Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cincinnati Public Library

Last night was another VERY lazy night, it was sunny when I woke up so Matt and I planned on running with his new Forerunner last night and really start kicking butt. Well we spoke at 4:00 and after looking at nothing but green on the radar screen, there wasnt the slightest chance we'd be running. Plus the temperature dropped to the 50s so Iwas cold most of the night, and the only thing i hate more than being cold is being cold and wet. So then on to plan B....

We made dinner (leftover pizza from Sunday, Salad and the last 1.5 pieces of corn of the cobb I had in the fridge). Matt made a make shift pizza that looked horrible- it was bread on a plate with pizza and pesto sauce, pepperoni, and cheese and then stuck it in the microwave. Um, ew. Of course, whenever we eat early after work we are sitting around wondering what to do since the weather wasnt really cooperating for us. Last night matt came up with the great idea to check out the downtown library- the seventh largest libraries in the US. And I believe it, it was huge. We were there for about an hour adn only managed to wind ourselves through the reference area, the computer area, and the 'popular libary' as they call it. We were on the hunt for a book we could read together. So, Fiction or Non-Fiction, Matt? He said Non-Fiction so off we went to dig through the 10 shelves of 'popular non-fiction.' I was very open to whatever matt wanted to read... as long it wasnt an investment book that would be slow and not that interesting. And not to mention i had bought Alan Greenspan's book for him a few months ago that he has barely started.

He actually picked out two books for us. And i was thrilled, Matt doesnt really like to sit down and read too often (besides the internet news and reference). He found a book about Ultrametabolism and one about a girl who has a perfect memory and hasnt forgotten a day in her life. The Ultrametabolism was for me (of course), but the biographic-type was for the both of us... and so far last night we read about 20 pages in. I love reading togehter.... even though getting used to reading outloud has been an adjustment for the two of us. I love the bonding time and how we can wind down before bed. I really do hope this tradition continues.

And here is some words of advice...whenever you get a new library card always tell the librarian that your address on your drivers liscence is your current address. Both matt nor I had cards so they need this info from us.... matt just said his ID was correct. I-- was honest-- and said not this isnt but I can give it to her. The lady across the counter said no no the only other way to get a card was to bring a bill (no more than 1 month old) and electric statement (no >1 month old) and a few other items i CLEARLY wouldn't be carrying on a normal basis. I don't know why, but for some reason i took some offense to the rejection (perhaps its that certain time of the month) and got a little unnerved by this lady's complete UNWILLINGNESS to be the public servant that she is and get more people to the public libraries. I even got a little snooty and said, "well, then this IS my current address." If clearly all she needs is some verbal contract that this is a current address-- I was giving her just that. Its not like I am a homeless man ready to check out 100 books and run up 700 bucks in fines and never come back. Do I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE LIKE THAT??? I mean, COME ON WOMAN!!! I tried working with this lady and i dug through my purse to give her any verification that I am not a fraud, my govt ID? a business card? , NO, no. She even stopped responding to me at one point. I dont know what got into me. and i really wasn't acting angry at the lady, I was speaking in a totally normal voice; however, I was kind of disgusted at the system and said to matt in front of the lady that i apparently needed to get a new drivers license in order to take out library books. Yes, i could have been more polite, i admit it. OK so matt had to check out our two books and i went home rejected from the Cincinnati Public Library.....next time ill be better I promise

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday morning

Another weekend passes so quickly, I need another day. If nothing but to catch up on sleep, this weekend I barely had time for very much at all. Busy can be good, and in this case I have no complaints really. Friday night Matt and I went out to dinner downtown town at the Millennium Hotel ( I had a free meal from Entertainment Book) then went out for Greaters Ice Cream on the way back and sat int eh square and listening to the band and watched the Indians lose. It was a bummer. It was an early night, but I had to get up early on Saturday for the shower and party. Both of which were fun-- and the Bachelorette had a great time. Yesterday I woke up and went to Matt's parents to run with Odie and Matt. I spent most of the afternoon up there before heading down to my side of town to pick up ingredients to make HOMEMADE pizza! I never thought making pizza would be so rewarding. And it was packed with all kinds of yummy veggies so i didn't feel too terrible eating it, AND i used low fat cheese (and not as much of it on my side). I am looking forward to the remaining two pieces for dinner tonight! YUM!

One of the best part of the weekend was discovering Matt's Gamin Forerunner. For his birthday last year I got him this neat little running device that looked really interesting. He hadn't used it yet and I made him dig it out yesterday since we weren't running on trail. Man is that thing COOL!!! Not only does it track how far you have run-- WHILE YOU ARE ACTUALLY RUNNING-- but it tracks your pace, the time, AND YOUR HEART RATE. You can set it for speed zones, and pace zones, you can even set a certain kind of workout too. This thins is sweet! The best part is you can hook it up to a computer and it shows you all the history on a MAP!!! And it charts your speed, distance, time, ELEVATION, so much cool stuff i cant even remember. You can export to excel if you are serious, but it remembers like 500 of 1000 runs or something. Then you can create a workout plan. This little thing is SO INSPIRING!! It really motivated me to want to keep running and get better. Just so i can literally see my progress. SO cool... everyone should get one. Even though they are terribly expensive. It probably made my weekend!

Now for something kind of funny (and a bit humiliating) from the weekend. The scene: the wedding shower. There was a theme to create a scrap book page for the couple with quotes or messages for them to eventually fill with wedding pictures if theey wanted. Well, I have never created a scrap book page in my life nor have I had the desire. Well, apparently I am the only one with two 'x' chromosomes who cant 'scrap book.' At the end of hte party when were packing up one of the bride's sisters comes up to me and says, " Do you want to take some scrap book stuff home with you to work on?"
My thoughts: ' Whaat? I finished my page and put it in the book like 2 hours ago.' My response-hoping to be polite-- ' Um, i guess sure. I thought i had it in there.'
Sister (with a slightly cringed face)-- "yeah well we had to fix it a little"
Me (completely humiliated).
But never ended up bringing it home-- its not like I would all of a sudden becoming enlightened or creative at homeway. Sorry Bride and Groom for ruining a page in your scrap book.... I am sur eyou cant read my writing anyway if if i had made it prettier.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Dog Story

Today is finally friday. Although the week didnt seem too bad (or too long) I am ready for it to end and look forward to hopefully better weather. Its really getting me down, I want summer weather so bad. Its probably about 10-15 degree cooler than it should be at this time, and I dont think I've seen the sun since Tuesday.

This weekend I want to relax, catch up on my chores because my bathroom is a mes ( I cant stand it), and hopefully exercise. But we'll see how much gets done because HALF of my weekend, all of tomorrow is booked up. I have to get up unusually early and be on the road at my usual wake up time to go to a wedding shower in columbus. Its starts at noon-- which I think is a little early considering you have people travelling for it. And its all day with a "low key" party at night. Now, dont get me wrong, I adore my friend who is getting married, She is a very sweet girl and I would do anything for her, but I have to admit doing all this tomorrow seems a bit exhausting. Not to mention coordinating getting my dog let out.... oy. But I do remind myself that this is all for my friend, and if it was for me she would come. (although I dont want to have any showers when i get married because I dont think many women actually enjoy them as much as the bride-to-be). But that's just me. And I must emphasize, i love my friend... and i plan to go to all the other showers and parties coming up for her in the next two months...

So last night was miserable and I didnt exercise. No surprise there. ugh... i am feeling sluggish which is turn is probably affecting my mood, which is probably affecting my attitude about this weekend. Last night I did have intentions to do at least something, but when i saw matt after work he had absolutely no desire to at all. So, I compromised and made some dinner with him and relaxed a little bit. Well, since we ate dinner so early, it was only 7 o'clock when we finished and we had nothing to do. The weather was miserable outside, he said he wasn't feeling very good and just wanted to lay down, and I was restless for a slow day at work and feeling the need to work-off the crap I ate for our anniversary. Matt said if I wasn't feeling good imagine what he would be doing for me-- and he is right, he would bend over backwards to make me comfortable-- so i obliged and laid down next to him to chit chat. Although I was clearly in the mood for some activity, i suggested I read a book out loud to him.... so i could be busy and he could listen. Well, this is where the a new tradition (i hope) has begun. I pulled the book he gaveme for Christmas down, 'Rescuing Sprite', which i hesitated to read because I know all dog books end with the dog dying. That's partly why I never read the NY best seller last year, 'Marley and Me.' I saw my mom reading it last summer sobbing her eyes out. Why do that to myself?

Well, even though i warned Matt how reluctant i was to read it, I decided to give it a shot because Matt liked the author, Mark Levin. Apparently he is on the radio (although i have never hear of him), a conservative commentator and a constitutional lawyer. Maybe I live in a closed box, Should I have heard of him? He does sound smart and interesting to listen to... but I still dont want to read a sad book about his dog where the sub title is "a Lover's Story about Joy and Anguish." So i opened it, flipped through the intro and was about to being reading the first chapter. Matt stopped me instantly as he saw me flipping and told me i HAD to read the intro... so i flipped back and started on page 'i' instead of '1.' Well i got through page 2 of the 3 page Introduction and I was already crying!! literally, tears pouring down my face. I even started laughing because I could barely make it to page 1, but was cying so hard through my laugh Matt didnt know whether to comfort me or kick me off the bed.

Well after some serious coaxing we started reading it together, I started reading first, then Matt, and we switched off and ended up reading 3-4 chapters last night. I found it to be really relaxing and a great way to bond with each other... even though I made him stop as soon as he got into reading some sad stuff about Sprite (yes, only about 60 pages in). I don't know if i have it in me to go back to the book. There is something about bonding with a dog and losing it that most people cant understand unless they have experienced it. I still get teary thinking about my childhood dog that grew up with us for 15 years (and died when i was a junior in college). People who own outside dogs dont get this experience, but an inside dog is really a member of the family. But a member that is always happy to see you-- no matter what kind of mood you are in-- stands with you anytime you need them, plays with you when you see down, and loves you like you are their world. And all they want is love in return.... people always say we can learn a lot my the selflessness of dogs, and now that I have my own dog the bond is even deeper. I'm getting woeful just writing this, I better close and try to get the Friday work day over with.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So last night was our one year anniversary since we started dating. This was my first every one year-- no one has ever stuck with me that long up until now-- so I have no idea what is a customary thing to do to recognize it. In a way its kind of an arbitrary date because we theoretically started dating in the April time frame last year. We picked the 14th because that is the day we made it official. So in the spirit of tradition, we went to our favorite restaurant-- and the same place we went to that night one year ago-- Teak for some sushi and pad Thai. It was excellent, the only thing that would have made it more perfect is if it was warm and sunny out and we could have eaten on the outside patio (which is what we did the first time a year ago). Last night we were sitting on the inside balcony so we could overlook any passersby going to the bar or anyone came in. Well, at one point Matt made me turn and see what was on some lady's head who just walked in. I of course turned all the way around in my seat, and or course complete confusion too, asking 'what lady?' ' there is no lady with anything on her head. Which lady are you talking about?' Well well i came back to the table, in the corner where i put my elbow there was a little blue box with a white bow on it. You guessed it, Tiffany's. The perfect present on a perfect day-- some beautiful earrings he picked out that I couldn't love more. I am SPOILED ROTTEN!!!

The funny part about our relationship is if someone ever just heard snippets of our conversations together they would be is complete disillusionment and probably think we are two arrogant bastards. And when I say that, I mean mostly me because some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth out of context is just terrible!! So last night I put on the earrings so i could wear them around for a while, and i put them on while he was sitting at the table so he could see what they looked like on. So, as we were walking back to the car I was remarking about how much I love them and how nice he is to buy them for me because I am going to wear them ALL the time. He said hes happy to and he couldnt wait for everything in the future. And then I said, here it comes, and 'I cant wait to go look in a mirror!!' Quick- to- judge- matt pointed it out and said he wished he could have tapped recorded it and played it to his family. haha just terrible, isnt it?

One more in the spirit of terrible out of context snippets; whenever we are having a meal we are sharing together matt always asks if i want more before he finishes anything. I always try to not over eat and stuff myself so I am uncomfortable the rest of the night, but I try to eat until I am comfortably full and satisfied. One time matt offers to give me more, i decline and say ' no no, I am officially perfect.' And you guessed it, In matt's typical fashion pointed it out and now reminds me of it all the time. So now matt of course feels the need to use it at his free will... not only when i say no to more food, but anytime.... even in front of his family (who I am still getting comfortable with) Oy, it just SOUNDS TERRIBLE!!

Last funny thing that happened last night. After dinner we decide to go for a swim or sit in the hot tub. Well, since I was cold I opted for teh hot tub first since no one in the entire pool area. When we got down there the water level did look noticeably high, but of course not thinking at all, i turned on the jets and like hot lava pillaging over a volcano water starts rushing out from ALL sides and piratically almost over into the pool 4-5 yards away! It was terrible, i piratically drained then entire hot tub! (at least it seemed like it by how much water came pouring out.). So we sat in the hot tub with no jets, and discovered some cold water coming in. Apparently the tub was still getting filled... and with cold water making the Hot Tub appear much less hot and more like a warm tub. The whole experience I found very disenchanting, but I don't think it will stop me from going back im sure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

something to look forward to

Today looks to be a very rainy and dreary day. What a 180 degree difference from yesterday, I am glad I capitalized on the good weather while I had it. And I even stuck to my plan to run 10 mi yesterday. Although i probably walked close to three in between and sporadically, overall it felt pretty good. And my right leg is so soar today- I really hope its not the beginning of an injury. Working out seems easier when the weather is nice, now that it is gross out I have no motivation to do anything tonight. I had a good conversation with my friend J yesterday about the trick to staying with it is finding your niche of motivation. For him it was girls, for me.... its swim suit season. I definitely dont want to be obsessed about it, but I would like to get into some sort of routine. J gave me a new perspective about my tv shows I watch; he likes to download movies and watches them while he works out. He figures he might as well be watching them anyway and instead of using couch time he will use it productively. I don't watch a lot of movies, heck, i barely watch television with my 4 channel TV with bunny ears. But I am a sucker for Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy. Perhaps i could download them for $2 and use that hour of couch time to work out and catch up. After all, its mostly dialogue anyway. We'll see if I can miss the season finale ( and its 2 hours!) on sunday with this in mind...

Well, on to something very new for me. Monday at mothers day dinner with Matt's parents apparently while i stepped away to use the ladies room his brother prompted matt about family vacation. And the even stranger part, they asked him if he wanted to bring me! Woah!! Of course, being the polite boyfriend he said he'd love to but hes going to talk it over with me first to see if it was ok. I was FLOORED!!! Ive never gone on vacation with anyone's family besides my own. Last night matt was playing a voicemail from his brother about booking a cruise or something (YEAH, a CRUISE!!! uh, AWWWESOME!!) his brother said " I am assuming you are bringing Donna, I mean I think you would be stupid not to.. but that;s just me." As silly as that sounds, it felt good to feel included in something like this. Of course, in my typical over analytical fashion, after sitting on the idea for a while I started stirring about sleeping arrangements and all those logistical details. His parents are conservative like mine, and very catholic,.... so there is 3 brothers, one brother is married with a baby son, and then two parents. 7 people, plus a baby... hows this going to work? Are they going to invite someone else to even it out? Where will i go? I know, over analyzing.... i need to stop. This stuff is minor ( i need to remind myself that)... This is a chance to go somewhere REALLY fun (there was even talk of Europe, but who knows!) and a better opportunity to really spend a lot of time with family. Who, yes, are great people. I mean they have to be great because THEY INVITED me on vacation!!

Speaking of vacation, only 23 more days until i go to Miami and then a 4 day cruise with 8 of my friends!!!! AHHHH!!! We booked MONTHS ago and I cant believe its less than a month away now. But these last few weeks seem like FOREVER!! I cant wait, its going to be one of the best vacations ever I have a feeling. I've cruised before, but a lot of my friends have not so they are all going to have SUCH a blast. The only downside is we are all flying in separately and wont meet up until we are on the boat. But then the REAL party begins... i have a feeling a lot of money is going to be spend. O the fun that will be had!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another tired Tuesday

I woke up this morning more tired than usual. Its not like I don't know what the problems is too, I go to bed way too late. Since I get into work at 7:15, the latest I should be going to be is like 10:30. That is, lights out under the sheets, IN bed. Yesterday I had an excuse, Matt asked me to go to his parents to celebrate mom's day with his family since they got back from a cruise on sunday. Of course, I obliged, even though selfishly I was thinking ' your parents live 35 minutes away, we have to drive up 75 in rush hour, I am probably going to end up eating something fried and terrible for my Be Healthy plan, and I am going to get back really late and miss the season finale of the Bachelor.' Am I a terrible person for thinking that? I do feel really bad, and I know i should be feeling happy about seeing them because they are very nice people and very welcoming. But you guessed it, I am batting 1000. We got up there around quarter to seven, dicked around for like thirty minutes, then all piled into cars to get.... Chinese. And not even yummy, quick and convenient Chinese, it was a restaurant about twenty minutes away, with pratically no one inside and terrible service. Matt says they love it there, I just dont get it. Well, after spending close to two hours "eating," we drove twenty minutes back to their house, had to be polite since no one left yet and watch the baby eat bananas, and finally got on the road at 10:15... It was a long day, but at least i got to see who 'won' the bachelor... but then that was disappointment after all.

I sound like quite a complainer, I am trying to work on that. And I know I can be overly selfish... I am trying to work on that too. I think I am partly jealous of thier family because they all live so close to one another and my family is 250 miles away. I cant drop in whenever I want. I am working on it. But in all honesty, Matt does tell me they love me. And I believe him, they do love me-- in the all boys dominated household way. The way they tease you the first opportunity they get. One of the most embarassing moments was at his dad's Retirement Party at Carlos and Johnny's with a TON of of collegues. His dad was a long time employee and a senior executive so he had a lot of clout and a BIG deal for him leaving. Agan, not a very emotional man either, but at the end of his boss's speach, and his little speech, and watching this little video by PowerPoint of his career there was a silence where he didn't know what to say. Until he turns to me and says-- and i cant remember his exact phrase-- "well, Donna, your up for some final words." And there i was, at a table of matt's family, the president of the company, and a room full of strangers that all i know each other... my face is beat red. I know, That is their way of including me... but it is quite an adjustment.

Well, anyway, as tired as I am this morning I have big plans to go for a 10 mile run tonight... as tired as I may be. I am hoping this coffee I am drinking will give me the jolt I need to carry me through the entire day. Its a slow time at work so the day goes by much slower, but I am enjoying it because I know it wont last. Plus I think this is a good time to catch up on my light reading on Oprah.com. The funny part about all this is a fellow rower emailed the club looking for rowers to fill a double of a quad 3 days at week at sunrise. And idealistic and unrealistic me, of course responded saying I would love to row in the mornings and I even have a boathouse key to get in when we want. Well, she emailed everyone who responded this morning and they need one more person to to row "beginning at sunrise" Wednesday and Friday. She even noted the sun rised at 6:30 but pretty soon it will rise at 6. (yay). well, I closed it and am in a major conflict of interest. Between myself and, well, myself. I would love to get up extra early in the morning and row-- if i was fully awake and not tired. Well, needless to say I haven't responded to this mornings email yet....

Just two and a half more weeks until VACATION!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The beginning

Figuring out what to say first is difficult.

I really dont know what motiviated me to start a blog, or if I will actually be able to keep up with it. I think the idea sparked from an article i read on on cnn.com " Your blog can be Group Therapy" in the living section which pointed me to a 35 year old woman's blog about her life being a new mom, newly married, and a husband newly diagnosed with termial panceatic cancer. And again, I dont know what drew me to the blog because I cannot relate on any level with this woman except my friend K's dad was recently diagnoised with the worse cancer or them all too, pancreatic cancer. Perhaps I am a sucker for heart wrenching tales, but i clicked on the webpage, read a few blogs and then jumped to the archives to read about what happened the final month of her husbads life. Granted, I was at work, I really wouldnt let the emotional monster take me over to look sad and teary because in my line of work no one gets worked up over budget spreadhsheets and performance reports. Well, on this particular day (and the following 3-4 days) I got sucked into the blog and actually read from the archived section a year and a half ago up to her most recent blog, I read EVERY entry! Sounds pathetic, but I got to thinking that if i had my own blog i could diary my life to re-read it some day and remember exactly what i was doing and thinking and feeling at this point in my life. I always used to journal to some extent; when i was very very little i had a little diary with a teddy bear on it that i wrote about my celebrity crushed, and my tea parties with my stuffed toys. I dont know how long I wrote, but the penmenship curbed significantly when I discovered it one night with the lock borken and ink spilled all over the front. Apparently my sister tried picking the lock with a pen... successfully for the lock, unsuccessfully for the pen. I also wrote in a journal throughout college a little bit, and I start a blog on MySpace but only made it though the first entry, forgot I had an account after a few months, and now I dont think i have logged in since last year. OK, one last reason I decided to "blog'" My cousons blog and it helps me keep in touch with them (by reading) and keeping engaged.

So, we'll see where this ends up. I dont like to check email or being on the internet after work because I spend 9+ hours a day on a computer at my job I like to lead a technology-free life afterwork. If our security nazi's block this page the answer will be evident. I have decided not to use this blog to catch up on my past, There's no sense in playing catch-up. If I tried to put all the background information in the first post, I'd have to write a novel, and I don't have a novel's worth of time right now. But I suppose that just in case someone stumbles across this blog, ill give some breif hightlights:
1. I am 24 (will be 25 this summer), I have a 3 year old little dog I named Odie that I love more than anything. He is my roommate and is probably the cutest dog you will ever see in your whole life. I lived and work in Cincinnati, but my family and my childhood are in Cleveland.
2. I got my masters degree in business in 2006 right after i finished college and moved directly to cincinnati to work to the US Department of Energy. The offices are right downtown and we have to big the biggest money pit in the entire country. The office is brand new (and completely unnecessary for tax $$), we employ about 12x more people than necessary( and a complete waste of tax $$), we are expanding (completely uneecessary for tax $$), and we sub out about 40% of our work ( a double waste of tax $$). Nonetheless, my job is somewhat satisfying, I am learning new things (even though all federal processees are F-ed up), and lets be honest, i get pad a lot so it keeps me realistic.
4. I am dating a perfect guy who adores me. He does everything for me and I know i cant find anyone better (even though i know i take him forgranted sometimes and I can be short tempered sometimes). I know i cant do any better than him...
5. I have the best circle of friends I can dream of, they are there for me all the time, we take awesome trips together, and even laugh at my pathetic jokes. I cant ask for better friends.
6. My family is awesome and hardworking. Their only downfall is they are far away from me.
7. right now my mind is heavily fixed on working out and getting in shape. Even though i drink coffee every morning and eat chocolate pretty much daily. My boyfriend, Matt, loves to run with me so he helps me stay motiviated. Especially since swim suite season is knocking on the door.

Of course, my life ist perfect, probably far from it. But i do consider myself a very fortunate and happy person over all. I think the entries forthcoming will be much less "historical" if you will... and ill just get right into what I am thinking about at the moment. Right now I am thinking how pissed I am at myself for eating that piece of chocolate this morning, i didnt NEED to eat it. My stomach hurts.

Well, before i close,in the spirit of Mothers Day that was just yesterday some humor from the past weekend:
The picture: My parents, sister, boyfriend and I sitting at my grandmas kitchen table eating pastries and reading/eating the jokes from a GIGANTIC bucket of laffy taffy:
-At the center of it all is mom demonstrating all her wierd double jointed tricks. In the background, the entire family trying to immitate her.
- my sister yells from my grandmas's bathroom that she overflowed the toilet and flooded the bathrooom. Dad comes running
- Mom" I thinking i hear water draining into the basement"
- family- Where are all grandmas mops?! Everyone running around
- 20 minutes later everything is clean-up, table is cleared, and sister is sleeping with her mouth open in the backseat on the way home.
Never a dull moment.

If aliens saw us what would they think? ha ha my boyfriend always says that when people do stupid things. Kind of like if alienss ever saw us at a Nascar Race: a crowd of people standing around watching some cars drive in a circle over and over... and over. Anyway, lots more to come.

-And what did the horse day when he tripped?
--> I'vc fallen and I cant giddy-up.