Monday, October 19, 2009

It's been a while

So i tried to get to this web page this morning to write a few things but it was blocked. If my work IT folks but a block on this page I have a sad feelings that my updates will be much fewer and farther between (than they already are). I really hope that doesnt happen, I want to write more. It's been a while since i have posted, it mostly because I wanted to write about wedding stuff but it almost feels like I didnt know where to start. Plus, i didnt have a lot of pictures to share. And probably most of all, it felt like the wedding happened and then quickly after we whisked away to Hawaii and had so much to do and see it was like the wedding was a distant event, didnt it really even happen? On top of this, the whole day was so blurry really. I know i remember so many moments, and i piece it all together, it's almost hard to figure out how it all went. What do i say and where do i start?

It sounds so selfish but i got the most out of hearing what people had to tell me about it. Really, because it was a chance for me to step back and see how it really went. And it sounds like all the guest loved it. I suppose they wouldn't tell me they didn't like anything, but i have been hearing a lot of great things from my friends and family. About the food, the big band, the church, my dress, everything really. Apparently it all went off without a hitch. Of course, as the bride, i could tell you a couple things that didnt go as planned, but overall apparently it was great!! And looking at my friend's and family's pictures it really brought a whole bunch a memories about how it really was!! And it was one of the best days! I was so happy and in the pictures I seem to have been just beaming. And my bridesmaids. O my bridesmaids-- they all looked UNBELIEVABLE!!! I think they all looked one of the prettiest ever. I couldn't have been standing next to better people. And they were all rocks for me that morning, and the weeks leading up to it. And always willing to help with anything. And matt was adorable, and loving, and perfect as always. I will get some of my professional pictures in the next few weeks. When i got those I will post and write a full recap.

Life has remained busy now that is it post-wedding. But enjoyable because now there are no deadlines, no stress, we can just enjoy each other. We have slowed our lives, ive wanted to hang some pictures and organize the office some, but we havent really gotten to that stuff since before the wedding. There has, of course, been some administrative stuff surrounding marriage that has occupied us. Changing my name, and the name on all my accounts, insurance, beneficiaries, etc. It's been bearable though. We've been spending lots of time together every evening, especially now that we started watching Lost now too. We went camping with some friends this weekend that was a breath of fresh air. Literally and figuratively. We are catching back up and married life it so good.

There have been a couple interesting occurrences. One specifically last night. When we called Duke Energy to come out to see if we had a gas leak in one of our lines downstairs. Turns out nothing significant downstairs, except our gas stove had a major leak. They turned the gas off to it and it's not usable until the regulator is replaced. Hopefully it's only the regulator. We are going ot get that fixed very soon hopefully. Having the Gas and Electric company come out at 8pm on a Sunday night to sniff around with a detector always makes for an eventful evening. Life is perfect right now though. Ill write more soon hopefully.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

IM BACKK!!!!! Quick wedding update but not much else

Today is my first day back at work from the BEST honeymoon in hawaii and the most beutifully perfect wedding i could have ever asked for!!! Wow, it seems like it happened in a blink of an eye, i barely remember the details and the little things and all the magical moments that seems to pass so quickly. It was truely the best day.

I dont have much time, i already have a huge and pressing deadline today at work, i cant believe it. I just wanted a quiet day to catch up. But here are a few candid snapshots i pulled from facebook this morning of the wedding. Ill post some professional pictures once i get them, i CANNOT wait to see those.

Ill post more details about the wedding and honeymoon soon... until then: