Thursday, June 2, 2016

Update 2

I never had enough time to post, i write this with Nick sitting next to me bumping my arm as he "works on his computer, too."  It's wonderful, yes, but i cannot complete a thought.  First, let me tell you about our little baby girl. One day I will share the birth story, i know i never posted about chris's, even though he is 2.5 years old now.  But she has been the most wonderful, easy going little baby. She was my little trooper since the day she was born, and it has made my life so much easier. A champ through all the funeral stuff just days old, and really, she has only been easier. Thrush has been her headlining story before this week, before we took an aggressive treatment that may have given her esophigitis, but i am hoping that even though it's been a long week we are on the mend.  She smiles and coos, and he so interested in her bothers. And they are so loving and affectionate to her as well. I am truly blessed.

The days, weeks, and months since Joe has passed have been a challenge, and my heart has never ached so much. But I am seeing God in places i never did before. I mean, not that i wasnt a believer before, but not only do i believe in signs (a post to be written), but the kindness of people is unbelievable. I have been touched so deeply by the out pour of kindness and generosity we have been shown by neighbors, friends, family, and i can only imagine how much jennifer has received. People are amazing, truly they are. Kindness goes a very long way, and my heart sings when i think of some of the comments people have made, or the meals they brought, oh the thoughts are endless. We are very lucky, Must end now, being a mom of three is busy! Boys are here standing around me and on my lap, they are my heart and soul. I am blessed. More soon.