Friday, February 18, 2011

A brief peak into spring

I havent written in a long time, I havent had much motivation and i really dont have much motivation right now either. But it's been a full month so i figured i say something. Although a lot has been happening on the work front- ups and downs-- the best thing happening right now is the weather. I am looking out my office window, somewhat smelling the fresh flowers i inherited from my coworkers from valentines day, and enjoying the sunshine knowing it;s over 60 degrees outside right now. Now i know winter isn't over yet, but this is a much, MUCH needed relief from the cold and gloom.

I finally caught some sort of cold that seems to be developing since last night. I went to my coworker's, L's, gym last night to her workout class, lifted some weights and today i feel stuffy and weak. Hopefully i am only weak due to the weight lifting and not something flu oriented. But i must say i have resisted the multiple ailments matt's entire family has gotten over the last month. Every time i see them someone is sick, or throwing up, or sneezing, or oozing some sort of mucus. TOo much information?
Hopefully whatever i have passes quickly.

I am going out of town for work next week for a few days.
Not too much planned this weekend besides helping M move and seeing my parents.  But i need to savor the free time because March is looking busy. And once April comes and goes May has no free time whatsoever. But i got to live each day, day by day.