome golden birthday party for you, over 40 people came to our house and you got TONS of toys.  You are one loved little boy. And it’s true,  We love you more than anything, Nick.  Keep being you, it is JUST PERFECT.

 All the love in the world,


Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear Christopher- Month 12

Dear Christopher---
Happy Birthday little man!! I cant believe it was already a year since we met you, and boy you have changed our lives. All for the better. Where did the time go, you are past your baby months and transitioning effortlessly into toddlerdom.  It is still hard to believe at this time last year I was navigating sleepless nights, re-learning how to feed you, cuddle you, swaddle you, and now look where we are. You have developed your own personality and your own look, and your own way of loving and I fall more in love with you the more I get to know you.

You continue to hit all your milestones with ease-- you took your first steps with Mommy and daddy's help 6 days before you turned one on November 16th. With a little luck during big brother's nap time, we got you to take 3 steps, then 6 steps, then 12 steps and within days you were walking across the room and standing up on your own. Now that it has been a couple weeks you just hobble around walking anywhere there is open space... usually babbling something or pointing. It probably is the funniest and cutest thing in the world. That first week you took a major spill on the coffee table and got a pretty sweet looking cut right over your eyebrow. You didn't need stitched thank goodness, but it was pretty hard and deep.  You rolled with it and about 3 minutes later you didn't even know why we were still dabbing your eye with a paper towel.

You have endured way more bumps, falls, crashed, pushes, shoves than your older brother. Mostly because now what you are taking an interest in certain toys, can get to them on your own, and actually now have preferences it has all taken your older brother by surprise since everything all once was his territory. Now he has to... dun dun... share. Surprisingly-- or maybe not so surprisingly since your big brother is pretty smart and VERY kind-- there are way more happy play times than not so happy play times. Luckily you are just used to the occasional push.  There was a brief phase you went through when you could anticipate Nick coming up to grab whatever you are playing with and you would just freeze and let our a yelp " aaaaaaa." Ha, the look on your face is priceless.  Daycare has taught him a swap technique-- where he will still take what he wants from you but replace it with something else. Interesting.... and so far pretty effective.

You are still a chart topper with your amazing weight gaining abilities. You were 27lbs at your last well check that put you in the 94 percentile. Not bad little man. But i think you are already starting to thin out since you are walking.  I will definitely miss squeezing those adorable thighs. You have somewhere around 6-8 teeth now but I hate to admit i am losing track. YOu can eat pretty well and handle yourself wonderfully at the table. You even try to use a fork sometimes too.  You are a little pickier than your brother, but I wont hold you too it because it can always change.

You love being around your brother basically any time, and you will follow him wherever he goes with limitless trust. But you are always a mommy's boy and will take a cuddle or a hug anytime there is one available. YOu will throw your arms around me, pop your head up and smile at me and then throw your head into my chest to hug it out. It is perfect and I love how lovable you are. Watching you are your brother interact puts the wind in my sails and fills my heart every time i see it. It's the reason I was put on this planet... to love you both unconditionally and watch you love each other.  I didnt think i could win the jackpot twice with TWO perfect kids but I did.  And you I love every stage you move in and out of.  I am going to enjoy this adorable age you are at the fullest, and drink it up with never ending thirst because I know it is fleeting.  We had sucha fun thanksgiving, anmd lots of fun holiday activities to look forward too. Including birthday parties, a trip to cleveland, Christmas, Santa visits, Christmas eve and Christmas day, and a CRUISE at the end of the month. So much fun happening and I cant wait for it all. Happy Birthday little Chris, we all love you keep on doing what you are doing. And being amazing.

Lots and lots of love.