Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Father...

So last night with met with our Priest Fr. K and I absolutely LOVE him! Yes, his homilies are excellent and everyone i know who has witness one of his officiated weddings they said he was great. But actually sitting down with him in the office wearing his shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops I love him even more!

Getting ready to meet with him was quite funny; i think i changed my clothes three times. I even made matt change a couple times because i thought his shirt was too wrinkly. Then i made sure we were NOT late, the last thing id want was starting off with him on the wrong foot! But we got there and he was so welcoming and he made us laugh and feel totally comfortable. It's like right off the bat he knew we were good for each other.

One of the things he told us was he is not there to 'prepare us for marrage,' this is something we have been doing our entire lives. He had so many neat and interesting things to say, one of which was when he asked us why we wanted to marry the person sitting next to us. Matt had so many sweet and loving things to say ( i had almost as good of things to say... matt sometimes has a way with his words). What Fr. K said was this: that as we live our lives together these things we said about each other will not be the same reasons why we stay married in the future. What a cool thing to think about. I almost wish we could have tape recorded this conversation so we can play it back to each other in 10-15 years.

Overall i left the meeeting really excited about working with him a few more times before the wedding; he is really fun to talk and really relatable. You wouldn't imagine this with a preist. This preist is actually quite young and, really the best word to descibe him, is kinda 'cool.' He was in Cincinnati Magazine last week as one of the cities most interesting people. He has quite a lot of accomplishments already and he is only 39! Earlier this year he was also in the Business Courier's Top Fourty Under Fourty... he has such a neat life. Driving home matt and I were talking about how we want him to become the Pope in like 30 year or something.... wouldnt it be awesome to be able to say the Pope married us!?!

We left with a bundle of information and lots of stuff to talk about. We did take that compatibility test but as you read the questions they are only for those 'red flagged' marriages. Like: Do you feel you future spouse is abusive, or is there certain financial habits your future spouse has that worry you? And one of my favorites, Are there certain homosexual tendencies your future spouse has that may cause a problem in your future ? REALLY? And I bet people have agree to these statements before or else WHY WOULD THEY ASK THEM? I think we are good.

We also arranged an appointment with the Music Director and got a paper to start planning our readings/readers for the ceremony. Some of the other questions involved like who is walking down with the Mothers? Where do the attendants stand? What order will they come down? How do we want to be introduced?
WHERE IS THE USER MANUAL FOR THESE THINGS!?!? Gosh, i have no idea! There is one person I have in mind that I would like to ask to be a part of the ceremony, matt has 2... I've already asked one. it's going to be interesting how we decide on these things.

Alright enough wedding talk... on to ther things in life.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding preparation and the Catholic Church

Today is our first meeting with our priest, Fr. K and I am very excited for some reason. Perhaps excited with anticipation more than anything to see what its going to be like. This is the one time in my life we go through these kind of 'ritualistic' preparation before the wedding. I hear we are taking the 'compatibility inventory' this evening. I have no idea what to expect.

Most of me is not worried at all, I know matt and I are compatible and we have been together long enough that we can answer any question correctly about each other without a second thought. In Matt's head, he thinks the purpose of these meetings are for those couples who are young and clearly have issues with divorce written all over them. I respect the Catholic church for focusing on each couple to guide them in the path away from divorce. Matt's boss was planning a wedding in early june and after his meetings with the priest it was called off. I dont believe they ended their relationship, but the church allowed them to take a step back and wait until they were "a little more ready." I do not believe such case will happen for us, but it hopefully will make us stronger.

I have had a lot of things on my mind,things that may come up in the inventory and thing that may not. Kids, health, wealth, ambition.... deep things i suppose. OF course, nothing negative but things that are important. I am thinking about how different my life is going to be in the next few years now that i going to be married. I know matt wants kids sooner than later-- so i can see us starting a family in the next few years. These last few summers will be the end of an era, an era that allows matt and I to pick up and go whenever we want, be spontaneous, spent money a little more relaxed... these Christmas's coming up will be the last few just the two of us. This phase in my life will be just a small blip in the greater picture. It's wierd to think about.

I worry about our healths, and I try to eat healthy so matt and I can stay strong and live very very long lives. I haven't been sleeping very well at night and I reeally really wished i did. I dont know how to change this. I wake up multiple times every night. The fact that i wake up stresses me out more than actually waking up. I dont feel rested in the morning, in fact i feel worse than had i gotten LESS hours but more consecutive sleep. I am trying SO hard to get into shape for the wedding, working out five days a week (and i have kept it up for over 2 weeks now) but the sleeping issue is holding me back. In fact, when i think about it makes me so angry!

Although overall reflecting upon the Now I am happy. I am really trying to enjoy this time in my life because when i look back everything happens so quick. I cannot wait to have a bigger house, kids running around in the back yard, family vacations with little ones- craft projects, homework help, and all the fun things that get bundled with the package. This is a short time in my life, I am very luck to have what I have.... above all else, I have lots and lots of love in my life. And I am lucky.

three things:
1) I love my fiancee very very much
2) we are so lucky our future in-laws are so 'normal' and love us very much
3) we are blessed with lots of luxuries right now, and lots of good friends

Monday, June 15, 2009

few complaints this week...

Believe it or not I actually created a multi-paragraph post last week... but got so busy I never finished it and then eventually it was forgotten about. Ill try again this week. Life is BUSY. But good. My only complaint right now is how poorly ive been sleeping the last couple of weeks.... i just want to rest threw the night and wake-up refreshed. I havent had that feeling in quiet some time..... I reeeally need it.

Other than this complaint, i have maintained a pretty positive outlook and attitude towards everything lately. I have kept myself busy and have spent a lot of time with friends in the past week. Last week I went to Wine Down Wednesday and spent 3-4 hours sitting outside Indigo's in Covington drinking wine with the Ks and LOVED every minute of it. The balance of the week and weekend also turned out quite nicely i might add. Friday night I went out to dinner and some bars with 4 of my girl friends (most of whom never go out together but they all happen to be free and 3 of the 4 actually are my bridesmaids). It was a good night. Saturday morning Matt and I went boating all day with his friend J and R. ALl dayy boating... i got some sun, we stopped at this really fun deck marina and listened to music and drank some beers, then boating some more. Just sitting around floating down river.... it was AWESOME.

Sunday was an ALL DAY regatta (7-3) that J and A volunteered at. Youth National Championship-- and it was crazy. But it was good to spent the time with J and A. When i got home I met up with Matt and headed to his parents house to hangout for a couple hours. This weekend was Jam apartment is a mess, I have NO food in my fridge, and it looks chaotic in there. I needed a free night to just do nothing and organize. I am rowing tonight so hopefully I can tend to that tomorrow.

Last week I worked out EVERY-SINGLE night. Monday- friday. YAY me. Friday, Saturday and Sunday-- i ate ALL FRIED FOOD. This in conjunction with not sleeping well is not helping with the Summer -of-Getting-In-Shape workout plan. The next couple weekends will be busy with various friend's birthday parties and cookouts NOT IN CINCI.... so it's certain to be busy.

I hope it's sunny this week. And warm. And hopefully work is SO MUCH LESS CRAZY than it has been recently. And hopefully ill find something interesting to post about in the mean time.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tired Tuesday

My week has been pretty irregular so i have had a hard time finding time to post. And at work, I am just waiting for the proverbial "other shoe" to drop since there is a lot of deadlines this week. The interesting thing is my boss has yet to walk into her office... i stare down the hall and it's dark when she usually is there before i am. hmmm puzzling.

I am at a loss of interesting things to say right now. I think it's because i am DEAD TIRED! I am guessing my reaction time is that of a 96 year old man. Come on, coffee, do your thing! Now that it is staying light later I am finding i dont want to be sitting in my house doing nothing when it's nice out. And in last night's case, i didnt eat dinner until after 9:30. And after i cleaned up, showered, and got ready for bed it was well after 11. And i had turned into a pumpkin weeeelll before then. When will my body adjust to being up early?

Another weekend came and went and it was a nice one. I saw my old college roommates, my parents and matt parents. Even hungout at their pool and got some sun on Sunday. This is the only weekend for a few weeks that it completely open at this point. Time is flying by SO fast! And the wedding-- MY GOSH, it's going to be hear before i know it! Speaking of, i need to call about our invitations that we were suppose to see the proofs last week. So much to do still...

Tonight I am seeing a personal trainer-- as part of my one month free at Urban Active. I hope he works me really hard. I weighed myself last night AFTER my workout and I weighed 126.6..... which i've been wobbling around 127-28 for the past month. I think that half pount might be water. I have until September 26th to lose my little pooch stomach and hopefully lose just five measly pounds. It seems so little but IT IS SOOO HARD!!!

For now... back to work!