Friday, May 12, 2017

Dear Cicely-- Month 13.5

Dear Cicely,

How much you have changed and developed over the past few months! I am not even sure where to start! You are such a little wanderer-- with a mind all your own and a spirit for adventure! You started walking a couple weeks after your first birthday, close to 13 months old. And from there you havent looked back!  You love to play peak-a-boo around corners and engage with just about anyone who will give you attention. You have an infectious giggle and a smile that will melt any heart that sees you.

Your tooth around is right around 8 or 9, but the dishwasher incident has left them a little less than straight on the the bottom. I am hoping they will work themselves out in the coming years. You are still a little peanut, so skinny and petite.I always find you searching for your brothers, or climbing up the top bunk. And if you are outside, you are near some dirt or the nearest puddle. Your love for dirt and water is unrivaled.  Whenever i am sweeping the floor in the kitchen you are ALWAYS right there at the ready to smoosh around my pile and eat out some crumbs that look interesting. Like why did you have to wait until it now to find it!?! You love the bath so i know you will LOVE the pool this summer. We cant wait for all that the warm weather will bring.

You are still such a gabby little girl, but you are learning more and more words. Mama is still unquestionably directed at me. And Dayeee is definitly daddy. Bye is in there, too.  Dooba dooba dooba is still a little uncertain, but it;s hilarious often you chat. You eat like a bird so i am still not sure what your favorite foods are, you seem to like most fruit and love advocados and mangos. Carrots are up there. You tend to chew meat and spit it out most of the time. Can cheez-its be a favorite food? because you never turn down one of those.  You LOVE music and will dance and move to anytime there is music on. Which is quite often around the house. I know your brothers love music, too, i wish i knew of a better way to cultivate it.

You bring so much joy to our lives and i cannot believe how fast you are growing up and becoming a unique individual. You are just to sweet and sassy, and fun and inviting, and outgoing and loving, and caring. All qualities i see developing that i admire and never want you to lose. How much attention and love you give to your brothers makes my heart pitter patter. And if they are ever crying or hurt, i see you rush to thier side and comfort them. The love you have for each other is straight from the heavens and I thank God for everything he has given to me with you kids. Thank you for being you. Dont ever change, We cant wait to see how the fun things we have in store for you this summer.

All the love in the world,



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