Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dear Chris- Month 24

My Dearest Chris,

I know it's a couple weeks early, but I couldn't wait to write your birthday letter because I just have SO much to say about you. I don't even know where to start, you are a bird brand all your own and, frankly, I cannot get enough of you!! Let me start by saying it is NO coincidence that as your progressed through room after room at Kids R Kids, every one of your teacher has commented to me (MULTIPLE times!!) what a joy you are to have in their class, how sweet you are, and even that you are their favorite kids (if they even are allowed to tell me that). I believe it all. You really are one incredible sweet kid, and not to mention ADORABLE!!!!

You are still a little bigger than your brother at this age, your weight somewhere around 31 lbs. and probably close to 35 inches right now. No small kid, but you really are a crispy cream. All deliciousness on the inside. You go to bed happy and wake up happy, and it couldn't be more contagious. On the subject of sleeping, you are PERFECT!!! You love to sleep, at least you make bedtime effortless for us and I cannot thank you enough for that. You take great naps, and there is no fight when we put you to sleep. You just lay right down and that's all we hear from you until almost 11-12 hours later. And of course, you wake up happy as a clam. When daddy gets you out of your bed in the morning, you burst into where I am sleeping and yell " GOOD MORNIN!!!" and it's hilarious. Best alarm clock ever.

You love to dance, you love to sing, and your vocabulary is HUGE. I cant even begin to count all the words and sentences you know. Your favorite songs right now are the "itsy spider," the abc song, and "tinkle star" and yes, you know all the words. Just wait until the Christmas repertoire comes out in the coming weeks.  You say so much, whenever we are driving or walking or do anything you are always narrating your environment or pointing something out to me. Your new favorite word is "why." And I am pretty sure you have no idea what it means, but you say it anyway... all. the. time. 
Mommy: "Chris, don't throw the blocks"
Chris: "Why"
Mommy:" Because I don't want it to hurt the walls or someone"
Chris: "Why"
Mommy: Repeat previous answer
Chris: "why"
You always like to reprimand your brother when he is doing something wrong. And you have no shame in hitting him or "spank"ing him when you think it's necessary.  Nick never hits you back, but this is a constant battle with you two. Sharing is sometimes something you do harmoniously together, and other times it's the beginning to WWIII.  But you both seem to have no problems saying sorry, I think the words "im sorry nick" might be your most frequently used words.

I think you will be fully potty trained before you are 3, and probably MUCH before. I think you pee in your diaper a lot because it's easy, but frankly I think you got the peeing on the potty thing down. Every time I put you on the potty you can go, and that's amazing. I think it means you have some sense of coordination of what's happening, and right now it requires some care and attention on my part (and daycare) to really work with you. You are SO smart, and I think you pick up on things so quickly. You can navigate puzzles and games on the iPad incredibly well, I think it's way advanced for your age. You learn new words so quickly, you love to read all kinds of advanced books, you pick up things Nick says and does so quickly, you are just so, so smart.

You are also very physically advanced too, I have never seen 23 month old run so fast. I mean, those legs of yours can MOVE!!!  You love to chase after nick around the house, play trains, push cars and trucks around the floor,  go on rides in your little push car outside and hit the t-ball with the bat outside. You drag the tee, the bat, and the ball outside and set it up all the time when the weather is nice. And actually, you hit the ball SO well!!! Your form isn't perfect, but your hand-eye coordination for your age I think is astonishing.

You are a pretty laid back, go with the flow kind of a person. You are happy just going with the program, and that makes my job as mommy SO much easier.  You have your preferences, like you LOVE Boo Blaster at Kings island and REALLY insist on going on that ride whenever we pass it, but luckily the whole family enjoys it so it works out well. You are just big enough to start going on roller coasters now (on the very last day the park was open), you were cautiously but optimistically went on everything daddy took you on. A little scared before and during, but as soon as we got you off the first things out of your mouth were " SO FUN!" and " SO SO FAST!" You listen really well, and love to make us happy. When you dump out all the blocks you never hesitate to come help clean them up, and sing "clean up clean up every do share" and grab as many as you can carry to put them away.

You do have a sweet tooth, just like mommy, and I always seem you climbing up to get into the candy dish. You would eat your weight in sweets if I let you,  but ill just attribute it to you being so sweet inside and out. I could eat you up. You are just so adorable, so lovable, to cuddling, and just fantastic all around. I couldn't have dreamt of two better brothers than you two, and you fill our lives with more joy than every imaginable. And it just gets better. I cant wait to see all the fun stuff the holidays have in store, parties, seeing a Charlie brown Christmas (because you LOVE snoopy, sleep with yours every night), opening presents, birthday candles, so much... and then we go to Disney World in January with Mimi and Grandpa Bob. Soon your baby brother or sister will be here, life just keeps getting better.

Thank you for being you little bear. Happiest of birthdays to you, cant wait to celebrate your wonderfulness!! I love you more than anything!!!