Monday, October 20, 2014


Here is the funny thing about beauty ... It is always around you. And in the spaces, moments, feeling that you don't see it, that is because you are not looking in the right place. It's not always right in front of you. And in those really difficult times searching for it can completely alter the way you percieve what's happening and all of a sudden what it is you are going through doesn't quite seem so bad after all.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dear Chris- Month 9.75 (10)

My beautiful Baby Boy-- How beautiful you are, too...

I cant believe it, but you manage to actually get cuter each month. It's true, I swear every time I look at you we all fall more and more in love. YOu are truly a lover of all things and people, too-- the way you look into our eyes and just rest in our arms when we hold you. What a content person, and an all around joy to be around. We all just cant get enough.

Your mobility is off the charts, you are simply everywhere these days. And fast too. You just started cruising on the furniture so I predict you will be walking before Halloween. You even go upstairs now too. You not eat all kinds of table foods with us as your teeth count is every growing, I think it's 8 now.  You are still large-- and very much in charge. Very opinionated about what you like and don't like-- but so easy going with how rough your big brother can be. He seems to take a lot of things from you-- and you get pushed around way more than I expected. But you seem very reliant mister.

You like to sleep in the mornings so often times we are up even before you, but going to bed can be troublesome. Ferber is in your future (as much as I wish it wasn't).  You generally wake up happy, and you are SOOO gabby!!! SO much to say, always chatting, always something new coming out of your mouth. Impressive that you are advancing so much but physically and verbally at the same time-- usually one takes a back seat. Daddy and I both think you are one smart cookie.

This past month you have had visits with your grandma and grandpa Gudaitis, trips to Kings Island, trips to the park, play dates, your first hair cut and so much more. October is such a fun month, I cant wait to see you and your bother dress up for Halloween. Lots of fall activities to look forward too-- You are growing up so quickly. And you are SO beautiful and sweet, you make every day brighter.

We love you so much,

Love, Mommy