Monday, December 28, 2015

Dear Nick- Month 48

Dear Nick,

Just a few short weeks ago you celebrated your 4th birthday. It has been quite a milestone, really, it's like 4 years old is completely different than 3. You admit, now you are big-- because you are 4- and frankly I actually agree. You are more articulate, verbal, and self aware than I thought anyone at four could be.  You are still incredibly sweet, and I cant wait for all that is in store for us this year.

You are breaking through more firsts than I ever thought possible, I think you are remarkably smart. You know all your letters and sounds and have even starting reading beginning readers books (BOB Books). You can write all the letters, and understand that you read from left to right. And yes, you do know your left and right (even better than mommy).  You can count pretty darn high, you understand simple math , you still love to sing and play music, and your musicality is infectious.   I love to hear you talk and sing.

You are a very gentle little boy, yes you definitely have energy, but you are SO gentile.  Your little brother is always grabbing, swatting, throwing, hitting, and I have to admit I don't think I've seen you hit back. As much as you have wanted to.  You like to be the leader, I do wonder if you realize what an example you are setting. You seem very excited to meet your new baby brother or sister, you ask interesting questions, inquire about getting ready for his/her arrival, and the first time you felt a kick in the palm of your hand was like the lighting of the very first Christmas tree. Your face was so thrilled, I will never forget it. To have a  little boy to genuinely interested and concerned for this baby you haven't met fills my heart up so big I can hardly stand it.

You're love for mickey continues into your 4th year of life, and I am fairly certain we have seen almost every episode of mickey mouse club house that was ever made. Lucky for us, Mimi and Bob are taking our family to Walt Disney World next month and we will actually get to MEET the characters!!!  the first night we arrive we have dinner at Chef Mickey, I hope it goes as wonderfully as I hope. I know you and your brother are going to love riding all the rides, and frankly I cannot wait to have 4 straight days of all about you and Chris!!

You are still very coordinated, you seem to run and skip, and jump with ease, and you pick up new sports fairly easily.  Both your gross and fine motor skills to be developing normally, if not slightly faster than others. You keep up with older kids with ease, and sometimes tend to gravitate towards them at parties and other social situations.  You are shy at first but become very social when you warm up in most situations, but you do have a slightly underdeveloped knack for going with the flow. If things don't go as planned you have a hard time adapting, I am hoping this is just a stage.

You are over 42 inches now and 40 lbs at your last doctors appointment, you passed the hearing and vision tests at your age, and you continue to be long and lean. Finding pants for you I have a feeling will be a long standing challenge for me as your grow older.   You are a great sleeper, and I count my blessings every day that you and Chris share a room so harmoniously. You seem like a wonderful role model to him, and I love to see you laugh and play together every day.

This year will definitely be a year of change for us all, with a new family member arriving in March, and I (hope) my work situation will change drastically, and you may even be at a new school for pre-school and grade school beginning in the fall.  There is a lot to look forward to, and I am hoping we all adjust to what's to come with grace and ease.  I am hoping you will want to play a new sport, perhaps soccer or t-ball again this spring, and become and even better swimmer this summer. It's amazing how much you are growing and changing, and both you boys are exceptional in my eyes.

Right now some of your favorite things for your age:
-You love your mickey watch
-You pick candy over ice cream almost any day
-You still love trains (just like chris) so we now have a pass to enterTRAINment junction
-You are an excellent eater, and east most vegetables. Mini corn dogs might be one of your favorite food though
- you like to fix things and figure things out, if I gave you batteries I am pretty positive you could unscrew a battery pack and replace.
-You love Bob, and I know you look up to him more than anyone most days
-You like to help and be involved, but also like to lead and have things go your way
You are beautiful both inside and out. And I love you more than I could possibly love you, keep being wonderful.