Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

4th of July was a good day. I am glad i had the day off, it was a good mid-week break for the kind of week i have been having. Including the weeks prior trying to move, saying goodbye to people at work, personal stuff, and of course, not sleeping all that well with my little guy. I have been doing surprisingly well with all the changes, but the mid-week break was good medicine.

We spent our first night up with matt's parent on Tuesday and it went really well.  My mother-in-law's middle name is helpful. She has done so much to make the transition easy for us, one of the most notable is how she has helped put Nick to sleep the last couple nights since he is a tough cookie to get down.  I dont know how that little guy functions without sleeping all that much, but i think he takes after his grandpa G.

Our 4th was quite enjoyable though.  We got up early, Nick was able to play with grandma for a little bit so we could rest for a few minutes before getting up to a tasty breakfast. We ran a load to our house and then came home to play with Nick and go for a quick dip in the pool before heading to Uncle Rudy's for his annual 4th of July cookout.  It was hot, but it was fun to see all the babies play together, and after dinner we all got in the pool at his house.  Nick loved the dip, since he was so hot and miserable most of the day. And his little cold symptoms are just not going away. I feel soo bad for him and I am just not sure what i can do for him. But i am glad he did have some fun yesterday, watching him in the pool made everyone smile as his kicked and played on his tummy and floated on his back. He looked like a little dolphin when he kicked  because his body above the water would just go back and forth. He's too funny, and too cute. I wish I had a video.

here is pic of Nick and his cousin Maddox first time in the pool. Maddox is 3 months and 6 days younger.