Monday, September 27, 2010


One year ago yesterday was my wedding day.

We celebrate our anniversary yesterday and reflected back on what we were doing on year ago. Boy things have changed. I dont know what has or how it has but things sure get different with time. And should take this day to reflect on some things i am thankful for....
1) My loving husband who loves me more and more than the day we married
2) my family who still has their health
3) My in-laws who are so welcoming and loving
4) My beautiful nephews
5) A job that doesn't leave me stressed out at the end of each day
6) A really sweet dog that is always at my side
7) my health
8)a beautiful house
9) my close circle of friends who can always pick me up
10). The ability to appreciate the things i have

I was thinking about this weekend going home for the Browns/Bengals game with my friends. We were trying to decide to drive up friday or saturday. Saturday night until this year included dinner with my family and visiting grandma. It's weird because this saturday night there will be no more grandma visits. It's funny how much i still think about her now that she is gone, it's almost like i think about her more. Like now she really is an angel.... And it's strange how the sadness about her being gone kind of moves into a weird feeling of-- i dont know the word-- peaceful recollection. Like your memories are now in a box that you open up when I think of her. It's still a little sad but not kind I had right after she died. It's like routine I had with her when i was home is replaced by that memory box that i like to keep dusted off.

I am really happy these days. A lot of really great things i have to look forward to. And today seems like the start of fall. It's cooler today and it's been raining off and on-- for the first time in months. And it's definitely sweatshirt weather. I slept perfectly through the night last night and woke up in a good mood. I feel like cuddling up to a candle and some good tv tonight. Maybe ill get in a quick workout as matt and i want to kick off our own Biggest Loser Challenge. I hope we can do it.

I wanted to put a song on my blog so i think this song from Wicked is so fitting. Not only is it my favorite musical in the whole entire world, but i think the lyrics are just right. I have changed a lot in the past couple years, because of my husband and the people around me. And my grandma, who helped me become the person i am. So this fits all the people i love so much in my life. And those people that stood before me on the day one year ago... you make my life better just by being in it.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

First day of Fall

Welcome Fall! One of my most favorite times of year (next to Christmas time). And today's high is 97 degrees. Yes, almost 100 degrees and that is in the shade. It's been an insanely hot summer this year with practically no rain it all. I rained yesterday afternoon for a brief 10-15 minutes but i think that was the first break in weeks. I am very much welcoming fall this year... if and when it actually comes.

I don't have a lot of plans this rest of the week, i am planning on seeing P and her new baby Oliver and maybe hangout with my nephews and family. Who knows what it in store. This Sunday is our one year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe it had been that long already! It's been one up and down year, but i am looking forward to passing this milestone.

My parents come back from Italy tomorrow too, after being gone for 9 days. And the first trip in (20? some) years alone. And boy do they deserve it after all the stress over the months with my grandma and her stuff, and my dad and his insane work hours. The weeks leading up to this trip he worked multiple days of 24-36 hours straight of work. He needs the break and rest. It looked like had an absolutely magnificent time. I am looking forward to catching up with them.

Here is a picture my dad sent me in Venice from his phone on one of the first few days of their trip. I LOVE Italy!

I am leaving work early for a dentist appointment. Not a lot to say today... i am tired and haven't been sleeping well. Things are good. I am looking forward to a full weekend of rest. And probably putting up some fall decorations around my house... I love fall!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Update

Where to begin?

Lots of stuff going in my life yet its rather boring right now.

I went to Vegas last week. It was great, uneventful, productive, and even fun all wrapped into one work trip. Matt came out Wednesday night and we spent another 2.5 days out there... and spent a little too much money, but i think we both really enjoyed our time together. It was much needed. We justify the expenses as an anniversary present which is this weekend actually.

At work it's the calm before the year end storm that is quickly approaching. Things will get hectic and stressful again, i am ready November and holidays. October is always an enjoyable month though, i am looking forward to doing fall things like haunted houses, picking out pumpkins, apple cider, apple picking, carving pumpkins, wearing sweaters, campfires.... October is bound to move quickly too i know.

Last night i went to dinner with my coworker L and a mutual friend (we didnt realize we had thanks to facebook). I haven't seen this girl, EP, for 5-6 years in college. We went out on a spring break out to Appalachia to do a week of service together my junior year. It was a unbelievably memorable week, lots of good feelings and love. Spending the evening with her brought me back to my old college days where i did tons of service and great activities though UD campus ministry. We really had a 'help the world' mentality and it was so energizing. Being around her made me realize how much of that feeling has been lost over the years post college.... and it does make me a little solemn about it. EP has just moved to Cincinnati a couple weeks ago and lives and works in a homeless shelter and doesnt receive a paycheck. And this is only one of the multiple service organizations she has been a part of after graduation. Truly inspiring. And her energy reminds me so much of my best friend C, it's uplifting and contagious. I love it. I admire it.

Tomorrow i am seeing the first play of our Broadway season, South Pacific. I cannot wait to spend some time with J and A, its been a little too long. I miss them. It's a quick week, and Friday Thursday and Friday i have back to back dentist appointments. Who knows whats in store next.... just moving through. Until next time, here are a couple of songs i really like right now.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Reflections from the 30,000 feet.

Today is friday.

We get off early today it being a long weekend and all.

I am back in the office after bring in Albuquerque all week.

Things are good... so here are a few ramdom thoughts on this friday:

Being a plane for long periods of time with not much to do gives you a LOT of time to think. Being a plane alone gives you a lot of insight about yourself and the world around you. It gives you the truest view of life it seems, as the people you encounter and meet truely are a random sampling of the world (in that n > 30-- i am being statistically correct).... sorry for the nerd in me.... but i do believe this. I really do. I have had a few moments-- multiple moments where i just stepped back from my inner self to take a look at things--
1). I tend to think i am not a very gregarious person. Actually i think i am usually a quieter personality and tend to not step into conversation unless invited. I am not one to strike up conversations with strangers and when a conversation ends generally i don't fill the empty voids. I think this is who i am. However. When I was travelling this weekend-- being alone in airports or planes for 6-8 hours at a time over the last few days--- I found so many people approached me. And approached me in such a kind and generous way that i found it quite striking actually. One women who was sitting across the isle from me ( i was on aisle she was across near the window) and i was grabbing my bag from the jet way she stopped me and said " i noticed your ring on the plane. It's SO beautiful, it caught my eye its so pretty. The only thing prettier is the gal." Can you be any nicer??? IT MADE MY DAY! A simple comment, unsolicited compliment can change the entire direction of your mood and energy and rest of my day actually. On the second flight on my way home another man stopped me as i was walking to the plane and said " you are from the Albuquerque flight..." I dont know how he recognized me, but he walked all the the way from terminal to plane about the city, where is from, why he is going to Cincinnati, and it turns our he and his wife are going to visit his daughter who just moved. And before i knew it was switching cards to meet his daughter who is younger and close to my age.

And this was the second time this trip i exchanged information. This leads me to:

2) There are some people you meet just briefly but think about long after the encounter is over. I dont know how often this happens to others, it rarely happens to me, although i do know a lot of incredible people. The man i met on my first flight out west was one of these people. Once again i was sitting in my seat minding my own business with a book open in front of me and the man next to me struck up conversation. Harmless conversation about where i am going, where i am from, why i am travelling, ya know the usually small talk that i didn't anticipate to last long (see point number 1 above). But this man, an incredibly ordinary person looking at him; worn jeans and a t-shirt, greasy hair, kind of yellow teeth, wore a hat to cover his head up, probably in his upper thirties or maybe forties. Sometimes it's hard to tell with men. Very ordinary. He was coming home after after being in Afghanistan for 3 months. One of his many trips home for the allowed 9-10 days after three months. His wife had a baby 2 months ago and he was going home to meet him for the first time. And i don't know what it was about this man that really resonated with me. Maybe is was humble honesty about the tough life he leads, or maybe a little charm about his innocence, his slight sense of humor and his total openness about his life and work. He opened up about a lot of things-- not his deep secrets or anything-- of course not, but about his life. Things that perhaps you would worry a stranger would judge you about. It was charming really. And when i asked him what he was going to when he gets home, he told me he is looking forward to getting a coffee drink (he had a name for it) that was a flavored coffee with a shot of carmel. It wasn't what i was expected to hear, but i remember him saying it and it was just ... nice. The only word i can think of.

I dont why i think of this. He pulled out a map at one point to show me Abu dhabi (sp?)-- where he had a one day lay over-- and wanted to tell me about it. At the end of the flight he said he would email the pictures and we exchanged information. And i am not thinking about this many romantically in the least, but there was something about him that was inspiring. And he will just never know.

These people, these moments are truly uplifting. And maybe they happen more than i realize, i just never take the time to enjoy the moments. And i found that i ending up chatting with the person next to me on every flight this week (and there were 4 of them). All very nice chats with such pleasant people. It was hopeful. It's what a little bit of time by yourself gives you. Moments of clarity. Moments of joy.