Thursday, April 29, 2010

My ipod

Matt updated my Ipod on Tuesday. Sounds pretty simple and unimportant, eh? Well, actually I am hoping this is a shift in momentum. I havent really updated any new songs on my Ipod since before i got married, then my computer crashed in December, and pretty much i haven't done anything with my music since because i thought i had lost all my songs in the December 2009 crash. Now, dont get me wrong, i am no music junkie by any means. I have friends that have thousands, maybe (ten?) thousand songs on thier ipods? No, not me, i have maaaaybe 300 something songs, most of which were songs downloaded for me from a few select friends that love their music.

But the point is... my Ipod has been my workout motivator. Before i got married i seriously was a gym rat and worked out all-the-time. Probably five times a week on average. Now? Maybe twice, three times on an especially good week. But my workouts have also changed too. Now, i have been walking sorta regularly with my friend,E- which has been both good for the body and mind, sometimes Matt and F walk with me. But at the gym i always had some sort of routine-- 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill to get in at least 3-4 miles, then 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then 15 minutes of weights. Not to bad, right? I did have results. I was much more tone, i weighed less for sure, and I KEPT IT UP!

I honestly believe that this updated Ipod of mine will really help. And i think this is because Matt loaded about 50 new songs that i just LOVE to sing and dance to on the radio. So now i own them and i cant wait to hear them again. And the only time i listen to my ipod is either when I'm cleaning or WORKING OUT. And lets be real, cleaning is never something i want to do. So here's hoping for the best!!!!

since im slightly bored right now, here are a few good workout/running songs i really enjoy right now:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend at home recap

What a full filled weekend, truly it was. I was a great 3 days spent with a lot of quality time! I had Friday off and i got a TON of stuff accomplished. I cleaned the ENTIRE house, and by clean i mean CLEEEAned. I scrubbed the floors, did laundry, did all the dishes, went to the grocery, went to get matt's oil changed, went to buy a birthday card, went to pick up a gift card, even went to the gym for 30 minutes, showered and cooked an entire meal for B, A, B;s brother Nick and C... all of matt's good friends. O ya, i even managed to drop in Banana Republic just to see if there were any cute dresses for a wedding this weekend. And the BEST PART-- i found an ADORABLE black dress, that just happened to be in my size, for 30 bucks!!! YeS, you read that right, THIRTY!!! From banana-- which would regularly be priced at well over 100. Yay, GO ME!! My weekend started off great. And dinner on Friday night was wonderful, we played games, and drank wine, and had a pretty darn good Friday.

Saturday morning Matt and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some tassimo coffee for me an then we rather serendipitously ran into my college roomie, F, and got to have lunch with them! It was so nice to run into her and her husband, especially since our walking Wednesday this week didnt exactly work out. When we got back to the house, the rain so far had held off so Matt and I decided to go walking all around town. We probably were out for almost two hours--- stopping at a garage sale, swung on the swings at the park, and stopped by Biggs to pick up some fresh flowers so i can give them to my friend J at her dance recital that night. That ended up being really nice too because i went with A and got to see her house-- all done after all the renovated-- and spend some good tme with her. I appreciate it. And then! Matt got a random call from his college roommate who lives in Brooklyn that was in town for a wedding he thought Matt was going to. His friend skipped out on the wedding to come and hangout with us so we spend the entire rest of hte night with them. They went to Amarin with us so i could get some yummy sushi since i hadnt had dinner, then we went to the Oakley Sq for some more drinkin. I think Matt had really great night.

Sunday was supposed to be a complete wash of day, but believe it or not it started out B-E-A-Utifully!!! I woke up around 9 and he sun was shining, it was rather warm with a slightly cool breeze, so i opened up all the windows and made a cup of coffee waiting for Matt to get up. Then we got to go to the 10:30 mass at our church to see Fr. Knapp ( the priest who married us and is an AMAZING priest). It was perfect, it was sunny, the mass was perfect because they had the full choir, and homily was so uplifting, it was just the absolute perfect start. O and the choir-- they sound like a CD. Matt says they are so pretty it makes you want to cry. I loved it. We then met up with matt's old roommate and his friend for a nice Brunch at Tellers in Hyde Park Sq, then we went to Walmart, the grocery, and Trader Joe's, and finally to Matt's parents to visit and have dinner. It was nice, i got to whole my Godson for a while and hangout,have a dinner, and get home at a reasonable time. It was a good weekend. One without travel and schedules, and absolutely no stress. And you wouldn't even believe that though it was soo nice this weekend, it rained almost the whole time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothin new

Last super busy travel weekend is behind us-- i think we'll be in town for the next few weeks. Until, well, i am in California for just about 9 days the ladder part of May. I am looking forward to that-- not the working part-- but the vacation part. The wedding we went to last weekend for my cousin was good, but i was so exhausted from all the driving, and o ya-- the ridiculous $136 UNNECESSARY speeding ticket. I coulda done without that for sure.

This week i have been hanging out with E a bunch; watched dancing with the starts on Monday, we went on a walk Tuesday with M, went to El Toro for margaritas and dinner yesterday with a few others, we might go shopping tonight.... i do have to do yard work though since it's supposed to rain this weekend. It's been nice. Next weekend is my old roommate's kelly's wedding, but it's in town so that will be nice too. This weekend i am going to J's recital, a 'dance party' in M's new apartment, and then also having B, A,N, C over for dinner friday night. Damn, im stressin about cooking. But im looking forward to chilling out for a little bit this weekend. Tomorrow is my day off so i got a lot on the docket.

This week matt and I started driving to work together. It's been nice getting home from work with him every day, and we are saving a TON of money by parking only one car downtown. Although matt doesn't like his new job very much so the drive home this week has been high tension. Hopefully things get better for him.

No really exciting news to share with the world this week.... or at least nothing comes to mind right now. So to close, Happy Earth day to all!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emotions are funny things

An unbelievably emotional week for some reason-- WHY? I have nO idea!!! A bunch of little things culminating and i even cried in front of my boss on Monday. Little things little things... feeling sad about my grandma's situation, breaking my Tiffany bracelet on Saturday night and probably never getting the pieces back, some friends, my stress at work, my travelling, who knows.... i cried at work. I need to regain perspective, the rest of the week has been better but i am still stressed out. The last couple nights i haven't slept all that well.

I did have a pretty good weekend, and the weather has been phenomenal lately. We went up to Matt's aunt's house on friday night last weekend for pizza night and it was SO fun. I just LOVE matt's cousins, they are so funny and welcoming, and they kept saying that they want to come down to our house to see it and drink wine with me. They are so fun! We also went over to J and J so my sister-in-law and i went to walmart with the boys. That was an adventure, but it's fun hanging out with her so id didnt mind. Saturday was busy and we went to Dayton for the surprise engagement party and got on a party bus.... and ended up crashing a 3 year olds birthday party and drunkenly found ourselves in the huge blow-up bouncy house. This is wear the bracelet incident happened.

In this picture i am still wearing the bracelet on my right wrist.

Monday i babysat my nephews with matt again, it was a tiring night because we went up there right after work and didnt get home or eat dinner until after 10. And on this day it was a super long because i got emotional, my work trip's plans changes, overwhelming. But the silver lining of it all is Matt and I are going to be baby Ben's God parents!!! What an incredible honor, we are really excited about it.

This weekend we are going to my cousins wedding, i am DREADING all the driving i will be doing, but finally next week it will be much slower. I think i am going to hangout with P in the evening on Saturday and then go to J's dance recital next Sunday afternoon. The rest of the time will be spent relaxing. Then in May every other weekend i have a wedding and then California for 8 days for work and with my family.

a small vacation will be nice. But any little good things that make me feel good about myself are even nicer.

I have my mid-year performance review with my boss in 15 minutes... hopefully today will be a good day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Recap

So i am back to work today after taking monday off to travel back to cinci from my weekend home. It was nice to get home early on friday-- thanks to Matt's work schedule-- and have a nice dinner with the family at a reasonable time. We had this amazing sushi at a new asian restaurant that literally is like teleporting to Japan. Everything seemed authentic, and the food was FANTASTIC. It was a nice way to start the weekend off on the upswing. The weather was great almost the entire weekend, and Saturday i made cheesy hash browns for brunch at my Aunt's on Easter and Deviled eggs for dinner at my grandma's later in the afternoon. It was the first Easter since matt's been around when we haven't been driving through snow piled streets. It was beautiful.

Until we got the phone call from my dad's sister that my Great Aunt had passed away. The whole rest of the weekend turned somber as the news is still hard to digest. Now, i never was very close to her because she is a little bit removed from my life. However, my dad saw her as a second mom growing up, she lived right next door to my grandma for my dad's entire life and they were inseparable. My Grandma and my aunt called each other every day, they used to sit on the stoop together and chit chat (when they were both a little more able bodied), they were always looking out for one another. They helped each other through everything in life, even the hardest things like losing their husbands. They held the closest bond of sibling hood and really brought it to a new level or closeness and really, they have never been apart. Until now.

I am really sad about it. I am sad for my grandma, even though i don't think her head accepts it yet. She says she still cant believe it. And how could you? You've lived every single day talking to this person for 90 years and one day she isnt there. 90 years with someone right next door! I am sad for my dad, as he clearly is having a hard time realizing it because she was a huge part in his mom's life and his life growing up. All the memories flash through your head and the sadness grows. And the ironic part, my sister stopped over on Friday to check in to report back to grandma since Auntie was in teh hospital earlier last week, she looks 'great' according to D. And the questions mount as to what the right decision should have been that could have kept her alive. But this day was bound to come as she was 93 years old with her internal organs were all failing her to some degree.

I think of Auntie fondly through grandma;s stories.... and pretty much every time i visit grandma she had some kind of update from her. I remember growing up and visiting and walking over to Auntie's in the evenings because that;s where they always sat and talked outside on the stoop. I also remember playing in grandma;s backyard and hearing her yell at her husband-- she was always a feisty women with one heck of an opinion. And she was never afraid to voice it, no matter how it came out. But it's funny because that's just how she was, and she told you what she thinks because she cares. But the stories will probably dwindle now, and i have no idea what the next couple days, weeks, months will be like for Grandma. I hope and pray that she is OK... even though i can only imagine how profound the sadness may be. And i will probably never understand or even know.

For now i can only pray for the people i love that are still here. The wake is tonight and the funeral is Wednesday. Grandma wont be able to go because she isn't mobile, but i hope it's beautiful and hopeful. As grandma said to me yesterday, better days will come.