Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mid month overview...

I had a four day weekend and I am back to work today. I should be thrilled to start the week on a Tuesday but alas i am only more tired and less motivated than ever.  I haven't posted in a while so let me recap some of the highlights of this month to far....

- Girls dinner at champs with J and S to meet up and catch up
- Pizza night with E, C, J, C and hanging out
- Hanging out wht B and A for dinner at their house
-Spending time with my sister in law and watching my Godson climb up the slide and down the slide all by himself
-Going to spinning classes
- Meeting up with my parents and having good conversation with a good dinner in Columbus
-The first book club meeting
-Trying out our new juicer for the first time with tangerines and apples

Things i am looking forward to this month:
-Seeing my best friend next weekend
-Going to the Thank You Party and hearing M sing
-Going to spinning classes
-Seeing Burn the Floor with J &A
-Catching up with J &A
- GOING TO VEGAS for alll FUN with the fam
-Going to see Jersey Boys in Vegas
- Going to a nice dinner in Vegas with my brothers/sister-in laws.

Things not so great this month
-Getting weird blood work results back from my first Physical in many, MANY years
- Having our microwave crap out on us this weekend(making it the 3rd built in appliance in our kitchen to break in the last year)

I guess not a lot of 'not so great' things happening. I feel so busy, all the weekends seem so packed. And I know in the next few months with all the weddings i have this year, all the wedding related activities (shows, b-parties, etc) will only add up even more.  The entire month of may is insane. O the costs of boarding my dog will make my head! (poor ode!). I only see a couple of work trips in the next quarter. One trip to DC and one trip to New Orleans. Both not looking so bad (both 3-4 days each).  Things are good i think.... and we are still only in January (THANK GOSH!)

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts of Babies

Isnt there a name for it? When you think about having babies a lot? What is that called?  I cant think of it, but boy do i have it bad.  I am not quite sure what has changed since even before the new year, but something definitely has.  I haven't really talked about it at all outwardly,  it feels awkward to say it out loud. In fact, i dont think i have said anything to anyone besides, well, Matt.

On my down time i work i find myself looking at my old HS friends facebook pictures, two of which had thier first child in the last couple months. I found myself looking at their baby room pictures, their pregnancy pictures, thier holiday pictures of 'baby's first Christmas.' What has gotten into me!?!?! Then i start thinking of what i would do for a baby room, and then what month of the year the baby's birthday would be depending on the time if i where to get pregnant, what social events i have (weddings, trips, work engagements, etc) during specific times of the year and how far along i would be. WHAT HAS gotten into me!?!?!

I really dont know where and when I felt the shift... or if this is just a passing thing. Usually when i have a glimmer of the idea pop into my head, it easily escapes depending on who i recently spend time with. I thought i would definitely lose the feeling after being around my family for multiple days in a row... I usually lose the feeling when i am around people who dont talk about it or it was never a topic of conversation.  Mostly my friends and my family.  But the funny thing is, i cant think of a few friends who babies are also on their mind now..... which makes me thing i may not be a lone... One of of the biggest adverse influences on my thoughts before were the fact that i would be alone since no one  i know really closely of my friends will be having babies.  But now i think of who my really good friends are and i can name a bunch who could be pregnant or have a child within the next 12-24 months.... A, J, S, J, T, maybe even F, ... who knows who else?

I have also probably come to realize that the big adverse idea is the least of my problems.... because the friends i think of first are really there for me no matter how much my schedule changes... and my life.  I need to stop cramming the square peg in to the round hole.... its just not worth it anymore.   I found myself reading websites and searching for sites for 'how do you know you are ready to have a baby'.... And instead of being scared away by it-- like it ordinarily would have--- i reaffirmed my new thoughts.

And re-affirmed my thoughts that 'are my friends ready for me to have a baby' shouldn't even be in the consideration set.  AND if roles were reversed-- which often they are--- i  would be THRILLED for any of my other friends to have a baby... i know the feeling would be shared. Especially those i find the closest to me now.

So then, Monday afternoon after work i found myself in the conversation about babies with Matt..... Now, i knew there would be no revelations since i know Matt has been ready for babies for years and years now. He told me-- as he has said once to me before--- that he knew he wanted kids early in life. Especially with his heart, and the various conditions that run in his family, that he knew he wanted to share the joy as early as possible to have the experience as long as possible since he has no idea how long he would be on this earth. That is truly inspiring, I love him for his reasons. And it is confirmed every time i see him with babies and kids of all ages. He lights up.

And then we talked about how we could not be more ready now too. We have been together for over 4 years, we are stable and comfortable in our own skin and in our marriage. We are financially stable and comfortable to afford the growing expenses that this wouldn't cause added stress.  We have HUGELY supportive families, our friends will be great, and we are at the right age to START the stage of our life.  And when I think about our daily life i lead with Matt, we really are ready to have a new addition. We do so much together with our free time, i am only imagining the possibilities of the enriched life we would with a third to share in it.

WOW. I had a lot to say i guess..... I hope there isnt another shift. I have a feeling about 2011 and the changing that will come in the new year.  I dont know whats in store for me, but I am doing my darnedest to keep an open mind about it all.  But i do have a feeling of excitement right now that i cant seem to kick out of my head... it's strange and new, and something i am not familiar with.....

God only knows that in store for us......

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Happy New Year! Wow i cant believe it's already 2011! Last year, 2010, happened so fast and it was chalk full of ups and downs. Overall it was a good year, but it was a tough follow-up to the exciting and eventful 2009. But such is life, and alas we arrive at the entry way of 2011. Gosh it sounds weird to say.

My New Years Eve was a much different pace this year; no friends around, no wild drinking activities, no late night-- just a casual evening with my whole family in Cincinnati. We cooked a nice dinner that included filet minion that Matt cooked to perfection, and drank some great wine my parents brought back from Italy. It was relaxing, not stressful, and well rested. The fam stayed the whole weekend and we went to the aquarium, the movies, the outlets/ Traders World, Jungle Jims and out to dinner with matt's parents and brother. It was nice, busy, not a bad way to kick off the new year.

I am anxious to see what this year has in store for us! I say that because as i kick off the new week of the new year i am full of anticipation... a new exciting feeling. I am not sure i felt this last year, but i do this year. I have a lot to look forward to in the next few months. And when i think about it, i know the months will fly by and before i know it will be over.  Time sure has a funny way about it.  Just this month we have my dad's highly anticipated Thank You party and the last weekend of hte month is VEGAS again but this time with Matt's family... which i know will be super fun.  And lets not fail to mention ALL the weddings we have coming up this year- and of course the travel involved since i dont know of any that are in town yet. May will be particularly busy since we have two weddings (both out of town) and a week vacation on the Oasis of the Seas with both my family AND Matt's family, AND his aunt and cousin. Lots of fun will be had.

I think this will be the year of great friendships instead of stress-- i have come to know who some of the really cherished people are in my life... Especially those who are brand new to my life and have become irreplaceable. Some of my most favorite memories of last year were with the E and C, and C and J-- Matt's old friends and my new friends. Who knew that would happen? This gives me a feeling of hope and excitement coming into this new year. I cant wait for all the great memories in store for us!

I also have resolutions to work out more regularly.And i  know i said this last year, but i hope Matt joins me in a new routine. It would be great to share a common goal again....Last year i was unsuccessful, I'm not even sure if matt went with me one time, but i sure hope something shifts this year.  Maybe we can try eating healthier, after all Matt did get a juicer for Christmas this year.

Lots of things to keep me looking up, good things are in store for us this year. I hope i look back at this post on January 1, 2012 with a smile....because things will be different this year.

Happy NEW year, and welcome to the new start!