Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday morning RANT

MOST days, i say in the most strenious tone, mooost days i like cincinnati. BUT lately i am HATING this city.  For one major reason: this city's PUBLIC WORKS SERVICES!!! UGH!!!!  Where do i even start? It's like the last month has been riddled with disappointments everywhere. No less the entire time i have lived in the suburban areas, the roads are RIDICULOUS!!! I dont know the stats exactly, but i know Oakley and Hyde Park do have some of the highest city taxes in all of cincinnati. I mean, how could they not? And t hey cant afford to put a little money into the pot hole filled roads! They are EV-ER-Y-WHERE!!!! I actually cant think of a a road that doesn't have at least ONE major hole in it.... COME ON CINCINNATI!!!

Next, now that it is spring you know what that means? Yard work. And with yard work, you get  YARD WASTE. A couple weeks ago almost every neighbor on my street had multiple bags of stuff for yard waste disposal. We have a ton of leaves and grass clippings and bags of weeds too.  Trash service came and went and guess what was left, ALL THE YARD WASTE. Turns out, they GOT RID OF THIS SERVICE. And you know the best part, THEY RAISED OUR CITY TAXES this year!!!! Can you believe this city??? How many more inconveniences can they possibly provide for us? O wait, hold on, they do have an alternative for us... we can drive to Newton and dispose of the waste ourselves. Right? SO convenient, like we want to put nasty heavy bags of dirt inside our cars. O limbs of trees and sticks, right inside our beautiful backseats because most waste is too big to fit in trash cans anyway. COME ON CINCINNATI!!!!

But the inconveniences get worse. Yesterday on the way into work the major on ramp by my house was close to the interstate southbound to downtown. O not to worry, no one in the area wants to use the interstate in the morning, and definitely not to go downtown.  O ya, NO DETOUR SIGNS POSTED, o ya, NO WARNINGS EITHER!!! So guess what, turns out it wasn't just a one day inconvenience, it was closed again today. And still no detour signs.  In fact, artimus says it might be closed indefinitely. INDEFINITELY!??? Seriously??? How can you close a major route to tons of people east of downtown INDEFINITELY??? O wait, our roads are sooo bad we cant even fix them to help make people's lives a little more convenient..... it's a never ending cycle i guess. And i suppose the public workers are only going to get lazier since we apparently expect NOTHING out of them. THey have construction all over town, but when you think about it, you hardly see anyone working, EVER. But dont get me started on that one.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Last weekend

So my last somewhat relaxing weekend at HOME has come and gone... and I must say it was quite good. Although i am sad to see it go.  A quick recap before i get back to work:
Friday i went to the gym,  ran some errands, went to Teak for dinner with Matt (YUM), went home and walked with Matt and Odie, ran to BB&B (but it was closed since it was after 9pm), went to Yagoot (another YUM), then went to target and home to relax. GREAT day.
Saturday: Woke up with matt, went to McD's to split an egg mcMuffin (um, YUM) and a hashbrown, then headed up to his parents house so he could help out with tractor stuff. I played with my nephews all afternoon and visited with my sister in law, even though it was a miserable rainy afternoon. It cleared up and we went out to Greek Isles for dinner and then over to matt's friend B's house for his 30th birthday party. It was a great time, and matt had a ton of fun with B.
Sunday:  Woke up and went to the gym, matt helped CV move into his new apartment right around the CORNER from our house. A 1.5 minute walk! Then i did some laundry and went over there to see it and have lunch with them. Then Matt and i took odie on a long walk, did some yard work and cut the grass for the first time, and then out to El Toro a yummy mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was sunny and 85 degrees yesterday... it was a GREAT day.
So great weekend all in all.....
But here is whats coming up the next few weeks, thus not having another free weekend until, well, JUNE.
This weekend: E Bachelorette party , so i need to be in cleveland friday, and then driving to Port Clinton on Saturday and Sunday, and drive home to cinci on Sunday.
Weekend after: Easter weekend: Drive to cleveland
Weekend after: CRUISE!!!!
Weekend after: return from CRUISE!!!
Weekend after: E's wedding in cleveland
Weekend after: Combined Bacherlor/Bachelorette party for friends J and D in Dayton
weekend after: J and D's wedding in Dayton
weekend after: JUNE.... and right now, FREE!!!!!

All good stuff, dont get me wrong... just A LOT going on.
And mid month i have a work trip to New Orleans in May which means i will be home even less. It makes my head hurt.

But that's all i got for now.