Wednesday, October 26, 2011

End of October Update

It's been a busy month of October, I am sad to see the month come to a close in just a few days. It went so quick. We are going to Seattle tonight for 4 days with my 2 brother-in-laws and my sister-in-law. It's sort of our last hurrah before the big switch. I am looking forward to spending some time with the family, doing and seeing something different... and hopefully relaxing a bit.  I know it will go quick. And then it's Halloween the day after we return. It's crazy how quick that holiday snuck up on me, and this is the first year since matt and I have been together than i didnt do much decorating in my house, or make our trip to Lynd Farm to pick our pumpkins and apples. It's sort of sad in a way.... but we have been very busy with the baby prep.  I hope to decorate for Christmas a bit a head of the game this year.

My weekend was nice, although it feels so long ago by now. We saw B, A, C and N for dinner at our house. It was uneventful and good to catch up with A who found out the day before she came over she is having a baby BOY! I am happy we are both having boys-- just 3 months apart. In other news day that day,  I got a pretty nasty grease burn on my right arm that day whole prepping the chicken for dinner that night. I hope it heals and goes away soon, it's pretty ugly. Saturday was a day spent running errands,  tying up odds and ends kind of stuff, and hanging out with my husband. It was a good day before Sunday where i had an N family shower and my nephews 4th birthday all in ONE day. It was exhausting, but nice to see everyone.  We got some good stuff, but we still have quite a few essentials to purchase before we can call the baby room complete.  In fact, it's still far from. My favorite gift was the INCREDIBLE rocker/glider my mother-in-law bought us. In fact, it's SOOO comfortable  and so awesome!!! It's all put together and i love just hanging out in it. It's something we will keep forever i know. She also bought me some maternity clothes, some baby clothes and few other small things... i feel so spoiled sometimes and lucky to have a mother-in-law that makes me feel so special and loved.  It was a good weekend, and a busy start to the work week.

The baby is getting bigger and bigger every day, in fact his movement are very intense now.  We are getting closer and closer to the name, although the labor day is getting more and more real to me. I don't want time to speed up, although the last 6 weeks i know will fly. I cant believe we only have 6 weeks left as only 2 of us at home. It's still seems strange and abstract to think about, even though we are so busy getting ready for his arrival. There is still a part of me that still seems surreal.  I still cant believe i feel that way, because some days i am so ready to be done with pregnancy. It's like my back pain has a new flavor of every day. And now my internal temperature gauge is no longer calibrated... and when i feel hot i feel kinda sick.  I do get a lot of attention from onlooker now, servers at restaurants, and just friendly comments in general. Matt's family made me feel really good on Sunday by being so complimentary about my 'little basketball in front me'... even thought i feel that couldn't be further from the case. I don't anticipate anything getting any easier from this point forward, but at least the there is little time left and i need to enjoy it as i can never get this time back.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shower number 2

This weekend Matt and I were home in C-town for a baby shower thrown by my mom.... It was a really nice turnout, lots of family came, some close family friends, my best friend, my sister flew in, even the one HS friend I still managed to stay in touch with.  It was really nice, and the food from Bravo was absolutely delicious! I am still so touched by the generosity of some of those closest to me, especially those not related to me but very close to my immediate family.  I still cant believe it, and the same held true when we got married.  I guess we are really loved:)

It was also really nice that my cousin C, drove up from Dayton to attend when i literally had ZERO expectations for people out of town to make the trip. It was nice to catch up with the family on the G side, considering i rarely seem them as much now that Grandma is gone. They are all so excited for me, and so supportive, and full of compliments. It really made me feel good, especially when my self esteem hasn't been the highest.  My favorite moment was this one,  and I just looked at my cousin;s blog-- and she recorded it (which seems unbelievably sweet, too).  It's me opening the present my Aunt A got me, a baby blanket. But not just any baby blanket, a blanket made by my Grandma. The card said she made some baby blankets specifically for her grand kids to have when we have babies and this was one of them.  When i look at the video i start tearing up. And it was one of those moments when i looked around i saw everyone was tearing up. Even some that arent on that side of the family.  What a profound impact that women had on us, and it makes me sad thinking that she has this planned before she passed.   She is dearly missed, and her presence can still be felt by everyone in moments like this one...:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday, FINALLY.

I've been away for a little bit as I slowly wade through the craziness at work. But IT"S FRIDAY! And i am in a good mood, the sun in shining, I have things wrapped up here for the weekend, I had some good conversations today with my coworkers G and L, had a great dinner last night with CV and J, and had the BEST surprise EVER at our front door yesterday when we got home. V and T from Chicago sent us PORTILLOS Chicago Style Italian roast beef!! And yes, you may think that is weird, but ever since we went to their wedding back in March Matt COULD NOT stop talking about the roast beef sandwich he had. And it was even more amazing that they thought of us and REMEMBERED how much he loved it.  They had a little note saying something along the lines of enjoying this 'home stretch.' INCREDIBLE friends we have. Just made me so happy!

Don't have much time to write, but here is a picture at Matt's friends wedding last weekend. Here we are, 31 weeks along. Just a few more!!! And we are getting close to picking a name-- lots of good things happening. More soon!