Monday, November 28, 2016

Dear Cicely- Month 8

Dear Baby Girl Cicely,

This month is a big month, you learned to Crawl! Definitely much earlier than your brothers, but not by much. It was probably this week you really started cruising. First my scooting backward, then on your knees, and then you just took off. You are still quite dainty and slow, and methodical in what you do. But you are still a wee little thing, but oh so adorable.

You still only have two teeth on the bottom, but you eat more these days. And you gab gab gab. You have found your voice, and right now as i write this you are gabbing away right next to me. You are a PURE delight to bring to thanksgiving, you have just enough hair to clip in a little bow, and everyone was soooo enamored by you,.  You are always so content, and easy going. Love to laugh with your big brothers, and watch what they are doing.

Also this month you met Santa for the first time, and NO TEARS!!!! I have the sweetest picture of you two looking at each other.  You seem pretty ok with strangers, as long as i am around. And you will flash smiles at most people who smile at you.  Lots of people tell me what a happy baby you are. And you really are so sweet and happy most of the time.

 Cant wait to have you with us for christmas, and all the fun things coming up this month.  I know it wont be long now before you are pulling up and cruising between furnture and then walking. This year goes by with such quickness. Im doing my best to soak it all in when I can.

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl.


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