Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Final Count Down

dun duh dun dun.... dun dun dun dun duh dun.....

Matt would appreciate that, he loves that song. I've been wanting to post about the absolute chaos thas is my life right now. WOw. who knew i could be this utterly busy? Thank god for great friends, and awwwesome family, i think i would be crying in a corner right now. The last minute wedding to-do list is the least fun, and MOVING is the LEEEASt LEAST fun! Packing, trying to organize, packing... car load after car load of everything i have accumulated in my apartment to make it 'mine.' Without my stuff there is it no longer my home, and it is the only home I have known while living in in Cincinnati.

It will be a little sad for me to leave-- although I am beyond excited to have a house with my little family in two weeks. However, I would be remise if i didnt mention all the good memories that apartment has given me. All the Christmas trees I have bought and decorated with Matt. The parties I had, movies i watched with my friends, boyfriend-- now fiancee, all the meals ive cooked in that cramped little kitchen... and all the meals i've TRIED to cook. Ill miss running by the river, i wont have the luxury of convenience to take that nice stroll down the RiverWalk anymore, or have tons of restaurants in Newport right across the way. I wont be able to sip free coffee and cookies when i head out the door in the morning, or peruse OLP's movie collection on tiresome Friday nights. And this morning, what I think i might miss more than anything, is the small group of regular shuttle riders in the morning. And Michael, the shuttle driver. Riding that shuttle is something i did every morning for a looong time, a little part of my routine, and I love those 10 minutes every day. Really, i did. Saying goodbye this morning as i said this was my last shuttle was sad for everyone I think. And they all said they would miss me, and it has been a pleasure over the last few years. Michael invited me as his personal guest next year for the fireworks if i decide to come back. What an incredible person he is.

I do feel a little melancholy when i realize this period in my life is ending, but I must say that thought of having a little family in that adorable house on Marburg Avenue beyond fills up my heart with excitement, in fact i am smiling as i write about it. I cant wait to decorate and make that little house my home. And I think about decorating for fall and halloween, and the Christmas Tree and DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS!! O that thought of that makes me SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED!!! I am going to have a lot, LOT of good memories in that house. And I cant wait to start!!

As i pack up the trailor on Saturday, the end of single, downtown living ends and the official transition begins....16 more days until i am MARRIED!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PMP I am!

I PASSED!!!! The test that has consumed my spare time for a VERY long time, I am SO sick that i was thinking about studying when i have a HUGE plate of other and very pressing things going on. including that little thing that is, uhem, MY WEDDING! Which is 23 days away!!!!! I CANNOT believe it! But,

Last night i went out to dinner and drinks with K, K and J and it was WONDERFUL!! I couldnt have had a better night celebrating, they are great friends:) yummy wine, food, o ya, a free round of wine from the waiter:)

This weekend is certainly going to be busy with my parents in town, meetings with the caterer, seamstress, and a party for the RiverFest. I cant believe I am going to moving out. It hasnt hit me yet. I seriously need to start packing. And the wedding to-do list.... aaaaah!

Lots going on, BUT I AM SO RELIEVED AND HAPPY that test is O-V-E-R!! I love fall, I love September. I AM GETTING MARRIED THIS MONTH!!!!!