Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday another sunny day

So I finally made it to Friday. This was only a 4 day week but it sure had it's ups and downs. I have been eating like complete shit the last few days... well the entire week really. I haven't gone to the grocery at all so i can pretty much count the servings of fruit or vegetables on one hand. Or perhaps more like 3 fingers. The balance of my fruits and vegetables were consumed at cookouts smothered in mayonnaise and cheese. healthy! Yesterday my meals consisted of: Breakfast- Coffee and a cookie. Lunch: Skyline Chili and Dinner: Bdubs followed by leftover chocolate cake i had in my fridge from last week. And that was just yesterday! I wont dare tell you how the remainder of the week fared. yikes. The Wedding Dress Gods are rolling over in their graves right now.

Yesterday was quite a delightful and interesting experience at the same time. I was telling Matt that i was perusing looking for some casual black sandals and i couldnt find any pairs i liked except for one pair that was $132. haha and well, yes, that is expensive but not drop-your-jaw-now-i -have-to-eat-Ramon noodles-the-rest-of-the-week expensive. I mean come on, they are real leather!:) But listen to this! Matt said let's go to DSW and see if we, yes, WE can find a much cheaper pair together. And believe it or not- MATT WENT SHOE SHOPPING WITH ME!!! Ya, it had everything to do with the fact the it's boneless wing night at Bdubs right around the block from DSW, but he was actually helping me!!! He walked up every isle with me, and even pointed as shoes he thought fit the bill of what i described i was looking for! he was soo patient! haha of course he had some sarcastic remarks and made a lot of the jokes along the way... but believe it or not he picked out the shoes i ended up buying. And they were in Clearance! 30% off!! Way to go Matt! Matt would die if anyone one of his friends stumbled upon this blog and saw that he went shoe shopping with his fiancee. I love you, Matt.

and hooray for $30 ON SALE Kenneth Cole sandals!

This weekend it certain to be nice. The weather is supposed to be perfect, Matt has promised to run with me, we have some family stuff going on including his cousins graduation party saturday night. And I think we might be popping by F's new house at some point too. Should be fantastic! Next week we are hopefully going to finally have our engagement video shot (it was suppose to happen wednesday-- but i wont go into that fiasco). PRAY PRAY for good weather. I cant have another situation like this week. I took the day off on thursday, i think i am going to play around with highlights at the salon that morning. I hope i dont make a mistake! Its awful close to teh wedding and this only teh second time i have had highlights in my hair. I am a liiiiitle nervous.

I am so glad it's friday!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

End the Broadway season and sunshine

So yesterday was one of those uneasy days that just nothing seems to work out right. It put me in a pretty grouchy mood, causes unnecessary stress between Matt and I, and I probably could have been a little more pleasant at work. Today hopefully will be much better, even though it;s too soon to tell because i've only been up and at work for a little more than an hour. And it doesn't help that i feel a little frumpy today.

The highlight of yesterday was getting spend some quality time with J and A before we went to see Chorus Line at the Aronoff. It was the last play of the season and it went out with a fizzle. It was a HORRIBLE play! In fact, there was no intermission and I believe it was because if they had one 70% of the people would leave! there was no plot, no good songs, it was hard to follow, and SO BORING!! It was the only play of the past few years i can honestly say i hated. Well, this and the Sweeny Todd.... only because Sweeny had this horrible ear piercing sound when somone died that made the play hardly bearable. But we already purchased next season's tickets and there are a LOT of good plays coming: A White Christmas, Mary Poppins, Dreams Girls , Legally Blond and a few others. The extras include Rent and Chicago! I am SO EXCITED!! I love Broadway play night with those girls, we feel soo 'sex in the city.'
It is gloomy and rainy out right now and I am really hoping it gets sunny and warm later today. I am so happy its thursday. I cant wait to go home and relax a little bit, maybe workout, and chill. What a strange and busy week this has been. I am looking forward to a warm weekend. I really want to buy a family pass to the Oakley pool where Matt lives, layout, and enjoy the sun. I am craving the beach, but i think ill settle for t he public pool this weekend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All politics is local

So sitting in the car with Matt yesterday driving back downtown from his parents I was SO. FIRED.UP. I mean to the point where I just need an outlet to vent all the frustrations i am having with what is going on with our government and i SWORE i would never make this blog political. BUT I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

To the few readers that read or stumble upon this blog who consider themselves Obama supporters please stop reading now.

Dont say i didnt warn you.....

It all started when i found out last night (pardon me for not having time to skim the headlines yesterday) that Mr. Obama gave GM another 30 BILLION DOLLARS!!! And it makes me sooo enraged because they have proven time and time again that they CANT PAY IT BACK!! They have gone bankrupt, what, three times now? MORE than that? And the worst part is... it's the government paying GM $30B with YOUR MONEY so they can just buy incinerators and dump the money in as soon as they get it. This will pay the workers until, uh, Friday? MY GOD!! DOESNT ANYONE SEE HOW WRONG THIS IS!?!? Why is Mr. Obama still giving them our money? and SOOO MUCH MONEY!!!! Dont give me any Union garbage, and any feel good -'keep people employed' b.s. YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT MR. OBAMA, step up to the plate and make sound investments with your people's money!!!!

Are we turning in a communist nation with this ideology?


He has single handedly put me, you, your bothers, sisters, all your friends in 60 thousand plus dollars in debt per PERSON in just the first few months of his presidency already. Which is only going to accumulate interest in the years to come. And once inflation hits were are in even worse shape. And believe you me, it will hit. He has but our government is such a compromising position that if Mr. Obama could potentially ended up downgrading the US Government sovreign credit rating. That would mean we have accumulating so much debt that we are no longer creditable to pay it back. No one, ever, in our history believed the government would default on a loan. T-bills, bonds, they all would lose their value. Right now both Moody's Investors and the Standard and Poors have the US government as the highest credit ranking possible. We have been considered one of the few financially strong nations in the world (AAA). The biggest mistake our current president could make would be to cause the US' rating to downgrade to AA. This would be the WORSE mistake in our history... we have to hope this doesn't occur. Because that $60k+ that each of us owe today, will turn into $600k because interest rates will be so high and the dollar will have virtually no value what so ever.


And all those democrats out there that dont want to upset the Unions. All those demarcates that make up the 30-40% of America that dont pay taxes... how can we get you to see what harm this president is putting our country in. And our future. And your kids future in this country. This president has transferred so much wealth in these 4 months he has been president than any president. And this is NOT right. America is a country where you should be rewarded for hard work. You should be able to start up a company in the hopes to provide for yourselves and earn a profit with a good business. This is not a country in which bad business is rewarded; this is not a country in which we pay able-bodied people to not work; This is a country that allows people who work hard to rise the top and should not have to give up 40% of their wealth to those who don't work as hard.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am still here

I have been absolutely awful at posting recently. 'Busy' just doesn't seem like a valid excuse anymore. But really, i cant think of another word. Last week i was on work travel for most of the week, this week is a short week, weekends are forever busy until after the wedding, can you blame me?

The last couple weeks have been sprinkled with wedding stuff (picking out and ordering wedding invitations, designing and ordering Save-the-Date magnets, pulling together guest lists, printing engagement pictures, scheduling the video, appointments, and god know what other little-less important things i have worked out in the between times). Other sprinkling includes travelling to Cleveland AND DC in the same week, and the beginning of the crazed budget formulation cycle here at work. I get into the work in the morning and when I think to open my blog my mind goes completely blank. It's like no brian waves are strong enough to start writing any kind of semblance.

But here I am, I suppose Ill give a little weekend update. I had friday off so i decided to go shopping and i ended up buying NOTHING. I wanted to find some cute summer dresses, i found none. Now is not the time to buy for summer because everything is marked up and so discouraging. When matt got off work we loaded up the car and drove to Cleveland for a couple days. I saw C and her boyfriend (who i LOVE) on Saturday afternoon at Blossomtime. We ate hot dogs, road the Ferris wheel, ate ice cream, walked. It was such a lovely afternoon and C is the most wonderful friend it is just a breath of fresh air being able to spend time with her. That night i went out to eat with my my parents at a new Cuban restaurant (YUM) and visited grandma. Always nice seeing her. Dad came back from Europe that afternoon on business so he was uncharacteristically tired. It was an early night. I Drove back to cinci Sunday, went to the the Taste of Cincinnati around 9:30, went swimming with Matt, called it an early night. Monday I woke up and worked out for 45 minutes, cut up some watermelon and headed over to the cookeout at Matt's parents. We visited Aunt Saucy who is back in the hospital, and had a whirlwind tour of both of our families. We got home late- around 9:15-- and ate some thai, and started to send out our STDs only to find ourselves in a huge blow out flight. And it all was over how to communicate our process of finalizing the guest list in conjunction with sending out the magnets. oy was it a firey fight. I would need a whole new post to go into details. So alas, here i am DEAD tired on a tuesday with few brain waves transmitting signals to actually get anything accomplished.

I suppose ill close on just a few highs to start the work week:
1) I am lucky that my future husband;s family is so loving and wonderful
2) The wedding is exactly 4 months from tomrorow
3) Matt still loves me no matter how firey our fights may be
4). Summer is here:)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Where did this month go?

Wow the entire month of may FLYYYYYING by, woooah! SLOW DOWN FOR A MINUTE!! It feels like yesterday I was reflecting on May flowers and the beginning of spring and summer, and already next weekend is Memorial Day. Life is so busy, but it's all so hazy. I am not sure i got a lot accomplished this month, i can barely tell you how the weekends went. This weekend Matt and I are celebrating our two year anniversary, he is taking me to the Waterfront (also the place we are having our rehearsal dinner). I am so excited! I think i am going to dress up a little bit, it will be nice. Tonight we are meeting up with some of Matt's friends north of town for a few hours, and then Sunday night I have to catch a flight to DC for a couple days. BUSY! This weekend is going to fly by... as usual.

If the next four months go as quickly as this month is, the wedding is going to be here in a flash! SLOW DOWN TIME!!!

Hopefully ill be able to post more soon...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Engagement Pictures are IN!

I suppose I could try to find a website to post all the pictures, i love the blogs that have a little slide show on the side-bar, but lets face it i have no idea how to do that nor do i have the time. Here is a sampling, we got a roll of 36. Now we need to find a good one for the newspaper, Save-The-Dates, and to hang-up up in our house:)

Getting these pictures was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I feel like I haven't posted in a while, last week was uneventful but o so busy at work. I was in training all last week without an ounce of time to do anything but work. On friday, we got out of training early and I went up to the old stomping grounds to meet with two old college friends. One who i havent seen since her wedding 3+ years ago. She live in Ft. Wayne... it was nice to walk around and spend some quality time with them. P (is actually in my wedding)

Here is a picture of the three of us in Humanities Plaza-- a popular place on campus to hangout on a nice day. One of the things that hasnt changed a bit.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:15 to meet J and A (also in my wedding) at 5:40 at Perkins to head out the Harsha Lake. There we were to volunteer as Dock Masters for the scholastic regatta, a huge regatta with over 2500 crews. Waking up that early + standing on a dock yelling at rowers for 6.5 hours = one exhausted girl. I didnt do much Saturday night, and sunday matt and I spent the day at his parents washing out my car, playing with odie, and hanging out with the family.

Lots on my mind right now, ill try to start posting a little more. I feel out of touch. Hopefully it will be a good week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome May

May 1st. Hello, May. I cant believe you are here already! I cant believe almost 5 months have passed since i got engaged, I cant believe the cold weather is pretty much behind us now, I just cant believe it's May. In my head May is the start of summer. And once summer starts, fall is next. And fall is the season of the wedding.


I seem to be in La la land when it comes to realizing that i actually MUST start doing something. I always feel bad talking about the wedding because i havent really done much lately. People ask me about it and in my head i am thinking ' you really dont give two shits.' I admit, the people around me are polite. I recognize the courtesy.

I have some big things i gotta do now too. Like order invitations. Figure out the wording. Bicker with my mother also falls on the list. I know these things are meaningless, but for some reason i wish the process was simpler. It most definitely is not. We also need to finalize the guest list. Matt has done nothing. We also need to order our favors. O ya, WE ALSO NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TIME THE WEDDING IS!!! This above all things is stressing me out. Due to time constraints I dont believe we have time for a receiving line. The wedding starts at 2, we need to be out by 3:30. Which gives us a half hour for pictures in the church. My mom says we MUST have a receiving line. Or we move the wedding up to 1:30. I don't want to move it to 1:30 because since people may be travelling that morning, I feel like 2pm is a lot more comfortable if you are driving from cleveland. My mom and I already had a fights about it. I don't know what to do.

This decision needs to be made before i cant print the invitations.

I need to order the invitations soon.

But back to May. I do love May. The flowers, the warm but not hot weather, the longer days. Time is just flying too fast. I need to slow down and take the time to enjoy things. Slow down, but not ignore my ever-growing to-do list. I hope this weekend in DC with my family isnt stressful. I cant only imagine what kind of arguments are waiting in the wings.

Enjoy the first weekend of May. It supposed to rain all weekend..... hopefully the forecast changes a little brighter.