Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dear Chris- Year 3

Dearest Chris,

I cant believe we celebrated your third year of life just a few weeks ago!! three years!! You are just so full of life and wonderful to be around.  You are still a chart topper, 40 lbs and 41 inches i believe. Well in the 90s as far as percentiles.  You gotta be big to keep up with Nick, and pretty much will do whatever he tells you to do. And also whatever your cousin kate tells you to do. You idolize her.  You love to play tag, hide and seek, play with your paw patrol pups, trains, cars, ride your bike, run "super fast" and just being around people. You might be the happiest kid i ever met. And the easiest going. And the funniest. I cant describe it, but watching you navigate life it's hard not to smile.

On your third birthday we had a party for both you and nick and Jump N Jacks, you both had the BEST time. You got tons of presents, ate lots of pizza and cake, and played your heart out. You love going to school with your brother and you seem to be learning a lot. You love to please others, and your teachers LOVE you. they couldn't say one bad thing about you. I remember sitting in the car with you are you held a couple jellybeans in your hand, you just were examining it and you said" this looks like an ovoid." My heart melted!

We have put you in swimming lessons at the goldfish swim school (you said one morning " there are no fish in the pool, just kids"), and you have taken off with your skills. You cant touch the bottom, but you have learned the life savings skills to be able to swim by yourself to the wall or so person or island where you can touch or hold on.  You have moved up to the next class and your teacher said last week that you are almost ready to move thru AGAIN!! And she told me last week that you are just "SO much fun!!" with all kinds of enthusiasm. It's true, you are just too much sometimes.

You pretty much want to do everything Nick does these days, so i am excited to enroll you in blast ball this summer. And it will be fun to see you guys swim around in the pool together. You will have your first dentist appointment coming up next month (with your brother), and i find it's just easier when you have your big bro to help you along your way. He sure does look out for you. And try to tease you and work you up too. But overall you are pretty easy going. Just happy to be together. And happy to break out into dance any opportunity you get. And also eat your boogers. You do that a lot too.

So much about you that fills my heart with Joy. Sometimes i cant get enough. I can look at you sometimes with those big dopey eyes and my heart just explodes. I am so luck i get to be your mommy. I Love you so much, dont ever change little buddy!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dear Cicely- Month 10

Dear Cicely,

Here we are 10 months old! And really we never are apart!! You are growing and changing so much every day, and really developing your own personality. You are still a little peanut, you weigh only 17 lbs (only the 11th percentile), and up until just a couple days ago you only had your bottom two teeth. But now your top two are on their way in. You had a little incident after christmas, when you fell backwards from holding the dishwasher lower rack and knocked those two teeth loose. I rushed you to the dentist because i was worried you did something terrible. But the bleeding stopped and they stopped wiggling and now they are just slightly not straight. Hopefully everything is fine now moving forward.  You are much more ambitious and into things than i am used to, quick and mobile, and very good with your hands. You crawl up stairs, can cruise around in the standing position, and crawl very fast. Probably because you are so small. Still no interest in walking, which surprises me about you. But you will in time.

You love to take baths with your brothers, and love the pool. We cant wait to take you on a cruise in a couple weeks. You will love the water i am sure. You are a pretty good eater, you love your fruits and you love peas too.  You sit with us at the table and you are just happy as a clam to be part of it all.

Your love for your brothers is ever growing. And Nick sure does look out for you.  I think he will continue to be a big help to us as you grow. I can see a you might be a little joker, too, since i see you playing tricks with us and laughing. You have a calm disposition, but we always know when you need something. But generally are pretty easy going, and can be distracted very easily.

You play with almost all of your brothers trucks and trains, and of course, paw patrol pups. It will be neat to see what kinds of toys you take to. growing up with older brothers.  You are just so small and dainty, you daddy and I tell each other almost daily how much we love you and are so happy you are here. You are such and angel. and have the best smile! You will smile at just about anyway, and give them away very freely. A happy baby is what you are.

We love you so very much, ill try to be better about writing more next month. thank you for being you, and dont change anything! I cant wait to see what next month brings!

Love always,

Your mommy