Friday, March 7, 2014

Dear Christopher- Month 3 (.5)

Dear Christopher--

Welcome to this world! The last three plus month with you have been nothing shy of perfection.   You arrived on a sunny afternoon and your disposition couldn't be any sunnier. Unlike your older brother, you have been so vocal and animated from the very beginning. You have been talking to us since you saw us, and no-- not just crying-- actually making all kinds of sounds. You always have a lot to say! And we LOVE to listen.   You are pretty easy going in general, too. You will watch your big brother run around the house for hours on end and be happy as a clam doing so. He keeps you quite entertained. You definitely love him because no matter where he goes you want to see what he is doing. That love in reciprocal because Nick will run to you when he sees you sitting in the swing and start to cry, he will rock you and start up the music. Or bring you a pacifer if he thinks that will help. He has also noticed how much you love fans so he will run to turn it on in whatever room you may be and will watch it with you right by your side.  I cant wait to see you two grow up together, that brotherly love is so sweet and touches my heart to the core.

You are definitely one of the cutest and chubbiest little guys I've ever seen. Those cheeks of your are so amazing and incredibly irresistible. Your smile is contagious, and you were smiling at us earlier than your brother did. I got my first smile on January 1st (almost 6 weeks to the day) but daddy swears he saw some earlier. And i believe him, you smile at us and all we have to do is look at you. You are laughing now too and it's the best thing in the whole world.  You are ticklish too, we just rub that chubby little tummy and a gasp of laughter comes out.  We love your chubby-ness, your doctor says you are already in the 90th percentile for your weight. You've been in 6  month clothes for weeks now.  I bet you are going to be tall like your daddy. You are beautiful and perfect and I could just sit and stare at how adorable you are all day long.

You also are getting stronger by the day. You seem less bothered by tummy time, and you already have a strong neck and back. YOu can almost push yourself over in both directions, I could see that happening any day now too. Those fine motor skills are also progressing quickly too, just this week when i was watching you on your jungle  play mat I saw you reach out and grab one of those monkeys hanging down in front of you.

It's crazy how quick you grow and change when you are this small. Everyone seems to think you will have teeth early since you are already drooling a lot. But I dont see any signs of it right now.  You definitely take after your brother in how well you can fill a diaper-- i dont know how such little people can generate such large poops but ive moved you up a size in diapers this week because you need more room in those things.  I hope your sleep habits get better but so far you still do give us some full nights of sleep.  My favorite part about you is how happy you wake up and the smile you give us when you open your eyes and see us is better than anything in this world. The loving looks and how you can look so deep into our eyes, I swear you have an old soul. You are such an amazing little baby and I cant seem to get enough of you.

This month I went back to work and I miss you so much during the day. You seem to be doing alright and you take a bottle like a champ considering you didn't have any almost the entire first three months of your life. I miss being home with you boys while I am at work, but aleast the weather is starting to break and we have a lot of outdoor spring activities to look forward to with your brother while I am home.  I love you sweet little baby, cant wait to see what's in store for us in your fourth month. 

We love you so much,