Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Review

Once again, it's been a very long time since i last wrote. I dont know what it is, I just have no motivation to write anything. And once i get too far behind it almost feels like I am overwhelmed with the pressure to pick one thing to say. I hope next year to get back in the swing of posting a little more regularly. Or at least once a week. So that at this time next year, i can look back at all my posts and reflect on everything.

Another year well lived.

And another holiday season well spent. It really was, i was SO busy!! Which directly attributes to the fact that i didnt finish my shopping until December 23rd. It's felt like EVERY weekend was booked solid. Every weekend in December. We did manage throw one heck of a holiday bash the first weekend in the month, and we went all out with the food, decorations, drinks, you name it. Maybe a little too much. But it was a lot of fun to decorate, get together with friends, and kinda show off the fully decorated house. I wish i had pictures (my computer crashed that weekend), but our Christmas tree this year is STUNNING. It's unbelievably FAT and super tall. We strung up the old style big lights, some were blinking to give it just enough twinkle, and even added the bubblers. It looks fantastic. We have lights around the fireplace, the stairs, outside, and even hung them in the basement for when we had the party. It really felt homey at Christmas time, hanging out with my hubby with just the light of the tree and garland over the fireplace lighting the room.

We did a lot of Holiday things this month, too. We went to Cleveland twice-- once for the SI holiday party and then again a few short days later for Christmas. We had a wedding one weekend, Matt's family came over for dinner another weekend night, Matt and I baked cookies, went to 2-3 other holiday parties with friends, and even managed to christmas shop together a few times too!!

Our plans over the actual days of Christmas were rather usual. We spent christmas eve just hanging out with my immediate family. We went out to Peppermint for dinner (and the service was impeccable!) and came home, built a fire, made some drinks, opened a few present and played games. It was really nice. Christmas morning is when we opened all the rest of the presents, make a breakfast and head to grams!! It's always a great day. And i find i still get giddy with excitement to find out what i am getting. The following day, my mom had her whole side of the family over for dinner. It was the first year we didnt exchange gifts, but it was still nice to catch up with my cousins. And my mom always does a lot of work to make sure people have a good holiday. I got to spend time with C christmas eve morning and relaxed and ate a whole bunch. It was just a really great christmas.

Sunday night is when Matt and I decided to celebrate our FIRST christmas together. We thought we'd do it after christmas to kind of extend the gift giving and anticipation. It was great, and it even snowed that night for us. After we exchanged gifts we went out to to this little thai restuarant that you can bring your own bottle of wine, and just sat and talked and filled up on delicious sushi. It was super cozy in there, we sat at a table on the floor and I watched it snow outside. It was a great first wonderful.

This weekend my parents are making the trip to visit US for the weekend, and then we are having christmas with Matt's family on sunday. It's going to be another great weekend. And spending New Year with some friends in Dayton. Hopefully matt doesnt have to work too late.

It's been a great year, and a very very memorable one. I can only hope 2010 is even better. I have only one new years resolution-- to get back into shape. Not that i have gained a lot or anything, i just haven't been in routine since September. And actually haven't seen the gym since then too. Maybe I can convince matt too. Hopefully we can both stick to it.

Hopefully I will get some pictures up here soon, and an even bigger hope to get my computer fixed. Looking forward to lots of good posts next year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry SITSmas!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!
It was a very special year for us because it was the year we got married! From our household on this first Christmas to yours, we wish you a very merry holiday season.
Warm wishes, Matt and Donna
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