Monday, August 22, 2011

Good weekend and Update

I cant believe we are practically in the doorway of September! We are almost within 3 months of my due date, TIME is going by so quickly!!  It's the last three months as a family of two, and gosh we cant wait to meet this little guy! This past weekend at our friends J and S's couple shower really got us looking forward to what's to come for us.  Although  it did make me feel a little ill-prepared considering S really has it together. And everything is all set up in their nursery and they have practically everything they need. And the due date is only ONE month ahead of mine.  But i know we will get it done, i just don't like stressing about it.

We did go to BuyBuyBaby this weekend to look at furniture-- they are INCREDIBLY helpful in that store. Way more helpful than Babies R Us, but the selection can feel overwhelming to some. On the other hand the sales people are so knowledgeable about their products and can answer just about any question you throw at them. And their customer service is impeccable.  They are associated with BedBath&Beyond, so that gives you a little indication. We didn't want to register there because i think there are only 2 locations in Ohio, and that makes it a little difficult since all of our family and friends are spread ALL over the state. But we did pick out a crib that we both really liked, that had good reviews, and the sales person who helped us gave us good input to make us feel informed about our choice.  Now we just need to find changing table and a dresser (that will look good together).  O ya, and actually purchase the crib.  I hope we do that right after we get back vacation.

I am sad to see this weekend come and go, but it was filled with all kinds of highlights!  And a few little things that made me feel really loved (and made the baby feel really loved!).  So in no particular order:

  • Getting an email from my boss on Friday night with a list of names from her two SONS  that they brainstormed for possible baby boy names. ( I LOVE getting this kind of stuff!)
  • Seeing S so cute and pregnant this weekend, and getting all kinds of excitement from our friends at the shower this weekend.
  • Opening a present from S this weekend congratulating me on Baby BOY  with a really cool gadget in there. a Bib drying rack (an invention from a friend/SAHM/engineer) some bibs, a cute little onsie and a candy bar
  • Seeing E this weekend and catching up with her. It's nice that she always makes time for me, she is such a good friend. And she surprised me with a bunch of cute little baby boy newborn outfits! The first outfits for the little guy, and they are all ADORABLE! It was SO sweet and SOO generous!
  • Getting as little gift wrapped present from my boss in blue tissue paper with 2 books inside it. Two books that she loved and read to her two sons. One is even about having a little boy. I thought the gesture was so incredibly thoughtful. I love those kinds of things, and it was really sweet she thought of me.
  • Having help from CV and CB this weekend as Matt starting re-doing almost all of our flower beds. And CV was incredible, he got us plants for cost from JJ and even delivered them to our house AND spent like 7 hours at our house yesterday pulling up our beds and helping us plant.
We have some amazing friends! And it seems like i am getting exciting news about more of them having babies right now, and how fun will it be to have them all grow up together!  There is so much in store for us, cant wait to see!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The first Baby surprise

I guess the one thing about having kids are all the surprises that come with the package. I guess i just thought about this, that as they grow older they are continuously surprising you with what they know and what they can do.  It's probably one heck of a journey! But now that i write that, the first surprise came on Monday when we had our 20 week anatomy scan  *although, it was 23 weeks+ for us* and we found out if the little person inside of me is a little girl or a little boy.... and the surprise is....


I definitely was surprised!  My coworker Jon told me NOT to find out, that is all part of the fun and anticipation.   But really, it's just one of the many surprises that we get to have. And the day that the baby comes is an entirely great surprise all in itself... so why NOT get an additional day of surprise out of the experience?  I was thinking it was  girl, but i guess subconsciously expecting a boy... if that makes sense. Maybe because growing up there were a lot of girls around, my parent's friend's kids were mostly girls... i have more girl cousins than boy cousins.... the list goes on.   But Matt comes from a long line of the exact opposite.  But the cards fell and the verdict was a baby boy. The more i think about it, i think it's great to have at least one boy in the family. I always wanted an older brother-- and i think the oldest child has personality characteristics (generally speaking) that might fit better with a boy.  Plus,  I cant wait to go to baseball games or soccer games, whatever sporting events that come out way. Maybe this kiddo will play HS football, who doesn't love going to HS football games?  I know we have lots of new and fun experiences ahead of us.

I am also happy to know that my friend S is also expecting a baby boy on month before us-- so it's fun we already know the kiddo has some friends. Matt's cousin is expecting a little one in March, and our friends B and A are also expecting in March-- i hope they have boys too! 
 I guess it's time to bring on the BLUE!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

There are the good days, and then there are the bad

Today started off as a bad day..... And yes, those days usually fall far between to the good days. But the bad ones sure are a struggle.  We had a perfectly nice evening last night, we met our friends J and D for dinner at Brazenhead in Mason and had a nice night with them. We drove back in some bad storms but it was still a good night. Then i went to bed and i haven't been able to click back into gear since. I woke up around 2am- of course, having to go to the bathroom, i went downstairs to get a snack and a drink then go right back to sleep. But I couldn't fall back asleep. I wasn't uncomfortable, i just had severe insomnia. I couldnt turn off my brain.  I was thinking about the baby's room, and where to re-arrange all oue stuff in our small house. I was thinking about all the things we need to do. I was thinking that i didn't like it how i have to ask my husband to things he doesn't take initiative by himself. I was thinking about how i dont like my body image right now. I dont feel like a cute pregnant person, i just feel big.  I am not so happy in my job right but but i feel stuck. I go to work the clock seems to tick by, i haven't felt happy and fulfilled at work in a long time. I didnt want to go into the office today. I took a really long shower last night and all i was doing was stewing about how i am doing an accountants job for one item on my plate and that i am sick of being a good performer.  Why don't people do their jobs?   It doesn't make me happy to think of these things.

And when i woke up this morning, Matt hadn't cleaned up the living room that i JUST cleaned up and dusted and vacuumed 24 hours before. He had papers and stuff all over the place for the tractor stuff he has been working on last night. AND i specifically asked him before i went to bed if he couldn't straighten everything back up before he went to bed.   Then i proceeded to ask him about the nursery and tell him what i was thinking to re-arrange and he wanted nothing to do with it. But i have been thinking about it for the last 2 hours in the middle of the night.  He wanted to leave the office and combine it with our guest room. And we have NO room anywhere. We need to ditch the office and just have a guest room. So then we got into a HUGE argument in the car about how i don't want a filing cabinet and our useless printer in our guest room. And i just said, fine, Ill do everything myself since all he does is road block and offer no advice. I am still upset about it. WE have no room in our house!  I don't know where we are going to put everything. Our bedrooms are so small.  I am stressed thinking about it, and it's putting back into a slump writing about it.   I don't know what to do. 

Today is a struggle for me. And it doesn't help that i have back to back two-hour meetings from 9am until 1pm today... when i usually eat lunch around 11:30.  I know i will be tired and hungry.  I am tired already this morning, SO tired actually. How will i muster through the rest of the day with this mentality and feeling like this. On top of feeling not so great about myself in general right now.  Today is a hard day.
I can only hope that tomorrow is better.

It has to be.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick update and SHARK WEEK!

It's been a busy week but i don't feel like i have much to show for it. It seemed to go fast though and that is always nice. I had some good walks with Matt this week after work and even ate some delicious new meals from the book What to Expect When You're Expecting: Eating Well When Your Expecting. There aren't a ton of recipes in there, but there is enough variety that you can fill a week or a few days with interesting recipes. Matt really liked what we had on Wednesday, i cant remember the entire recipe but basically it was:
Cook chicken breasts sliced.
In a pan cook tomatoes, shallots, garlic, and spinach until soft. Add back in the chicken. Then boil some rotini (whole wheat or reduced carbs pasta) and add some mozzarella and Parmesan to the pasta after its cooked and drained. Then mixed everything together. You wonder where the sauce is, but you don't need it. O ya, and top off witha little salt and pepper and lemon zest-- the entire meal is packed with delicious flavor! Matt loved it.

Another highlight this week is that it is SHARK WEEK! One of my most favorite weeks of the year!! I love that matt and i watch together most nights, every show is SO good! For some reason i thought last year had more new shows instead of just a new one at 9pm (and sometimes 10pm), but i still re-watched the shows ive seen already. I love sharks!

This weekend we are having dinner with B & A tonight. I am excited to see them, A just found out she is expecting and i know she has been trying for a while. I am excited to share this experience with her. It will be fun tonight! Saturday we have a wedding to go to, and Sunday hopefully Matt and I can be productive. There are a bunch of big items we need to purchase in the coming months that we are saving for. Among the big items include: A new (or used) SUV for Matt, bedroom dresser, nursery furniture. This stuff can add up. It would be nice to purchase some of these items before we actually NEED them, to reduce the outflow of cash all at once. But we'll see how it goes!

Thank gosh it's Friday! More next week!