Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Christopher- Month 8

Dear Beautiful bouncing baby boy Chris,

I cant believe you are 8 months already! Where does the time pass? You still have your shining blue eyes and your irresistible baby smile that melts hearts near and far.  And your 4-tooth smile is priceless. You cut your two top teeth this month and it was nothing short of dramatic for everybody. Those are two big teeth and I am only imaging how painful it must have been. I had to drill between them last month at the dentist and it was AWE-ful. Even though the drilling only took place for less than 20 seconds, it was the most pain of any dental work yet. I guess you could say we were in solidarity for a brief moment.  Bring on more teeth in your mouth, I hope those wont be so bad.

You are still topping the charts with your squeezable belly and thighs. Although I think the growth width-wise has slowed because you haven't really changed clothing sizes in a while. You are on the cusp of being completely mobile... right now you can move backward, reach and push off things, and you can rock back and forth in the crawling position. It is only a matter of days before you get one of those legs out from behind you and you are off. I have a sneaking suspicion once you realize you can get yourself anywhere you want, you will be absolutely everywhere. YOu are incredibly inquisitive and always wanting to know what's happening. Especially in your brother's world. I hope my life doesn't get insanely difficult once you are on the move. But I am staying optimistic.

Your eating habits have definitely changes, and I believe you are already starting to ween. Although I cant say you eat a whole lot in general anymore. You have been very open to trying new foods I have made for you, but usually you don't eat more than 2 or 3 oz at a time. Sometimes barely one. You LOVE to MumMum Risk Rusks, you kick and reach as soon as you see one. If those had any nutritional value whatsoever I might be inclines to make a whole meal out of them, but unfortunately I think there is literally NOTHING to them. But I am glad I know there is something that you can pull you out of the dumps when I am in a pinch.

Speaking of being in a pinch, I would definitely call you a mama's boy! YOU LOVE it when I hold you. You hate it when I leave the room, no less even put you down for a millisecond.  You bring on the full service water works and as soon as I pick you up it's like I hit the 'stop' button instantaneously.  Quite remarkable actually. But I am trying to even savor that, it's only a few years when you will think I am the lame mom and wont want any part of me I guess.

Mommy and Daddy both love whatever comes out of your mouth. You have always been vocal... right now our favorite it "a-duah'. And it is absolutely hilarious. A-duah-aduah a-duah... you are falling off the bed? A-duah. You need help? A-duah. ,,,, um. a-duah. Duah, ha ha,. Cant get enough.

We fall more in love with you every day. We had a great month of july with fun trips to Put-In-Bay, visits with your Aunt Dena, grad parties, cook-outs, swimming, all kinds of good stuff. Summer is such a great time of year. And I am so glad you are in our lives. We love you like crazy little boy. August is certain to be an adventure.

Love you lots,