Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dear Chris (month 4.5)

My Dearest Christopher--

You are my little sunshine! I don't think I have ever met a happier baby than you (well, during the daylight hours). You are so full of life and so vibrant.... you smile just looking at us. And your love for your older brother is beyond words. I cant imagine you needing anything else in this world besides your brother on sad day because he seems to brighten your world any minute of the day. And I think the feeling is reciprocated, he seems to do anything for you and without pause will run to you and give you a kiss, or a hug, or just a pat if you need it.

You rolled over for me already which is amazing considering you are in the 90% percentile for your size. You definitely feel big at over 18lbs, but boy are your cheeks still completely and utterly adorable. You can grab and reach for things now, which makes the play mat and other rattles and toys accumulated even more interesting to you now. You can also stand up and play in your jumperoo and your johnny jump up we have hanging in our doorway. This will make preparing meals a lot easier now if you don't need to be held all the time. You are certainly attached to me-- but I cant blame you, I cant stand to be away from you either. I think this might play into some rough bed time routines right now (or lack there of)... but we'll get there.

You seem to be thriving at daycare and your brother loves to help with your drop off by putting your bottles away. I love to see you at the end of the day because your smiles are ever present.  You have always loved your baths and are pretty easy going in general. You take after your brother in the BM department though, blowouts and frequent outfit changes are a regular occurrence for us.  But in standard form you just go with the flow no matter what. This has made the last  four plus months with you so easy going,... from taking you to family events, bday parties, playdates, neighbors houses, you are a happy baby and love to be held no matter who is it and I love that about you.

I cant wait for the warmer weather and outside fun you will have this summer with Nick. I love our new little family of four and you have brought more happiness into this family than you will ever know. I just love you so much and enjoy every minute watching you grow. Thank you for being you, I love you so much little one. Cant wait to see what next month brings.