Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Nick- Month 24 (2 years)

Dear Nick-- We celebrated your two year birthday just a couple weeks ago, I cant believe how the time has past. You are now a BIG BROTHER!! And a spectacular one, too. You have made being a mom of two an absolute joy... and I love watching you love on your little brother Chris. You give him hugs and kisses multiple times a day, tell me when he is crying, want to watch his diaper changes, participate in his baths, and lay on the floor with him on his jungle matt. It's so adorable! And the look chris gives you when he can see you eye to eye...I know he is going to really look up to you when he grows older. And there is so much to look up, too.

You are really flourishing into a beautiful person. You are very kind and gentle. You play really well with other kids, you seem so social. And you are also very smart. YOu are great and putting together puzzles, sorting, matching, and figuring things out. You LOVE trains. It's by far your biggest source of joy these days... and frustration. When the track breaks and the longest train cant go through the tunnel without 'fall tack' -- translation' falling off the track.' But what can you expect. I am constantly hearing 'help you' because you want us to 'help you.' In fact, you are saying it right now as I am trying to write this to you. And you carry every single one of the train cars over to me.

Your vocabulary is astounding to us... and you seem to acquire words overnight and all of a sudden you say words I didn't even know you knew. And they are clear as day. You continue to excel in your physical abilities too. You can throw and kick balls as accurate as someone five times your age. Oh and should I start on your singing? It's probably the cutest thing ever. You single 'tinkle little star' your 'abcs' and 'happy birth oo you'' with 'aandles'. but if it's a song you don't like you tell us immediately to 'stoppit!" YOu request Barbara Ann every time we put you in the car, and we MUST play it over and over again because you will continue to ask us. I am teaching you all kinds of chrismas songs now, too, and you love the Santa Claus is coming to town song. Although you really are not a fan of santa at all. He came to see everyone on thanksgiving this year and you wanted no part of him. You know exactly who he is and what he does, but really, he doesn't look like someone you want to be around. He is no Grandpa Bob... you are love struck for him.

I am loving being on maternity leave and getting to spend every day with you. You show me new things every day. You are the quintessential toddler in my opinion, and I watch you every day and just look at you in awe. I am so lucky I get to be your mommy because you are one heck of a kid. I love how exciting you get for such benign things, I cant help but get excited too. Whether it's running around and sneaking up on you before bath times, or getting ready to watch your new train set go down the next hill... it's a thrill to be around you. I love it when you look at us and tilt our chin down and look up at me and say 'ready?' and in all seriousness before the excitement about what's coming next. It's how I feel about you and the joy you are going to bring to your growing family . Thank you for being you, and happy birthday my sweet little bear. We love you so much.

  Love, Mommy