Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Nick

Dear Nicholas,

You have changed so much I cant keep up with everything. And it scares me that i am missing things contantly-- the new words you are learning, your little nuances, your personality, your emotions, the little things that make you, you. Uniquely you, and just simply perfect just the way you are. It seems like you learn multiple words every day, you even put two words together now like "daddy work" and my favorite is when you say thank you- 'tank oo" ugh, just replaying it in my head makes my heart sing. YOu have really taken to a couple blankets ( you called it 'ee') and your stuffed mickey mouse ('mouse') and this other elephant that i am not sure how you refer to him. YOu pretty much drag them everywhere. YOu need them all in your hands when you get up in the morning, when reading your books at night, when going to bed. All the stuff in your hands you can barely see over it all, and it's ridiculously cute.

We just ordered your first big boy bed-- it should be delivered in the next couple weeks and you will make another big transition to a new room and a NEW bed. I hope you are excited as we are. We need to get a bookshelf in there asap to get all your books in there and we will have a new setting for bed time. We should also be finishing up the basement in the next few weeks so you can have a bigger-- better area for all your toys and games. Lots to look forward to those changes.

Your personality of ever apparent in everything you do. Yes, you do have some very typical tantrums that are unavoible for your age-- like those of frustrations when you cant do something, or when you absolutely DO NOT want to sit in a high chair, or at dinner time when you absolutely DO not want to eat. But on the positive side, somtimes when you are frustrated becaus we dont understand you-- just saying 'please' gets you exactly what you need (most of the time). Generally you are easy going and very social. So social that you say HI to pretty much anyone you pass ANYWHERE you are.... this includes walking up to get communion at church. Good thing you are unbelievably cute.

You have a big heart and you LOVE babies. In fact, so much so that you will stop in your tracks to look and touch one if you see one. We went to a baptism this past weekend and you didnt need any other entertainment besides the cute little baby getting a 'bath.' And then you held his hand afterward and wouldnt let go. The little things you do just make me want to squeeze you until you pop. I have a feeling that this is a good sign that you will be an EXCELLENT big brother in just a few short months. I know you will be a helper to mommy because you already are.

This has been one great summer since you are such a free spirit. It's been such a joy taking you to amusement parks, family parties, cookouts, pools, parks, playdates,vacations, weddings and more. Your love of music continues to amaze us, and it's simply adorable to watch you break out into dance albiet in the car, in our living room, or in the center of 40 people at my best friends wedding. That was one of the best memories was watching you dancing and having the time of your life to the live band at Caroline's wedding. Everyone there was drawn to you by your cuteness-- you spent the entire evening on the dance floor! Right now, you cant get enough of the song Ants go Marching One by One... i am pretty sur eyou have listened to it atleast 1,200 times in the last week. And you keep wanting it.. "MARCH!!" Fortunately you are so polite and sweet when you ask. How could we say no? And how can we not lovve watching you actually march around the living room in cirlces for an endless amount of time.

I am also amazed by your wide taste palatte. YOu genunely love to eat fruit and veggies.. AND I LOVE IT TOO!! You expecially love peaches now (good thing they taste amazing this time of year!) and apple-- specially apple sauce "sauce." But you will also eat any berry, melon, or banana that comes your way. YOu even like pretty much any citris fruits too-- lemons, limes, oranges. You would probably like grapefruits, too, if we kept them on hand except your mommy and daddy absolutely hate them. But ill buy some just for you.

Boy do i miss you when i have to go to work. Mondays and tuesdays are expecially hard becuase of all the time i get to spend the days before. I think about your non-stop.... and i could pretty much watch you interact with the world and do nothing else for the rest of my time and be the happiest person on earth. You are beautiful both inside and out, and it really shows in everything you do. I mean it when i say i cant get enough you... you make my days happier just by getting to be wih you. And the hugs and kisses you freely give out certainly only make it even better. You love to snuggle, you