Friday, May 27, 2011

A rather revealing update

So it's been a long time secret, or well, at least it feels like it's been an incredibly long time. Over eight weeks, and last week the doctor said the world can finally know.... I am pregnant! Yep, almost 12 weeks this weekend which means almost out of hte first trimester. Last week on Friday i had my first ultrasound and the doctor said i am out of the woods as far as risks of miscarrying or bad complications, so we are slowly telling the world. A lot of my extended family doesn't know yet, and gobs of my friends don't know although a few of the closest new when i found out. I told my boss on Monday before i went on a business trip this week and she was insanely supportive. I have an incredible boss.  My family and Matt's family both know and they are really excited, in fact incredibly supportive and that makes the process a rather enjoyable one. Although sometimes scary and disbelieving, but it's definitely been a trip. And to think i still have two more trimesters to go.

It feels a little weird writing about it, it feels weird telling people in general since it's been such a huge secret. In fact, when i tell people i barely understand the words coming out of my mouth since Ive been trying to hide when it's a HUGE part of what i think about every day. I told a couple co-workers on Monday and they were UNBELIEVABLY amazing. In fact, they made me feel so good and accepted and supported, i don't think they will ever know how they made me feel.  None of my college friends know, not sure when they will find out. It's kind of sad that they were such a big part of my life and now in this life changing part they have no idea. It's weird to think about. But that's the crazy thing about this world and the short time we have on it, you can never predict what's in store for us.

But this year will be full of changes that is for sure. My due date by the calendar is December 10th, but in my last ultrasound the doctor said the baby looked a little small so  i have another scan today to get a better idea of the baby's age and due date. I cant wait! I am worried it will be too close to Christmas, but whatever date they give me the little nugget when come whenever it's ready to come no matter what. 

It's crazy to think about how much my life will change in just a few short month. It's going to be weird to look back on these days and try to think about how life was without this little person, but we cant wait.  Slowly people will start finding out, its fun to hear the reactions.  I haven't made any kind of public announcement about it, maybe next week or so, but things are changing.....

Things are definitely changing.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick, SHORT, post

Well the one thing slacking in my life, besides my workout routine and my diet, is THIS BLOG. Man i have been bad about writing. And it's definitely not because I have nothing to say, THERE IS A LOT to say.  Just cant say it all write now, and i dont have any time. Without going into details, a few highlights of hte last few weeks include a great relaxing vacation, emily's wedding, seeing by best friend, some quality time with Matt, seeing something borrowed with the girls, and sleeping a LOT.  Here;'s a couple pictures to pass the time...