Wednesday, March 31, 2010

80s?? YES

I gotta be honest, posting about the weather seems just about the lamest excuse for a post that i can possibly be think of. BUT I CANT HELP IT!! There is 80+ degree weather in my future as soon as TOMORROW!!!! O my gosh, i am soaking it all in!!! Last night E and I went on a walk for over 2 hours and it was PERFECT!! We walked the big hills by her house in Mount Lookout and then all the way over to Ault Park, around Hyde Park Sq and back to her apartment. Great walk, so much fun, and I love SUMMER time!

Tonight im going out to dinner in Hyde Park Sq for one of my old roommate's bdays, we are eating outside and there will be half priced wine. I love dining outside, i cant wait to put out my umbrella on our patio and start eating outside more often. And for the first time yesterday i saw people out moving their lawns, YES, mowing their lawns.

I hope my next post is more interesting. I forgot how much i love spring:)

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

last weekend in March already!

I cannot believe it is going to be April by the end of this week! I just looked at my calendar and it looks like April is going to fly by-- with a two trips to Cleveland for Easter and then for my cousin's wedding, J and A's surprise engagement party, dinner with P and N the last weekend, and then it's May already! And May is almost full to with another wedding and then the trip to California for 8 days. I just cannot wait for summer activities, and warm weather, and not to mention that this week it's suppose to hit the 70's!!

I cannot believe how fast March seemed to come and gone, i remember blogging about how much i hate March. But i think February felt much longer, the weather and longer days this month has turned the corner for the better. I have really enjoyed going on walks around the area with Matt, and F and E, it feels so good to be outside, getting exercise and spending some good quality time with people. I cannot wait for that morning when i wake up to the window's open and i can open up the whole house to the sound of birds, and lawn mowers, and kids outside. That is perfection!

My last weekend in March turned out quite nicely too. It was the perfect balance of relaxation and busyness. Friday was a nice night so matt and I went out to Sake Bomb for sushi and to try the place out because it's REALLY close to our house and we had to try it. We MUST try all the sushi places so we can know which places are a good 'value.' Sake bomb was not, but hey-- we HAD to know. And it was good spending the night with each other. Saturday morning we were out and about all day; we woke up and ran a couple errands to pick up dog food, and a few things for the afternoon because we were going to spend the entire day with B and A. We went out to lunch with them, then Matt and B went off and rake thier friend's yard ALL day while A and I made buckeyes and went shopping. We spend ALL day together, and she told me how i was her 'fashion expert' because she thinks she is clueless. haha that still makes me laugh, but we both had a productive day at the outlets and i brought home TONS of yummy buckeyes that i cant wait to share with everyone. Matt's friend C grilled and cooked for us all that night and it was FANTASTIC!!! he bought cedar and soaked it and threw on the grill where he cooked chicken breasts packed with brushetta a few other things and the flavor was UNREAL. The smokey flavor totally soaked through the chicken and every bite was gourmet-- so so soooo good. Unfortunately we couldnt stay too long because we needed to get downtown for a birthday celebration for F. It was truly a good day.

Yesterday matt and I went to church for Palm Sunday at Saint Marys by our house, and then went to see matt's cousin's kid in the High School Musical Annie at Badin High School. She is in 5th grade and she was Molly, gosh was she cute!!! I am so glad we went to show our support, and we got to see the aunts and spend a little time with everyone. We went to dinner with the fam and i got to hold my new new phew and feed him. I adore that little guy. I held him while his mom was getting his bottle ready and he was crying so much, and he would look up at me and i couldnt help but melt because he is so precious. I think that was the first time i held a crying baby and loved it even more. And it was also the first time i held a crying baby and was able to comfort it, i hope some day matt and I can make such beautiful babies;-)

So here we are back to Monday, it rained a LOT all the way into work today and it's still so gloomy outside. But it's ok... more sunshine is on the way!

Happy Monday!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Walks and the spring time weather

Hello Spring!!! I am pretty sure the past 4 days have been four strong shots of straight spring. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and really even Sunday- though mostly cloudy-- were near perfect spring-like days. Yes, spring doesn't mean wearing shorts (even though there were plenty of people in shorts around) but it was sunny, just a few clouds and mid-upper 60s. And in the sun was actually quiet warm. Recently I have been getting into walking a lot because it's nice to be outside after a long day of work inside an office. And the best part about where i live is there are TONS of neat neighborhoods to walk, just to look at the houses because they all look different, and there are so many people out in about. People leave water bowls out on the sidewalks because so many people walk their dogs. Matt and I have already done a couple 2+ hour walks just because you can wander ANYWHERE!! Just to see what restaurants are around the corner, to check out the houses on some block, or just to see what's down another street. After every season passes I have a renewed love of what's to come. And I do love this time of year. the daffodils around our driveway are in FULL bloom right now and they are simply beautiful!

The coming weeks ( actually the entire month of April and into May) are completely packed full with plans on the weekends. Plans and overbooked plans, it's so nice to have interesting and different things to do on the weekends with friends and family. The week days seems to fly by and matt and I manage to stay really busy. tomorrow night i am going to the David Gray concert with J and A, i havent been to a concert in a while so I am looking forward to it. Tonight i am hopefully going walking with E then we are going to watch Dancing with the Stars together. This weekend Matt and I are spending all of Saturday with B and A-- while A and I make buckeyes all day. Then is J's birthday Saturday night. Sunday we are seeing Annie at Badin High School because Matt's little cousin has the lead in their HS play. And I just cannot believe Easter is right around the corner!
Sunshine and this weather certainly puts a 'SPRING' in my step:) No pun intended. It's gloomy outside right now, but I am looking foward to more great weather in just a couple days.
Happy Spring to you!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

a pretty good week

So this week has been alright. And i say 'alright' in an upbeat approving tone. It definitely seemed to have gone by pretty fast and this weekend looks to be pretty nice. And nice weather, I can see the sun shining down with blue skies as i look out my window from my office. It's amazing what kind of free therapy the sun can give you.

So lets see, this week in review: Monday night E and M came over to watch the season finale of the bachelor. that was a really fun night, not to mention i got my one and only workout in that day. I ordered pizza, and we sat around and chit chated and had a really good time. We were going to get together again this coming monday but ill be in DC. (insert sad face here). Tuesday was a relaxing day, i am pretty sure I dont even remember what i did. Wednesday I got to see J and A for dinner and catch up with them at applebees, then i relaxed at home while matt played poker with his boys. Last night i went out for sushi and a new place a mile from our house, the Blue Elephant. It was delicious! Tonight matt and I are having dinner and game night with B and A, tomorrow i plan on relaxing, hopefully working out, being outside, and then driving to Columbus to meet my family for dinner. And sunday I am seeing The 39 steps at the Aronoff with Matt and his brother. It's really looking up, and it's supposed to be in the 50s this weekend!!! I officially changed, washed, and put away our flannel sheets yesterday. That was my way of saying to the earth, ' Winter, i am done with you until next year.' I am hoping it listens:)

Unfortunately i will be out of town most of next week, it sucks. But at least i am not too overwhelmingly stressed about what i need to be there for. Hopefully every day goes by fast. And ill probably even make some $$ off this trip too.

I hope you and yours has a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Until next time...

Monday, March 1, 2010

March is here

well, HELLO March. It's nice to see you.. although i tend to not look foward to March. It's long, it's grey, it's cold. No holidays. Really nothing to look forward to this month at all. Things to not look forward to include work trips, but we'll save the negativity for another post.

I do have quite a few things on my mind this Monday. Things like my Grandma, my friends, the Olympics, my husband, my family. Not all of them are things i want to talk about right here and now, but they are floating around up there. A lot.

Lets start with something good-- the Olympics and how much i LOVE the games. I admit i didnt watch nearly as much as i would have liked, but the one things about this time if the spirit it evokes all around. It's a lot of great energy and it really brings us all together. My favorite part-- the Hockey game last night USA vs. Canada. And hockey is not one sport i like to watch, but this game brought EVERYONE together. It was one heck of a game too. I went to the gym in the middle of it and as i looked down the row of elipticals all the tv monitors were tuned into this game. Every one of us was intently watching and we all simultaneously cheered when we scored our first goal. It was something really neat to watch, and to know that SO MANY OTHERS are watching this game right now too. What a truly memorable Olympics, and a great metal showing for our country. I am certainly proud to be part of this country.

In other unrelated news my Grandma was released from rehab this weekend. It is great news because we all know how hard she has worked for the doctors to send her home. Considering she has battled psuenomia (sp?), more fluid in her lungs, complications with her water, diabetes, and open soars on her legs, not to mention the swelling in her legs and feet which makes it even more painful for her to get around. But would you believe it that she was taking steps and riding on a stationary bike!?! What a strong willed woman. I am so proud of her. Now that is not to say she is better and healthy at home because she is not, she is still very weak and old, and needs a lot of help right now. It breaks my heart thinking about her in all honesty. She told me last week that she has been praying for all of us her whole life and now it's her turn. And is she ever so right, and it's our turn to make she she knows how much we love her and want her to be OK. I thought it would be nice for her grankids to make sure she knows she feels loved. I decided to take it upon myself to make sure gram knows and send her a letter from all of her grandkids. I emailed all them and told them to get back to me with a little note or letter by today. And would you believe it that only half the family responded to me? I dont get it, it's like her kids split down the middle and only 2 families responded. Why would you not respond? This has nothing to be with me, or family, or any one cousin, it has everything to do with making sure grandma feels loved and appreciated.. and us taking note that we have with her now is a gift. WHY would you not want to do something nice? It's very disheartening....

However, in all my weekend was very relaxing. Matt and I called it a "stay cation" for real. We went out on a couple dates both nights and got to use some old gift cards we had around. Friday night we went to Bonefish Grill and had a fantastic meal for since we don't eat meat on Friday's during lent. Then we asked a few friends to go to the Pub with us and that was a time and matt got to spend a good night with some of his poker friends he doesnt really party with on weekends. I know he appreciated it. And i got to spend time with my new friend E- who is also coming over tonight to watch the Bachelor with me. She certainly is becoming a solid friend of mine and I cant even describe how happy that makes me. Especially when i too often feel forgot froma select few of other friends. But i wont go there today. Saturday night matt and I also had a good day together, we went out for bubble tea in clifton, drove around, went to bed bath and beyond to pick up some coffee and then relaxed and had another great dinner at Bravo (thank you saint Nick!).

For lent this year instead of giving up something i decided i would try to go to Church every week since ive been so bad about it. So far so good, matt and I went to St. Mary's in Hyde park yesterday morning and then went out to brunch together. It was good we did that together, it definitely helped us get back in step with each other.

So lots going on ahead, busy weekend ahead as well. Here a couple pics with E and Matt and his poker friends at the bar. Check on the shoes---- wowza.