Friday, September 30, 2016

Dear Cicely Month 6

Dear Cicely,

This is my first letter to you, I am So sorry I haven't done one sooner. The first few weeks and months have been chalk full of changes and emotions.  But you have brought more joy and happiness since you entered the world than I could have ever imagined.  As you know, your Uncle Joey died just a few days after you arrived, but you were the hope that we all clung to on those hardest days. Now here you are, getting more personality and character and we have loved watching you grow.

You are still a little peanut. Much like the day you were born, barely tipping the scales at 6.2 oz,  and now you are still only in the 30% percentiles for weight. (unlike your brothers). You sit up now, and you have since you were just over 5 months old. You reach and grab for things, and jabber all the time while you do it. You LOVE your mommy, you want me around ALL the time.  You were never good taking a bottle for anyone, and even now you don't really get excited about table food.  You don't seem very food-driven in general, and are pretty much content anywhere I am, and even better when your brothers are with you too.

Nick and Chris LOVE to play with you, and give you all kinds of hugs and kisses. Sometimes not always the gentlest, but you roll with it. Both of them are always looking out for you, and it makes me so proud to see. I am sure they will always protect you no matter what, you are so lucky.

Right now, you still have no teeth and not nearly as much hair as your brothers. It's coming in dark though, which reminds me of me when I was a baby. Everyone says you looks a lot like your brothers. It's been fun dressing you and seeing how dainty and sweet you are. Everything about you is so small and dainty, it's been fun having a daughter.  You are SO special.

You are sitting next to me right now, jabbering and wanting me. As usual. I must end this. Plus the computer is acting funny, and undoing a lot of my typing. I wish I could write more. Just know you are SUCH a wonderful addition to this family of ours. We love you so much!!!!

Love always,

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