Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dear Chris- month 5.5

Dear Christopher-- 

It's almost you half birthday- where has the time gone? I seem like a broken record saying that, but babyhood really does go by too fast.   You are right on the mark when it comes to hitting all your milestones- if not early.  You can sit up on your own pretty well, daddy calls you a level 1 sitter because sometimes if you turn your head you lose your balance and you tumble over. But in usual Chris fashion, you just go with the flow. In the next week you will be sitting by yourself almost completely unassisted. You have a strong core, you’ve always seem to be able to prop yourself up and hold position that appear to take a lot of strength. You love to be on your belly and generally speaking if we lay you down on your back it is just a matter of seconds before you are on your belly exploring what is in front of you.

You are fascinated by hands and just like your big brother, you have a very haptic nature.   You grab and examine everything we hand you. Keeping it in your hands for more than a minute or two can be a challenge, but you reach for it when your drop it now.   You also respond when we talk to you and you turn to look at us when we talk.  You are very alert and responsive, and so quick to smile when we see you.  Your smile melts hearts and I simply cannot get enough it.

Recently we have tried offering you some oats cereal since you are getting old enough to start solid foods now. But you wanted to no part of it. You don’t have any teeth yet, and really you aren’t showing many signs of teething yet either.  In the next few weeks maybe we will do some more experiments with cereal and other foods. You go to the doctor at the end of the month and I am sure she will give us the green light to start all kinds of stuff with you.  I can't wait to watch you explore it all. And I am sure Nick will love helping you. He loves you so much and always wants to share and assist you when you are upset.  He hugs and kisses you all the time, and judging by how you respond to him—you absolutely cannot get enough of him either. I can't wait to watch you both grow into such good friends.

I don’t know if it runs in the family, but both of my boys have been big poopers. I don’t know if it’s the diapers, but blowouts are a weekly (sometimes daily occurrence) for us. How does it happen? And how is it possible you can be so unphased by  it!?! You have a go-with-the-flow demeanor about you, you can be covered in poop and when we go to pull off your clothes you just smile and carry on like it’s no big deal.   Babyhood is so carefree, and you personify it perfectly.   You are so loving and lovable, I could smuggle and gaze into your beautiful blue eyes and brighten up the darkest of days.
This month you have been out with us on fun trips to Kings island, weddings, clam bakes, barbeques, family outings and been a joy though all of it. Can't wait for the weather to get even warmed and get you in the pool and do more fun outdoor stuff with your big brother.  So much to look forward too! Thank you for being such a beautiful and adorable little soul—inside and out. You are addictive and I am so thankful you bring so much joy into our lives. Can't wait to see what is in store for us next month.

Love you to the moon and back little peanut.